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  1. I'm alright today, busy as usual so my cravings haven't been too strong How are you? ? sounds like a good idea, I'll get to it when I have some time
  2. Hey arq! I'm studying software and web development but I'm still in the first semester. I don't want to run away from my problems and struggles anymore by using stuff like gaming as an escape but face all of my issues and learn how to deal with them. Sorry, I'm not that good at expressing my thoughts, lol.
  3. @Gaming Zombie That's fair, I haven't met a lot of germans that are into Metal, though. ?
  4. I've recently discovered Plini and I've been really loving him Plini - Electric Sunrise Architect's Holy Hell is my favorite Album atm, if you like metal at all Full Album
  5. Hey everyone ! I'm a 20-year old guy from Germany who's trying to finally leave gaming behind. Gaming was my main hobby for most of my teens and I played a ton of different online games but I spent most of my time on League of Legends. Now that I've moved out of my home town for school I want to finally change and be the person that I want to be and that includes not gaming anymore. I hope to talk to all of you soon and feel free to message me if anything! ?
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