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  1. Chin up, bud. You've made great strides this year. It's been an amazing thing to watch. You might not be able to fix everything right now, but you can, and have, fix some things. Keep doing what you're doing. 🙂
  2. Actually followed through on last night. Got some time away from the computer, spent that time meditating, and then falling asleep. I've been out and about today a bit, but I did spend a bit of time watching a football game today so I want to do the same thing as last night. Post here, and get off the computer, unless I do some studying for fluid mechanics. How do I want to finish off tonight? -Quick round of dishes and finish laundry. - Call home. -Workout/read/study. Maybe some meditation. Things I'm grateful for today: getting off the computer early, not go
  3. @TheNewMe2.0, it's all good. Thanks bud. Sorry to hear you were in a similar boat before. Seeing everyone online was better than nothing. I can be grateful for that. ---- Thursday's golf was a struggle. It was probably the worst I had played, but given that, I didn't explode or anything. It was a beautiful day though, and the guys I was playing with were chill. It's just going to take a lot more practice. I had a lesson on Friday, which was kind of meh. Coach is confused why I'm hitting random shots to the right, and why I can't manage a straight shot with anything more than a half s
  4. I'm pretty much over the golf thing. Next time we golf together (I've been granted a reprieve, thankfully), I'm going to tell the guy jokingly, but still seriously, to say "nice shot" on every swing. A) If he does, it makes it more meaningless. B) If he says it sometimes, whatever, I gave him permission. or C) He stops, and I won't be so fucking sensitive next time. Work was slow this week. My thing finished up. I've taken it upon myself to do some training on some software I didn't know how to use (which if I did, I would've been given more work). I'm also going to write a quick start t
  5. This weekend has been rough. Golf was not fun. I got irked at one of the people in my group almost immediately, who will say "nice shot" on pretty much all of my shots that either makes it behind a tree, or even on shots I've completely lost. It's out of ignorance--my swing looks nicer than is but it's harder to control because I hit a lot further, and is also way more inconsistent. I got angry when, after telling him to at least see where the ball fucking lands before saying it, he got pissy with me in response. I've told him multiple times and he just doesn't fucking get it. It happene
  6. Was less of a dumb ass today. Got a good night's rest and felt way better. Did a solid day of work from home. I was getting distracted by a lot of texts, but once I realized it I curbed it. All in all, I need to finish up a deliverable this weekend, but it should only take me an hour or two. I will take care of that tomorrow. After work I had a golf lesson. My coach is going really above and beyond. He said he liked coaching me, and we went WAY over time. It's been helping a bit too. My swing is still very flawed but it's getting better and I am hitting more consistently I think. H
  8. Was kind of a dumb ass today. Stayed up very late last night. Woke up late, and because of that decided to work from home. Ate poorly, wasn't supremely focused, etc., etc. I did put in a full work day though. Anxiety was very high as well. I'm turning off my computer now. I'll do some dishes and get back on track, or I'll just fall asleep. Even if it's only for a few minutes today. I'll be off my computer and doing the right things.
  9. I'm tired. Hung out with my buddy last night and it did get a bit late. As a result of that I slept in a bit, which meant I had to stay late at work, and overall I'm just tired. On the bright side, I know how fast I can sprint out of bed now. I felt distracted and stressed at work to the immensity of this list I've been drafting. I'm sure there's a bunch of stuff wrong with it and it's driving me nuts. I also need to pull a bunch of information and ask for a bunch of quotes tomorrow. Tomorrow might be a very late night. I know I've done this for a while too, but I feel a pull to go
  10. Those are some good goals, though I do have to warn you, we (I'm American) are also corrupt, populist, and inefficient too! 😄 Maybe just not as much. If times get though when you are quitting, don't forget these goals. Quite obviously, spending too much time on the internet and gaming will hinder you performance at work and with your exercises. The more you remember this the better you will do long term. Keep up the good work!
  11. Good stuff, @dasvira! If you can get rid of those 4 things, you'll be in the top 1% of human performance already--so many are stuck in those traps. Besides getting away from all of these things, which are good goals, do you have any goals that you're moving towards? A job, better relationships, better health, etc.?
  12. Yeah, still pretty proud of last night, overall. Old golf buddy wanted to practice today, so I met up with him for a little while. We talked shit about my old employer. We hit bad golf shots. It was fun. Got groceries after, relaxed for a few, called home. Through a mix of procrastination and logic I decided to not work on the work stuff. I need to take care of me first. I'm going to do some dishes, meditate, workout, and go to bed. No more internet after this. Keep cutting down on the usage. Keep improving. I'm just happy I turned this weekend around.
  13. Lil' update. I actually followed through. Did dishes, laundry, unclogged a sink, cleaned my shower, installed a new shower curtain, updated two insurance policies, invited a golf buddy to the range tomorrow, and made some investments I was putting off (yes, I'm stupid). As a result of that, I now feel like a lot of the mental drag from those items are gone. I feel a little bit better about myself, especially since I really didn't give myself an excuse to stop. It was just attack this thing, then the next, and so on. If I give up, that doesn't happen and I don't grow. If I face
  14. @BooksandTrees, agreed on all counts. I'm just going to bust my ass for a while and not be an asshole. I've always told people, my first year in a new role I suck, the next year I'm ok, and the year after that I'm good. That said, last year I was apparently the best engineer in my department within a year. So...maybe even a bit of impostor syndrome. --- Woke up this morning. Went golfing. I actually procrastinated getting there, which was weird. I had a terrible practice session and realized I was only going to be able to hit one or two clubs all day, and not think about what I lear
  15. Hey man. It's hard. I felt like you did today in a way. You do have a long ways to go. Emphasis on long. This is not a short journey. One relapse does not mean you are a lost cause. On the contrary, by "relapsing" it means that you are trying to not game, which before you started not trying to game, you were just gaming. That in and of itself is an improvement. Let me ask you this: is there anything you can do right now that is so simple and easy, that it would be a tiny step in the right direction? Do you need to do dishes, throw out trash, pay a bill? Do it. It doesn't have to be