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  1. I am also making an effort to wake up early everyday. It is really makes my productivity and mood much better! I am curious about at which time you go to sleep and how many hours of sleep every night you are getting? I found your struggle against WoW touching, i know how hard is to overcome our addictions. As someone who was raised as catholic, but found that becoming an atheist (and kind of a nihilist) in my late teens did more harm than good, I will leave my 2 cents specifically for that part. Spirituality coming from the Latin world spiritus that means 'bre
  2. Today was election day in Brazil again, so I lost most of my morning in the voting session (so I could choose between a local corrupt and opportunistic career politician, whose biggest accomplishment is being grandson of a former governor of São Paulo; or a guy from the communist party famous for invading and occupying 'rich' people's home for the sake of 'social justice' for the poor). After that I had a great family time and a great barbecue. I ate a ton of food (way more than I should have eaten) and slept until 16:30. When I woke up I checked the news about the Brazilian election for
  3. Good luck in your journey! I would like to leave my 2 cents specifically about that. Everyone is different, but I think books can also be a source of addiction and compulsion. There were times I was addicted to book novels like ASOIF, the Saxons Chronicles and The Expanse. I also would read self-help and philosophy books out of compulsion and procrastination, as a way of escapism. That being said, I feel like reading/ literature can be a very wholesome activity and I am doing it everyday in moderation (one chapter per day only).
  4. Thanks @Mohammad and @championeal for your support! I haven't posted much in the last two day due to work/study. And honestly I will probably post only more resumed journals from now on. I realize a lot of the numbers I post (E.g.: morning routine; study time and porductivity; daydreaming episodes etc.) have been really useful for me in order to keep track of myself, abandon bad habits and develop good ones. However, they must not be very interesting for the readers of this journal. Just as you said, on Thursday after seeing porn I got frustrated, disabled get
  5. Day 12 - of my journey to overcoming my gaming, porn and internet addiction: Did a 12h shift today. Unfortunately I came back to home tired, opened porn (disabled getcoldturkey) and fapped before taking a bath. I don't really feel bad about myself, because even if I want get rid of porn I think it is not as problematic as TV, internet and games. That being said, I am still committed not to see porn (forever, should I have the perseverance). I realized porn didn't make me feel better but worse and doesn't do anything good for me in the long term. I see my journey as a lifelong commitm
  6. Good luck Mario! Stress is a bitch! You seem to have some solid goals for your life, time to put them into practice 💪
  7. I second this. I use timer for some activities like, accessing this forums and in case I need to search something in the internet. But even for most of activities I don't use a timer, I am writing in a piece of paper my start and ending times. I think it does helps me to keep focused.
  8. Day 11 - of my journey to overcoming my gaming, porn and internet addiction: Not surfing is very hard when you keep the entire day studying in front of your computer. I kinda off fucked up by researching useless information int he wikipedia today for 45min. Other than that, I spent 50min reading (and worrying) about problems physicians face in the USA, when I am still doing the steps... I already have plenty in my life to have the luxury to worry with immaginary problems. That being said, I am still satisfied on how today turned out. I felt pretty well along the day an I was producti
  9. Everyone has their "lazy days" once in a while (or often...), try to keep up an do better tomorrow. BTW, I binged all 8 episodes of the boys S2 about a month ago. I sometimes feel like TV shows can be just as addictive as gaming. Though every person is different, I am curious to hear your thoughts.
  10. Do you have any goals beside quitting gaming? You are 17, do you pretend to do any college or other specialising course? (I have no idea ho high school and college admissions work there in Russia...)
  11. Day 10 - of my journey to overcoming my gaming, porn and internet addiction: Again I spent the day almost with no surfing. I only searched reddit about divorce for 15min in the morning (I never even had girlfriend LOL, It just shows how distracted I can be at times). I also tried to surf twice time but quit it in about 1 min each (one searching about Massimo Piugliucci and in another I oupened the GameQuitters forum out of compulsion). Other than that I researched about personal health and dog health for about 30 min, but I don't consider it surfing because (they were rather legitima
  12. Hold on strong, I am actually relapsing every single day in my quest to overcome internet surfing, so I can imagine how frustrated you are feeling.
  13. Day 9 - of my journey to overcoming my gaming and internet addiction: Spent the entire day almost with no surfing, aside from a 20 min surfing lapse in wikepedia (about geographical content). Other than that I accessed gamequitters forum twice but only for 2 and 1 min. I also goolgled a quote I like "Comparison is the thief of joy" and surfed a little bit for about 5 min. Other than that no major cravings for surfing. I had a little bit of craving for porn today, but I resisted the urge. My study habits are improving slowly, but steady. I am still not quite in my 10 hou
  14. Thank you for your support! As much as I would like to stop surfing immediately and I am sometimes impatient for some more immediate personal growth, I takes time to change bad habits that I cultivated for so long. Any improvement is better than keep in the circle or procrastination and entertainment, playing fucking video games all day long and not doing anything with your life.
  15. 24-30 hours work week seems great! IMO many people just work compulsively (and others are forced long workdays by theirs employees). It is much, much better to work less, live more simply and be able to live life at a slower tempo than work like a ass but have no free time and be stressed all the time.
  16. Try to use a blocker like GetColdTurkey for twitch/youtube . It is really helping me so far.
  17. Day - 8 of my journey to overcoming my gaming and internet addiction: Nothing really new, trying my best to concentrate in my studies and ace the USMLE exams. During the morning I read the Gamequittersforum for about one hour. I don't think it was caused by procrastination or compulsion to surf, but rather a bad management of time. This forum is great and all, but from now on I am ONLY accessing it in the night with a 25min timer (counting right now). Other than that I surffed for useless information about Apu (of the simpsoms LOL) for about 5 min, and watched a 10 min video fro
  18. Hi I took some minutes to read your earliest and most recent posts and skim over the middle pages. I also followed trough your "my last chance" journal. I will share with you some of my inputs. - You are very young at 17 years old. This is totally NOT your "last chance". I wish I had started quitting games when I was 17 yo. That being said, I remember that when I was 17 yo I was under a lot of stress because of national examination and universities admissions, which you mentioned several times in your diary. Maybe your gaming adction is at the same time a symptom and a cause of tha
  19. Goodluck with your thesis! Compared to your earliest journal posts, you seem to be much better psychologically now!
  20. I don't think that my night shifts are that bad, when I consider that I sleep 3-5 hours during them. 24h shifts are quite stressful indeed, but they are a common practice in some professions in Brazil (and I think that in the USA too). That being said, not working previous week and instead having to do 24h shift yesterday was 100% my own choice, so I can't really complain about it.
  21. I'm on a 24h shift today, but I got 3 min to post here, just so I don't lose the habit. I had only 60 min of a break and I used 20 min checking reddit in cellphone (as I ate lunch). LOL I had literally to resist it for only 60 min today, and I can't do even that. At least I am fully convinced I am addicted to it. On the plus side, I am completing a full week with no porn, TV, streaming or games (including gaming content in the internet). I had quit all of those before for a few months, but I can't remember if I ever had a week in which I didn't do any o them. Days without
  22. What does AC stand for? (assassins creed?)
  23. Good lucks with your exam. I think you did a great move by deleting your twitter account. Most social midia - like Facebook, reddit and youtube - at least have some productive and healthy uses; however twitter is just a big waste of time.
  24. There are a few study groups in facebook with good links for material and tips about what worked for other people. But I can do without Facebook, and risk of getting distracted is simply not worth it.