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Hi everyone, 27July 2021 is 90 days since I last played DbD.

Prior to that relapse, I relapsed on PoGo for a good month and grinded up 2 levels.

I had definitely experienced some stress and loss leading up to my relapse. The main one being taking my partner to hospital for a medical emergency.

What prompted me to quit was a recent interview I did for a national current affairs program. The journalist essentially asked if someone like me (who knows a lot about gaming addiction) can get hooked, how does the average person stand a chance? It made me realise that you can be the smartest person, but you will never be able to outsmart the game. My greatest weakness is the belief that I can get away with playing, that Im in control. 

I've recently spent some money getting some pokemon tcg card packs and opening one up at the end of the day as a reward for not gaming. I know its an expensive strategy, but it does provide some relief from the cravings i have to game. I still have all my original pokemon cards from my childhood and I've started researching the competitive tcg. its crazy how much they have increased in value, it seems like a bubble to me.

i must admit this time round the cravings seem far more intense. I thought that I could do this detox without journaling, but these journals do provide some relief because you can just unload and its a nice surprise to see someone reply.
I've had to pay a visit to my meditation teacher and I realised that its really hard to empty my mind.
I've been spending quite a bit of time playing golf which is a good way to get out, but I've realised that from all the mobile games i've somehow messed up my tendons from the position i hold my arms. golf is actually good because it stretches my arm out in the opposite way and provides some relief.

Oh and one of the world's famous games UX developers started a twitter argument with me today and trying to convince me gaming addiction doesnt exist! what a day. thanks for reading.

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Ok, not doing too bad, cravings tolerable today. I've decided that I can play pokemon tcg online and get similar rewards but using virtual game pack codes. I also had the pfizer jab this week and gave a 2 half day workshops so I'm pretty exhausted. I've also been playing some golf after hours and really getting a nice swing with my 4 iron (one of the harder clubs to use). Anyone here play golf?

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Had a pretty average day today. A few things that really annoyed me. Could be also that I havent had a chance to play golf the last few days?

We had a mother's day lunch today which was ruined because the venue was absolutely filthy and my mother is friends with the owner and made us stay in order to "save face". 

I've started to collect pokemon cards again to play competitively. My friend also got me onto digimon.

Anyone here play any TCGs?

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