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Gaming Zombie

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I have noticed, that all of my songs are very depressing and mood killers. So, I would like to ask you guys to share any song you are really into now. It can be any kind: from motivational(expecting lots of eminem-till i collapse ?) to rock music, doesn't matter. Need to refresh my playlist and maybe you guys will find something fitting for you. Plus interested what people are listening around the globe. Put a link or write it down!

For example:

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis - Otherside (orginal) (been listening for 4 days this song)

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@Gaming Zombie Most of my songs are K-Pop songs, so you might not understand the language. Anyways, here are the songs that I recommend to you:


"I'm Fine"

"Trivia: Just Dance"

"Love Myself: Answer"


"Best of Me"

"Go Go"

"Not Today"

"A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone"


"Fun Boys"

"Just One Day"





"We Love to Party"

"Bang Bang Bang"

"What is Right"


"Gara Gara Go!"

"Oh Ma Baby"

"Oh My Friend"


"La La La"


"Forever Young"

"Ddu Du Ddu Du"





"Ko Ko Bop"

"Lucky One"

"Blooming Day"

"Hey Mama"



"Only You"





"Rhythm Ta"

"My Type"

"I Love You"


"Millions" by Winner

"Everyday" by Winner

"Love Me Love Me" by Winner

"Island" by Winner

"Really Really" by Winner

Other Songs

"Boss" by NCT U

"View" by Shinee

"Shut Up and Groove" by Heize (ft. Dean)

"Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra

"Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Valli/Four Seasons

"L-O-V-E" by Nat King Cole

"I Say a Little Prayer" by Aretha Franklin

"I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor

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Frank Sinatra - The Way You Look Tonight

Johnny Cash - Hurt 

XS Project Водоворот - Vodovorot

Tujamo - Drop That Low (When I Dip) (Bass Boosted)

Ben Sage & Subsonik - Fiendin Feat. Savvy

Nu Foundation - I Need You

Calvin Russell - Crossroads

Neil Sadaka - Oh! Carol

Journey - Faithfully

Bobby Darin - Dream Lover



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@Lea ohh, good old I will survive ? plus noticed you are really into korean singers. Have you ever thought learning korean language?

@spacemonk liked Plini song, but metal song maybe was too hard for me. Whats up with you germans always into metal songs? ?

@katsudo19 saw Johnny cash in your list, i knew i am going to like your songs. Try the original version, made by nine inch nails. 

@Philipp left you for last, because I stopped checking your list after Yatao -Prag... That song is fucking awseome! And you said don't expecting anything from it ?. Smashing replay button for 30th time! Wish it was longer.


Anyways, like to hear what other people also listen!

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On 1/19/2019 at 9:11 PM, Gaming Zombie said:

I have noticed, that all of my songs are very depressing and mood killers.

This is my go-to song when I'm depressed, feeling empty inside. It reminds me how small I am in the world. It moves me from inside out, helps to recall that I am body and soul and I have to move on. It makes me remember to be alive. It ensures me that today is not my last day.

Matt Redman - 10 000 reasons

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Yes, there's a music thread!! This is great.

In the past year, I've really turned into a massive metalhead. I would've never thought, since I used to listen to tons of EDM when I was a teen. I think as my gaming addiction advanced, I got increasingly more resentful and angry. Only a genre like Metal can encapsulate the feelings I had (and still have from time to time)

My favorite bands: 

Meshuggah (I listen to these guys daily) Their music is almost atonal, and focuses entirely on loudness and rhythm. No other band sounds quite like them, and because of that I love them. My favorite songs from them right now are tracks like Straws Pulled At Random, Marrow, Lethargica, and New Millenium Cyanide Christ.

Gojira (Also listen to these boys daily) Their music is also intensely rhythmic, although they have very beautiful melodic sections. My favorites are songs like Oroborous, L'Infant Sauvage, Toxic Garbage Island, The Cell, and The Heaviest Matter In The Universe.

Machine Head is a band that has grown on me more and more. I was hooked once I listened to their album The Blackening. My favorite song from them right now is Beautiful Mourning, although I like other songs like Locust and Davidan.

Tool has grown on me too. They're not metal, although related in the sense that they do a lot of weird and cool rhythmic stuff. Schism was the first song I heard. Recently I've enjoyed songs like The Pot, Grudge, and 46 and 2.

Scarlxrd is an artist I used to listen to, although not as much. He's a rapper that combines metal (although more like nu metal / metalcore imo). Lies Yxu Tell is perhaps my favorite, since it perfectly expresses the anger one feels when they're using and they don't address their use.

I also listen to my own music. I'm an artist who goes under the name Lxci (you can find it on Soundcloud/Youtube). Out of my favorite tracks, I enjoy COWARD the most. These songs are still rough (I suck at mastering), but over time I will get better.

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Hell yes.

I've always loved EDM, but I've turned into a huge EDM head in the last month.  So, here's a few of my favorites at the moment.

The genre's that I listen to are usually House, Deep House, and some DnB, and even some Trance type stuff.


Untrue - Original Mix - Tchami

Adieu - Tchami

Together Forever- Chocolate Puma, Pep & Rash

Badman - Torro Torro Remix - Autoerotique, Max Styler

What Goes Around - Drunk Girl, Drivvin

Desire (with Dimension) Sub Focus, Dimension

Daylight - Radio Edit - Disciples

Breathe (ft. Jem Cooke) - CamelPhat, Cristoph, Jem Cooke

Just - Amtrac

Into Clouds - Luttrell

Xpander - Live at the Barbican - Sasha

Forever - Solomun


Hope someone appreciates these bangers.  ?

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