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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hey there


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Hey guys,

My name is Jordi and I've been gaming for as long as I can remember. I'm 24 years old. When I was 7 or 8 I was already crying at my mom's lap, because I had lost a virtual item. I've neglected my entire education due to gaming so much and it's killing me. I dream of living a simple, self-sufficient life, and I have the opportunity to have it. The time I have actually been living that way has revealed my own potential to me. I am terribly depressed because I can't stay away from games and live my life the way I want to live. I purchased respawn after last night as I got so depressed that I went ahead and got myself shitfaced (all while gaming of course, cause ... gains). I'm ready to quit. Currently at the chapter where I'm encouraged to delete all my accounts to make it as hard as possible to get back into it. And I'm struggling already. I'm in tears, at the thought of eradicating all my hundered's of hours of progress. Afraid that I'm going to regret this impulsive act. I know I need to do it. It's just so hard and permanent... I need help ?

Hope to find some like-minded people here as I have no friends besides my gaming community. Which is gone now ?


Edit: Just destroyed my account irreversibly. Time to start living.

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time to create account in real life


start writing a journal so we can get to know u better and help you more

i also recommend you get rid of your mouse / keyboard or change them for some that you havent used before, it helped me

what also helped me was changing my computer password to imnotplayinggamesanymoreimnotlosingmylife so everytime i log in i have to type it, every time i want to install anything i have to type it, it helps


i hope you succeed

best wishes

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@jsup Welcome! I feel exactly same as you. Lonely, scared, afraid of living real life. Been fighting with gaming thoughts for couple of days, searching for reasons to play, but I am holding. I have fully decided myself to stop this alternative reality world. Yes, people support helps to fight this addiction, but all the hard work needs to come from you. They just can show a way to go, but only you can take it. Believe me, it is bumpy road with many roadblocks, but in the end it is all worth more than anything. Your life goal/purpose is to defeat this monster called addiction...

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