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  1. jsup

    Jordi's Journal

    Day 8 Still going strong, although I've developed a little problem unfortunately... As I've been reading for at least an hour a day (mainly educational/history/selfhelp books, which really enjoy and can barely keep myself from reading all day long), I thought I'd be nice to read some fantasy for a bit again (as I used to read that throughout my childhood). Here I am 6 hours later, unable to think of anything else, besides getting back to my book! All my good, productive schedules, which I've enjoyed doing so far seem soooo tedious and grindy that I can't put myself to do it. Guess I'm writing this to confirm that I gotta quit fantasy books too ? goddamnit
  2. Welcome Doug! Glad to hear you're sticking to your detox! Keep up the good work ?
  3. I've watched a lot of videos (also the ones on his website), but trouble is that when I breathe so deeply, my throat just dehydrates and I start to cough or have to swallow. Must be the dry air since I'm heating the place with a (fire) stove. ? While typing "going out is also not an option since I get lightheaded and it's -20 degrees celsius and I can't lie down" I realised theres a little bench outside that I could sit on. I'm going to try that tomorrow haha.
  4. Hey, Real good to hear about today! That's how life will be like, I imagine, when we leave these games behind. Pat on the back for you ? Keep it up.
  5. jsup

    Jordi's Journal

    JOURNAL - DAY 5 Hey there, been busy. How're you all doing? My detox has been going exceptionaly well so far. Today I've had my first and only craving/thought of gaming (was trying to convince myself to play a single player game, claiming it wouldn't take over as I've never been able to play these kind of games for more than 20 hours). Decided I'm better off not risking it anyway. Don't see the value it would add to my life really, got better things to do. Over the past few days I've been sticking to my routines which are: Wake up at 7:00AM, drink 2 glasses of water, wash my face and brush my teeth, light the stove, stretching routine (takes some 10 minutes), Wim Hof breathing method (althought I am having trouble with this one and will look for alternative breathing techniques to replace this), cold shower, meditate for 2 minutes (will slowly build up), chant some 20x (repeat "I control my actions." in front of a mirror, while trying to focus and feel as much as possible whilest doing this). Check at my day's schedule/plans and current goals. In the evening I've been constistent with reading a productive/educational book for an hour (actually have got to cut back on this as I'm reading many hours in a sitting, balance in everything). Also taking an hour every day to cook/eat a proper meal and do the dishes. Lastly I'm being consistent on my personal diary, planning the day ahead and going to bed at 23:00 every night. I've also been rigourous about: Using Evernote to plan goals, make book wishlists, schedule, todo-list just save any ideas I have in general. Using google calender to allocate my free time to different activities (mainly reading, researching and working on my house plans). Using RescueTime on my computer, which tracks how much time I spend on what programs and on which websites. This gives me some feedback on mindless browsing. Doing well as I've added a lot of mindless browsing websites (like 9gag and game sites) to my blocked sites list. I'm currently working on adding 10 minutes of TIPP10 practice into my daily routine (teaches you to type with 10 fingers - using only 6 right now, althought I can type pretty fast this way), and also allocate 30 minutes twice per week on 2 seperate projects I'm working on (such as language perfection). So yeah, the past few days it's been mainly reading good books (I'm so fucking hooked lol) and summarizing chapters in evernote, working on my house plans and running all kinds of errands I had to take care of. I tend to plan to watch a movie or something in the evening but when I finally look at the time all I have time for is to write in my journal, plan the day ahead and go to bed. I'm super excited for the future (mainly due to my book habit) as they really change the way you see a lot of things in life and cannot wait to see where this will bring me in life. Hope you all are doing well, thank you for reading. Will report again when there's something to report haha. - Jordi
  6. You're right, it's all in how we think. Glad that you found it useful. Go get into that med school, champ!
  7. Hey, Killua145. Glad to hear you're quiting gaming and sharing your progress. I wish you the best of luck. Know that we're here for you whenever you run into trouble. I don't want to be negative, but 10 hours seems an awful long time to grind out studying, even with breaks, assuming you're coming from minimal/no studying. Do you think this is something that you can realistically keep doing for extended periods of times (weeks, months)? If not, I'd suggest starting with setting the bar a little bit lower (and then maybe progressively increasing your study time over time?). It's my experience that setting goals that are too ambitious/unreal is pretty much setting yourself up for failure. Again, I'm really just trying to help, no offense meant whatsoever. Maybe you're a guy that can actually manage to study this much, then it's all right. Lastly I'd like to recommend Marty Lobdell's study less, study smart video, which focuses on attention span and teaches you how to take the get the most out of your study session by incorporating smart short breaks. Should you not have time to watch this lengthy video, Thomas frank has made a summary video on it. Hopefully that's a little useful to you. Good luck with your studies man! You can become whoever you want to become!
  8. jsup

    Jordi's Journal

    JOURNAL - DAY 2: - Tried to wake up at 7:00 today, but couldnt get myself out of bed until 8:45. I had to skip breakfast to make it in time for work. The only way I could force myself to get out of bed before was with video games (and then I still didn't really want to get out). Being spending some time strategizing how to wake up on time, feeling positive. - Worked till 13:00, then did my morning routine (cold shower, wim hof breathing, stretching, 2 minutes meditation) as I didn't have time for this due to waking up late. - Watched a movie (my excuse was that I'm feeling sick :O) - Figured it might just be a mood so I went outside after the movie to design/partially build my furnace so I can get into blacksmithing. Worked on that till dark (17:00). - Cooked myself a meal and did the dishes after. - Planned the rest of my evening on google calendar and stuck with that. - Read for an hour (educational/self-improv), then summarized the chapters I read so I can come back to it in the future. - Worked on my cottage's building plans for an hour, then finished my furnace plans in 15 minute. - Quite interested in keeping reading (had to stop cause of my evening plans I had set for myself) I read for another hour. Now just browsing gamequiters for half an hour. - Going to write in my journal (my personal one) and plan for tomorrow, then off to bed. I have had no cravings/want to play video games, today. Definitely heading into the right direction if I keep up this way. Trying not to put too much on my plate at once and just stick to my routines. Thinking of only writing my journal here as a weekly report or if I've had a tough day fighting off craving.
  9. Hey Tom, It's hard, I know that. The important thing is that you keep the momentum going, even with times of weakness/failures. As long as you keep consistently trying to stick to your plan/routine, you will achieve it what rewards that brings. Your post got me thinking about an strategy I came across to replace willpower (as the author claimed that pure willpower rarely suffices for big changes in your life as these behaviours/habits/addictions are so deeply rooted in our lives). This is how it goes: He calls it the why-power. Your why is the reason why you are doing/trying to do what you're doing. Here's what he wrote about it: Source: The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy Take your time and write down why you're wanting to do this. What your life will be like, if you succeed. Anything, any reason. If you want to prove that you can do this to someone, that might give you enough motivation do it. All of our whys are different. Hopefully this helps. Take care. - Jordi
  10. Sounds great, any credible source?
  11. Thank you guys! Good to hear that you're able to restrain yourself, Gaming Zombie. Keep going!
  12. Hey Lee, Welcome! I'm no expert, but there's plenty of things in life where you can be competitive in. If that is something you're passionate about, might be something to eventually find a substitute for in real life, like sports. Anyway, welcome to the forum!
  13. Goodluck with your challenge! Also thanks for the link to that video. Gives me some things to work on.
  14. Goodluck, tgoodner! Just keep working at it and I'm sure you'll get there! By the way I liked that you did Wim Hof's breathing technique! I've been planning to incorporate this into my routine (and his cold showers, too) myself, but have only done it a few times. It really seems to work amazing and I've done cold showers for half a year before and remember enjoying the amount of energy it gave me and how it work me up, a lot.
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