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Is it possible to get addicted to this forum?

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Transitory addictions like nicotine patch addiction for recovering smokers is a common experience. If you are worried about forum addiction, you could use a Chrome extension like Leechblock or Undistracted to block this website at specific times.

I found daily journals to be too addictive so I do weekly journals on tue or wed and reply to other threads whenever I feel like it but that is just me. Other people find the commitment of daily journals keeps them on track. Figure out what works for you. Experiment.

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Not an uncommon problem for people just starting out on the forum. What are you hoping to get from checking the forum all the time? Try to find ways for you to solve these needs and desires in other ways such as hobbies, learning skills, finding a passion or helping other people.

I'd also recommend looking into detoxing from technology, it seems like you're wired to react to every urge you get and lack the discipline to stay away. Not a big problem right now as you're still young, but it's something you can work on over time.

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Thanks a lot guys. @James Good and @Bird By Bird. What you guys say makes sense. However, I think since it was my first time using a forum (since I only read them, but never respond[I do not bother creating an account]). i think I got that working fine because now I check it only twice a day or so, and have disabled all notifications.

BTW, how do I check if someone has DM'ed something to me?

Anyways, Cheers!


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