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  1. Day 34, Feb 24 2021 I swear, time is flying by. I've already been in Arizona for 4 months, holy shit. Feb's almost over and I'm not even mad about it. I do really want to fly through this season of my body healing, detoxing video games, and covid. And, thank God, it's goooin' fast. Anyways, everything is progressing nicely. Porn is under wraps!! Urges for video games are light and breezy; they come and go. My health is improving. I'm keep making friends at work, I was invited to a BBQ this Sat, but I think I'm working that night, so I probably won't be able to make it. R
  2. Day 31, Feb 21 2021 Just eatin' a lil Talipia. Things are moving the in right direction. Doesn't meant they're easy, but you know, it's going. Worked two double shifts this past week and my managers told me I did great. I've really made some good friendships at work. I feel my confidence going up. Everything on the PMO front is going great and while my health is improving, so is my body. I feel like I look more lean and cut, my postures better and I just feel comfortable in my skin. Even though my forehead is breaking out a bit. Doin' well.
  3. Day 28, Feb 18 2021 MY GOD. The girls in this city are so damn pretty. I went from the barren Mid-West to the mecca of attractive women. This definitely helps with motivation when quitting both video games and porn. Both of which, on all fronts, I'm having pretty good success with right now. Today was probably the worst video game withdrawals I've had since the beginning of my detox. This morning I started thinking about the nostalgic music of Runescape and the adventures I had when I first starting playing. I went to work and someone called in sick so I ended up working a doub
  4. Day 25, Feb 15 2021 Found this weird ambient synth video that I've just been listening to while I figure out what I need to get done today. I loved the movie Bladerunner 2049, and it kinda reminded me of that. 🙂 Anyways, finished almost a double shift at work yesterday. My parents called me afterwards just to check up on me. When I told them I'd been working from 10:30 - 8:45 we were all pretty happy, because it showed how far I have come with my health. I felt a little tired, which is normal, but I was also rejuvenated and surprised at my progress. I
  5. Day 20, Feb 10 2021 I think today I figured out that instead of finishing school in architecture, I want to finish in interior design. I had a tough time accepting that because it's usually seen as pretty feminine. I'm already a guy who doesn't enjoy watching sports, but I enjoy fashion, lol. At the end of the day, it's good. I'm accepting who I am, even if it's not very macho. On the plus side, I'll probably be around lots of females when the summer semester starts, so that'll be nice.
  6. Day 18, Feb 8 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MvBE3kps98 < Currently listening to this. Chill Edm Track Found out the accountability software does not work well on my cheap Android phone, so I might have to get another one which will be the 3rd time I've changed phones in the last 2 months trying to find a solution to the porn problem. On all other fronts though, you could say I'm doing pretty well. It seems like the underlying depression that I've had for almost 5 years is fading away. I have normal up's and downs but through all of it I'm still kinda happy, even w
  7. Day 13, Feb 3 2021 I feel like some things are going into place. I relapsed from porn unfortunately, but for the first time in a while I'm not mad at myself or depressed. I've been doing extremely well with nofap; ever since I started using Covenant Eyes accountability software with my brother. But, this time I relapsed not with an smart phone or a computer, but through watching an anime on TV. What?! This helped bring me to an insight about anime, something that I always believed was pretty much OK to consume. I've always respected anime as a Japanese artform and as an arti
  8. Looks incredible man, the coloring is really well done. Hoping you get through this tough day/week!
  9. Heyo, It's totally tough to give up gaming because it can be an emotional crutch, something we can rely on in tough times. I did that too. But, now that you've started down this path, it will be hard to ever look at gaming the same way. It's not an easy path, but it has the potential to be far more rewarding, fun, and fulfilling. Best of luck Josh.
  10. Hey, I'd love to see some of your paintings sometime. I do a little myself every now and then.
  11. Day 9, Jan 30 2021 I had a few really good days at work and some great new friendships, but this morning has been a little slow and a little depressed. The source could be a lot of things, flatlining, withdrawals, illness, or whatever else. I'm going easy on myself and trying to rest my fatigued, healing body even though I want to be putting intense effort into my goals and aspirations. I guess I'm just trying to find some peace. I started watching The Fellowship of the Ring (LOTR) and it's almost as if I'm seeing it for the first time. There is so much meaning behind everything
  12. Day 5, Jan 26 2021 Been having some bouts of depression in the mornings for the last few days. Depression has always been a trigger for me to game and escape. I know eventually the depression will lift and even be cured sometime soon this year, but I won't give in today just because in this moment I feel a bit shitty.
  13. Day 4, Jan 25 2021 I'm waiting for the urges to stop this week. Every time I turn on some music though, they dissipate. So I'm gonna keep doing that while I work on some fun/art side projects. Trying to decorate my apartment a bit. I'm just putting this pic (below) in photoshop and draggin' the picture frames that are on the TV stand around to see where they will fit in best. Might upload a pic when it's finished. I'm gonna paint over the canvas with the dinosaur, just found that at a thrift store for cheap. Also, todays sountrack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYvE
  14. Day 3, January 24 2021. I always think about going back to gaming as soon as I get off work, just to chill out for the night, but that always goes away quickly. I started working at a nice sushi restaurant recently. I'm so happy to finally be almost fully healthy again, just doing normal adult stuff now. Everyone at the restaurant is friends n' stuff and I fit right in, almost effortlessly. Maybe I took simple friendships and laughing at stupid jokes for granted but it just makes me super happy. I always used the excuse that 'I literally can't do anything else' to game when
  15. Jan 22, 2021 Heyoo, I've been around here a few times before. I've had a love/hate relationship with video games pretty intensely for the last 6 or so years. They have been a crutch when I had a chronic fatigue virus - similar to Lyme's disease. But as of late, my health has improved tremendously. I needed to get out of my hometown and get some space so I moved to Arizona to finish school and I found a good Dr. down here. Recently, I have made huge strides with my pornography addiction with the help of Covenant Eye's and I feel like that's under control for the first time in