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    Welcome fe2! Next time this happens, try asking yourself what you were doing and thinking before you do this. Some people call this different things, but often it goes by "cue-->habit/routine-->reward." Some stimulus or feeling will trigger you to do something, which provides some kind of reward. Once you know how this applies to you watching videos, you can create new habits to either avoid or replace the behavior. For example someone who is addicted to video games may have something like this: Cue--feelings of loneliness or boredom. Habit/Routine--play video games. Reward--escapism, no feelings of lonliness or boredom.
  2. @Erik2.0, I'm with you on that. Three hours of Skyping? Geez. Even if it's a loved one, it's hard to call for that long. At least you can still help these kids out despite this mess. You're doing good. --- Today was a little better. I got to bed late last night again, but earlier than the night before. I was a idiot and forgot to turn the oven on when I put the food in--I just turned on the timer. Kept me up til 1:30. Got up earlier today, but spent a lot of time checking the coronavirus news. I might be a doctor by the end of this, haha. Markets were crazy today which distracted me a bit as well. I still got a productive day in, but it was less productive than yesterday. I'll be more mindful of this tomorrow as things are pretty predictable right now as far as headlines go. Things are getting worse, governments are still waking up to the issues at hand, and more and more cases are popping up in my area. What's more, a Skype conversation with someone from work makes me think they have the virus. Said they were home sick, but gave really cryptic messages back, which was unlike them. That sucks because he is one of my favorite people at work. We are constantly very inappropriate when no one is listening and have a similar sense of humor. It's very refreshing. I hope he gets better soon. After work I called home again and walked to a park near where I live just to get out for a bit. Then I checked out some more news, and watched some videos on charisma. I cooked some rice. I live a very exciting life right now. Tonight I'll get to bed earlier and get up earlier. I'll cut down some on the news tomorrow.
  3. Hey Marek. Welcome to Game Quitters! You're a virologist? I think we all want you to quit gaming now, lol. The more time you spend in reality, the harder things may seem, but the more you will grow. Never forget that when times get tough.
  4. Fathers can be weird with stuff like doling out compliments and even simply saying "I love you" to their kids. My dad only ever really complimented me on my schoolwork and on how smart I was. I offhand mentioned something to my mother the other day about him and how I don't understand his general behavior, and then she began to tell me of how he apparently doesn't shut up about how wonderful I am when I'm not around. It's really strange. Your dad is probably proud of you, but too afraid (or something else) to say it. I feel like most people don't say stuff like that to people in general anyway, but maybe that's just because I'm a horrible person 🙂
  5. @Erik2.0 That's good to hear you stocked up. Personally, I'm trying to avoid going back to the grocery store until daily new cases in my area starts going down. We aren't in a full lock down yet, but we are very close I think. I think once we start seeing real strain on the NYC and probably Washington state health care systems, we will have a lockdown where I live too, and possibly national (if they were smart). NYC will probably unilaterally announce a lockdown, angering Andrew Cuomo, but ultimately forcing his hand and shutting New York state. --- Stayed up late and woke up late. Was very distracted by the markets while I worked today, but I still managed a decent workday. I miss seeing my coworkers in person, though I know it is best to stay away. I will stay strong. On the bright side though, I save a lot of time from commuting and dressing up to go to work. Sweatpants are a gift from heaven. I will do some stretching after this and work on a routine for my day. I have some food cooking so I need to have that finish up before I go to sleep. Everyone stay strong and stay safe. We will get through this.
  6. Stayed up a bit late last night. Had to return a library book (which I hope someone checks in since the library is now closed from now through forever). Figured I'd make a grocery store run at 2 AM for some meat because I'm gonna miss it and I didn't realize how little I stocked. The place was ransacked. I was amazed. People are finally getting the picture, thank goodness. I was very paranoid, AND the cashier was sick. She joked "maybe I should quarantine myself." Haha, fuck you. I found out today I got my dad to try and convince his sailing club and his finanical club to cancel their events. My dad stupidly went out on both days this weekend even though he's getting up there in age, but after he thought about it some more, he started to spread the good word. That makes me happy. I also wrote a letter with info to my improv team with information on how the next few weeks will go. Seemed to go over well. One of them said they wanted to forward it along. This also makes me happy. I have an appointment to fill a cavity tomorrow. Then I might go donate blood because there's a shortage and that will be very bad too. It'd be my first time. After this I'm gonna have dinner and work. Going to get off the computer for the rest of the night. Everybody stay calm. We are going to be okay. We just need to work together.
  7. @BooksandTrees, I have a few ideas in mind. I was learning a bit of Japanese but fell off the wagon with that. It's fun but I have no use for it. Two areas I'll probably delve into are charisma and comedy. @Erik2.0, yeah I'm taking a little bit of a break from it since I'm all on on coronavirus research and my internet time has gone way up. I might start doing it again this week. I just need to get back to posting on a consistent basis first, and really hammer out a home routine. Still don't have a good one. --- I've been drinking dat corona all evening. Cases are going ever higher in my area. For the most part though, the local government has been much more proactive than the federal government so that's good, but it's still not enough. I still don't think people understand how bad things are going to get and how much we need to just band together for a few months to burn this virus out. If anyone wants to, read the op-ed on Bloomberg from Mohamed El-Arian. That blip up in the market on Friday is going to look very irrational very quick, I think. I I am Mr. Gloom-and-Doom, haha. I actually didn't touch my laptop until after 5 which was good, but I did go on my phone. I did some cleaning today and went for a brief, semi-secluded walk because I was cooped up and the weather was nice. I was really paranoid during that though. Geez. Tomorrow I need to do work-work. I'm going to avoid any phone or laptop updates until 5 again. Work on being okay with silence.
  8. Don't ever be afraid to give advice in your group. You're the therapy expert in that group, and they are there for a reason. Not everyone is 100% receptive to any advice anyway, and if you're dealing with someone whose brain isn't working properly, who is to say that their response to your advice is valid? It sucks when people act derisively like that, but stay strong and keep going. Eventually you will get really good at group therapy! And sorry to hear the fellowship group didn't work out. I went to one of those a few years ago too. I got a weird vibe the whole time like people were judging me the whole time for not appearing "holy" enough. It's a weird thing. What's your next social idea?
  9. Wow, did this turn into the coronavirus journal. I feel like I'm missing out! You are 100% spot on with the patterns in those trends (though the numbers themselves may be vastly underreported in each with maybe the exception of South Korea). The China graph is great news. At first, they ignored the issue, saw exponential growth like in the start of any epidemic, and then saw tapering due to very restrictive (but effective) isolation and quarantine procedures. They would've been fucked if they didn't. Other countries which ignored, or didn't know include the US and Europe, and since they started later, we are still in exponential growth. Italy is a bit further along than the US is--the US is about two to three weeks behind in both count and restrictions. Iran is the most extreme example of this group, at this point. The UK will probably be extreme too since right now they said they are going to delay the spread for now, and then actually plan on having 60% of their population get sick by the summer--intentionally--so you can burn the virus out by reducing the amount of potential hosts that are left due to acquired immunity. They are like the anti-China, and that's kind of dumb since if China does truly have it under control by now, they are unnecessarily making things worse for themselves. South Korea saw this and didn't want to go down that road and started testing practically everyone, including everyone in a 200,000 person megachurch. They pioneered the "drive-through" testing that many places are starting, which is much better about minimizing hospital spread of disease. They aggressively traced contacts and imposed quarantines. They used peoples cell phone data to track stores they went to, and then made apps to warn people if they were within 100 meters of a site visited by someone confirmed infected. They went balls out on the virus, and as a result of that, growth has been significantly slowed, which A) ensures more beds are available for virus patients who need it, saving lives and B) helps their economy because people can more safely go to work since they have things very contained compared to some other country that I live in. South Korea is doing an awesome job. Hong Kong, Singapore, and to an extent Japan are in this boat. I just needed to nerd out for a second. I'm terrified and fascinated at the same time. Learning more about this is calming in a way. --- And sorry to hear about your test getting cancelled. That's frustrating since you've really made a lot of adjustments to your life plans to accomplish this. Enjoy the enforced spaced-repetition learning! I say you're spot on with the house assessment. If you're looking to buy in sometime after the summer/fall, there will probably be a price drop and a bunch of foreclosures on the market (if that's your thing).
  10. @BooksandTrees, I do too! The emails from site leadership very quickly changed today. They went a step further but not far enough yet. That will change by Sunday, I think. Detected cases went up by half today. I am in no way supporting any coronavirus treatment manufacturing. If I did, I'd be like that lady in Contagion that just injected herself with a vaccine without testing it, haha. There are some other companies in the area which are though. Yeah, I definitely can't give up comedy at this point. It's been too valuable in many ways. @Erik2.0, well if your mom is going, I guess it doesn't make much difference then now does it? And thank you, I'll take all the luck I can get. I made a mistake today though by reinvesting some of my prior sales in a bond ETF, but I realized today I was going to miss a huge opportunity with the national emergency declaration--any cash from the sales I made would've been unsettled, so any trading with that money could've put a trading restriction on my account as far as I understand it. This is the closest thing I've ever done to day trading. That was a mistake on my part. --- Today was meh. I slept through my alarms, missed my appointment, but was able to reschedule since everyone realizes how dumb it is to go to a dentist's office right now, haha. Sure enough, I need the cavity filled ASAP. Monday morning, yeah more exposure! I also denied giving a handshake to my dentist, which in retrospect is kind of dumb considering he just had his fingers in my mouth, lol. I was not productive today. I was distracted on my laptop. I might have to say no to going on my personal laptop until after 5 or something like that. I did do some work though. It will be very tempting to game over the next few weeks depending on how long I am stuck at home. I hope I do not. I'd be nice to make it a whole year. I'm close. Tomorrow will be better. I will get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight and turn off my computer once I finish checking out the forum. Yeah, and I won't touch this laptop until 5.
  11. *Legal: I am not a doctor* You're younger then the most at risk age groups--60 and up with things like hypertension and diabetes--so statistically speaking, you're not going to die. It's not to say that getting it is good for you though. There's also the potential for long recovery times. Going to the gym will increase your risk of picking up the disease by the nature that it is a public shared-use space. It's your call. You also might want to be cognizant that if you are around people over 60, you catching the virus could mean that you could transmit it onto them as well, which might not be the best since that is the most at-risk group. It's your decision on what to do, but in short, going to the gym will increase your chances of getting the virus, especially if an outbreak has already started in your area. That's just statistics. I accidentally overstocked on food. I wanted to give myself a month but I lost track and ended up buying two months of food (and before anyone accuses me of adding to the empty shelves these past few weeks, I took care of this WEEKS in advance of the rush--I get my panic buying in early.) Tomorrow I have a dentist's appointment (shit timing and I have a cavity, so I really have to go still) and want to get my oil changed in my car, then I'm probably holing up for two weeks to let public policy, testing, and quarantining pick up. --- Today was weird. Things have been weird recently. Was up way too late but still got in on time. Found out I'm now multiple routes of two degrees of separation from the virus at work. In my area cases are very underreported. Was not very happy with the actions we were taking and told some very senior people at my site about it. Surprisingly, they were on my side for the most part., though that didn't change the actions taken. I am hoping that my input will help influence more proactive measures. This is remarkably assertive for me. Told my boss I'm working from home, because if everyone gets sick, I'm running the process. I'm going to keep this thing going for as long as I can, because people need their medicine and I will not put their lives at risk, even if that means rankling some feathers. We are starting to lose people in general to quarantine and being stuck in other countries while on vacation. I also sold another half of my stock last night after watching Donald talk. That was a good call. If the market waits til Monday, I might be able to buy a "dead-cat bounce," but that all depends on this weekends headlines. I am heartened somewhat though by the rash of cancellations of things over the past 48 hours. That will save many lives and make this pandemic much more bearable. Oh and I'm a professional comedian now! I got paid from my last gig. $7. Problem is almost all our shows are canceled now. I'm going to be off the computer much earlier tonight. Yay.
  12. Thank you all for the messages. @ElectroNugget, I am going to be blockers off for at least a little while longer, but hopefully with more discipline. Today was better. @Erik2.0, I'm not concerned about dying. My chances are low, and I'm not worried about me anyway. Had to look it up--flu infects roughly 30 million people in the US every year, and that usually causes 15-60k deaths. The problem with this whole pandemic though is the rapidity in which it spreads (expontential) and the percentage of cases (10-20%) which require significant intervention in hospitals (more frequently the elderly and already sick). Imagine if New York City (roughly 8 million people), had 10 percent of it's population seeking hospital services at the same time. 800 K people at once? No way, Jose. Because of the immense strain this is putting on national healthcare systems (re: China, Italy, etc.), it is literally shutting down countries just to mitigate the impact, thereby shutting down economies and creating a widespread global recession and supply chain collapse. Oh, and the best part about this, the healthcare system is doubly impacted in so far that hospitals in heavily affected areas don't have the resources to treat non-coronavirus patients, which is exacerbated since global supply chains are shut down. I work in a plant that makes fancy cancer medicine. All of our raw materials, equipment, spare parts, etc., come from different countries--the US, China, Germany, UK, Japan, etc. If we lose our supply of these items...no more fancy cancer medicine. It's the same issue that ANY medical company has right now. It's a really sucky situation. I could keep going on. In short, the coronavirus will kill an equivalent amount of people if it can infect at least one tenth of what the flu infects in a given year, but there will be scores of indirect deaths due to health care and supply chain collapse, coupled with incompetent government response (hi Donnie). Society won't collapse--there will be strife--but 2020 will be known in history as similar to 1918 with the Spanish flu. Forewarned is forearmed. --- Oh a post. Just checking in. It's late, but a lot of my time I've spent on the computer has been "productive." To the point of the long paragraph before, I'm trying to make sure my site keeps running and creating product for as long as possible, and I'm going to have a conversation tomorrow with the powers that be. I don't think everyone fully grasps how quickly things can shut down, and we need to have the right plans in place to mitigate that. Things in my area are getting worse, and we are probably 2 weeks behind Italy on a case curve, notwithstanding the undetected cases due to lack of testing. In a weird way, this is one of the best times I've managed my anxiety. Focus on the big scary thing and be prepared for it, and help those who didn't see and couldn't prepare appropriately. Keep the plant running. See the future, understand the risks, and be proactive. Makes me realize I don't do enough preparing for all the social issues I have. Food for thought when everyone is isolating, haha.
  13. Don't know what day this is. I've been a bit of a mess recently and avoiding posting. The blockers have been off and it's been difficult to not lapse into bad habits. I've been spending a lot of time researching this whole coronavirus thing for a few reasons (in order of importance): 1) Not getting my parents sick when they visited last weekend. 2) Not adding to the burden when it washes through my town. 3) Not losing all of my money on the market (dat sweet alpha...) 4) Preparing for social isolation...wait, I'm good at that. I believe I was successful with the first, though I am sick. I may have allergies for the first time. Also think I had a sinus infection a while ago. Nonetheless, I feel like a leper right now. I am going to the doctor though tomorrow since my doc thought it was a sinus infection and the antibiotics haven't worked. Had a small not-quite-clinical fever yesterday, so I find it doubtful I have the coronavirus. I'm also not concerned too much if I do get it, except for the swamped hospitals. Also, working from home is difficult because I get distracted far more and live like a child. Coronavirus is confirmed to be in my town and my hometown where my parents live. I'm concerned for them. They're older. I think I prepared them well, and for the most part, they've actually done what I've suggested. They're phenomenal at social isolation, so hopefully they should be good too. I'm pretty loaded too. Though that spray-tanned idiot running this whole mess is making this far worse than what it needs to be. I should look into moving to South Korea and risk getting nuked, haha. I have saved a lot of money with this market downturn and am prepared for the upcoming recession and recovery pretty well. I've even made some money in some areas. Just waiting to see what big moves the federal government makes, or lack thereof...it's probably lack thereof. On the last bit, I had a last hurrah just before my parents got here. My improv team had our most important show yet, and we did really well. I had the most fun I've ever had performing. I'm going to bed now. It's super late. Oh and I still haven't touched video games or related content. That's good.
  14. Day 305 No VG - 305 days, no sports news - 3 days, NF - 0 days, SOB - 1 days, NNO59 - 0 days, NIA1030 - 0 days, NLAF - 9 days, NSOC - 9 days, Meditation - 1 days, No Internet Saturdays - 0 week, Post-It Weekends - 0 weeks, no settings changes - 0 days. Had gotten to work late (planned) today. Left around midnight. Had to prepare for contractors tomorrow. Got home and had to remove the blockers again for some research. Made some more trades today. Blockers back up. Oh and I cleaned all my dishes after breakfast today, and I felt strangely good about it. I love an empty sink. A full sink makes me feel ashamed and depressed, even years later. I wouldn't doubt if the sight of that has caused me to stay in on some weekends. My brain is weird.
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