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  1. Thanks a lot @Pochatok. It was a general quiz competition, so there is really is not a fixed topic. Lomg time since an entry, I have been travelling a lot, especially to villages, with 0 network coverage. Cheers. Thanks for tye the encouragement @Jason70. Typing in a moving car, so excuse my spellings. Cheers!
  2. Dear Journal, Quite a few days since the last entry. have been extremely busy lately. Had a lot of quizzes. Won a state level competition. Caught up on my reading. Preparing for exams. Missing my aggression, it kept me alert. Source was AC. Started learning Chess. Playing Chess in free time. Let's see how it goes. Cheers!
  3. Hey bro, As a kid, this is my advice. Go back to your childhood. Throw your tantrums. Refuse to eat the sweet stuff. Eat a little outside, or stay hungry, but do not eat that sweet food. If you cave in to your mother's food (only sweet stuff), it will reassure her that even though you say you hate it, you actually love it. This is a common psychology for all mothers. NO OFFENSE. Be strict. Drink water ( a lot) to satiate your hunger. It will work eventually. Trust Me. All the Best! Cheers!
  4. Dear Journal, Day 4: So I have started inculcating new habits into my daily routine everyday. Yesterday, I started reading before sleeping again, since it gives me something new to think about other than games. Today evening, I plan to start visiting my school library everyday to refer to reference books on my academic topics. This is the plan. Let's hope it happens. One thing about quitting gaming is it makes life better than normal. If I never started gaming, I would never had thought about going to my school library. This improvement is amazing. I think even non-gamers must get addicted to games, and then go through the amazing recovery procedure, since it makes you creative, when you try to fill out gaps in your life. Amazing Fact: [Please do not relapse because of this fact] Surgeons who were gamers in their childhood make 37% less errors and are 27% faster than non gaming doctors. This does not mean they were addicted. They had a taste of the experience. It is extremely essential for us to feel pain in order to believe in God. Similarly, we need to have a taste of gaming, in order to know why we should not get addicted to it. Moreover, you have the motor nerve pattern fitted into your mind forever. In order for us to practice this, we must use these skills for the betterment of the world instead. Anyways, Let us all keep ourselves focused and dedicated to this noble cause. Cheers!
  5. Revelation! [Note: Written in present tense, refers to the past] Yes, I had a revelation. I was never addicted to the games, all thanks to my dad. He ensures to put on a timer of 15 minutes daily, in which I play. We haggle a lot over the timer duration. He finally settles for 15 minutes after loading! Haha! He ensured I did not waste my life on stupid games. As mentioned before, I have always been the topper in my school academically. He has a lot of hopes from me, as do I myself. But my addiction was not to the games, but it was to thinking about the games. It is very distracting. Games ensure that one can never understand simplicity around us. I was playing with a simple copper wire. Truly the best toy. He has always told me what he used to do in his childhood. Until his university, electricity had never come into his life. Yet he was satisfied. The joy and sheer satisfaction he has can solely come from simplicity. I saw the wire on my table today, and it was bent into a very weird shape. I have always been a very avid reader. Remembering an experiment I read from a science magazine on making a magnetic maglev train with a copper wire, I bent it into the typical spiral, knowing that the magnets required were never available in the area I live. I used a whiteboard marker to give it the right shape. I then slipped it around the marker. Toying with it, I pulled it back and released it, seeing it fly across the room. The joy I felt at that moment could not be compared to anything else. Another thing that surprises me even today was the punctuality with which I turned up to claim my 15 minutes. I had never been more punctual before. Could this punctuality when directed in the right direction change my life for the better. That I do not know. Nor do I know if I will be able to even direct it in the right direction. But I think this is what life is all about. Experimenting, finding out if something is possible, assessing our limits and then pushing them. I was very worried when I started reading about neural pathways. How when a habit is formed, it can never be erased. Then, I remember the key idea from AC (It has taught me a lot) Shay Patrick Cormac and Haytham Kenway always did think for themselves, doing what they felt was right. (Got this from reading the novels by Oliver Bowden). I knew what I had to do. Quit Gaming. I do not see anything wrong in basic mobile games, like Mr. Bullet or so. And I know my parents are looking after me, so I do not miss out on the fun part of life. In the end, this is what I realized. Parents are extremely essential to life. They are our checkpoints, in case we lose the battle, we can always try again. They are the tip boxes, indirectly hinting at what needs to be done to tackle the level of life. They are our guideposts, our buoys, that will keep us from sinking in the deep abyss of pain. We often get detached from our parents. Quoting a quote from the Goal movie series "often your plane fills up so fast that you fail to realize who is falling out of it." This in my opinion is very true. The people falling out may be our parents, mentors, teachers, friends and even nemesis's. A nemesis is always essential to ensure that you always perform your level best. In any game, you need a bad guy, the enemy, so you try your best to fight him. Parents are the supporting characters from our games, giving us the arsenal required to battle. They are our teammates in multiplayer games, supporting us, sacrificing their lives, just so that you can battle for another minute. They do not win medals when we do well, but they do take part in the heavy losses we suffer. Anyways, Life is Short, so value what you have. Cheers!
  6. Thanks a lot guys. @James Good and @Bird By Bird. What you guys say makes sense. However, I think since it was my first time using a forum (since I only read them, but never respond[I do not bother creating an account]). i think I got that working fine because now I check it only twice a day or so, and have disabled all notifications. BTW, how do I check if someone has DM'ed something to me? Anyways, Cheers!
  7. Dear Journal, Day 3: Feeling much better. participating in at least 1 school quiz daily. Got this super cool extension on Microsoft edge. It is called Tide. Helps me focus while studying. Also locks all websites. It plays music in the background. It keeps me from thinking about gaming. My life is on a better path, and hope everyone else's will soon be too. Cheers!
  8. Dear Journal, Day 2: Set up a goal for myself. My goal is NOT to run away from video games, BUT, to stare them in the eyes, yet feel no temptation to play them. I am fond of quizzing, so have picked up on that. I have always been a consistent first ranker, and I intend to keep it that way. Picking up on lost arts, revisiting them, and adding them to my routine again. My body has stopped the autonomous stuff, good news. KO to the Addictions and the True Downfall! Cheers!
  9. Thanks a lot guys @Pochatok and @WhoCares! It means a lot to me!
  10. Thank You for the support guys
  11. @James Good, Can you share your real life story in detail? I find you very inspiring!
  12. Is it possible to get addicted to this forum, especially if you are hoping for a reply to your question, or want to see how many people saw your questions, or how many likes?
  13. Body has become autonomous. I have been playing ac for nearly 4 months now. My first video game. Realized I was getting addicted, not on playing it, but on understanding and adopting it. This required a lot of thinking, disturbing my study schedule and sleep schedule as well. I was completely distracted, finding trivia on it. Today, being Day 1, I am feeling way better, as if on a way to being born again, following @Cam Adair's tips to as far as I can. Thank you for those tips @Cam Adair sir. Somehow my body has become autonomous. Everytime I get up from a chair where I've been sitting on, my hand flicks as if to draw a hidden blade. While walking down the road, my hands check for my sword, and flick both my hidden blades out. If I sit still, or try to sleep, my mind loops in cutscenes from AC 2. What can I do to stop this? Any tips? Thanks in advance!