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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Quiting games now --- Davira Journal


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DAY 01 29/11/2019


GAMES: I did commit some mistakes today. While I did not play any game today, but I gone to reddit to check the game communities I participate and felt the urge to install Europa Universalis IV, but ultimately resisted it. I realized everywhere  go in the web there is ton o game propaganda due to cookies and my old subscription so I decided to us Cclean in order to clean my computer from cookies and unsubscribe from every community of games.

OTHER MIDIA: I did however spend about five hours of my Sunday finishing a TV series on netflix. I had started to see this series this week and I felt a very strong compulsion to finish it off. Once I get into a fiction series (or book, or game...) I cannot control myself, but to watch on any time I have. So i will not pick up any new series for now.

EXERCISE: didn't go to the gym because I am with a flu. However I an losing quite a lot of weight on the last two weeks. I am using liraglutide in order to control my appetite and I feel it is helping me a lot to stick to my diet.

MEDITATION: I usually go to a zen meditation center on saturdays or sundays, however I did not go to it this weekend because I am sick. I did two 15min sessions of zazen.

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Good luck on your path. My advice is quitting only one thing at once. It's very difficult to quit all at once. You should spend some time studying yourself and understand why you play games and watch porn. They'll be different for each addiction. Is it loneliness? Need a release from stress? Feeling of achievement or acceptance? Keep thinking and be very patient and compassionate with yourself. 

I was able to quit video games and social media because I discovered I only played for social interaction. I spend time with friends multiple times per week now and have some activities like board games and rock climbing to stay away from games. 

I was able to stay away from social media because I hate other people for the most part and I was tired of reading stupid statuses and opinions from people who shouldn't be talking in my opinion. 

Porn I'm over a week free because I'm starting to date women in person and I'm tired of hurting my feelings. I want love and affection in person, not online. 

Good luck. 

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On 9/30/2019 at 9:36 PM, dasvira said:

Day 02 30/09/2019

Didn't play games or watch to series, but I did see porn at night. I did study a little bit for TOEFL, but not as much as I would like to.

Try doing just games. Video games are so difficult to quit and it's easy to get caught up in the highs and lows. I think quitting multiple things at once can cause overload. Stay strong. 

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TFW you run into someone who's the same age as you but has already accomplished your dream ?

All jokes aside, welcome to the forum and I wish you nothing but the best of luck in trying to make it to the US!

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