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Question of the week: What's your favourite quote?


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  1. Life is a little bit better now. If you are searching for new activity try cycling. But beware! It's very addictive. 😎
  2. So after thinking about what will be my next steps I decided to seek professional help. I'm quitting forum. It helped me a lot but I need to go further and internet will not solve my problems. Guys you are so amazing community and you struggle a lot. I wish you only best. And finally solve your crisis. Much love.
  3. I experienced incredible emotional pain and numbness. Man if you are struggling like me check some tools and wisdom which I'm going to try. A. If you don't know what is your purpose try to meditate alone at night. Focus on breathing. Calm your mind. Then observe your past, present and future. Give it try. It will be amazing experience. B. Problem with emotions. If you igrone your emotions they will be stronger. Dont try to run away from your emotions. Accept good and bad emotions and observe them. What causes it? Heal your emotional state. Make it agile. C. Passive lifestyle is killing us. We need to go outside, to forest or whatever. And execute our inner dreams and plans. D. Action=Reaction ; Invest=Harvest E. It's okay to be vulnerable. I recommend ted talk The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown F. Courage - the ability to control fear and to be willing to deal with something that is dangerous,difficult, or unpleasant: G. Give back. If you solve something or know solutions for problems of other people teach them, support them or give them tips. H. Pain is the great teacher. We all must go through pain.
  4. 48/90 Emotions hit me so hard yesterday that I almost relapsed. It's the warning signal for me that I'm making huge mistakes on my road. From today I will not using GQ on daily basis. I spend a lot of my time last week on internet that I did't spend in the whole month. I made some stupid decision and ignoring my new path.
  5. katsudo19

    Moving on

    Hi Vera! It's okay to feel lonely, powerless or sadness. Observe them and make them working for you. Fill your void with love. I recommend to you movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse. Have you seen it?
  6. katsudo19

    Day 6!

    Admit that you have problem, love yourself unconditionally and solve your problems. I give you truth. You are here so long and you only bitching. Get your ass up and do what you exactly need to do and you know it and you still procrastinate. Dont be like those people who trying to give up games but they never will. I have time man. Today I will play a little or PMO a little. It's okay its normal and you will be in same situation for next 10 years. Its scary AF. Keep in mind! After 5, 10, 15 years you want to be that guy who tell everybody excuses and still living in self destroying habit loop? Look at the mirror bro. I wish you much love and strength.
  7. Dude if you can regulate it then feel free to play. If you cant just dont play this stupid games. Example: If i start gaming again I will sacrifice all of my time, money and effort to games.
  8. 47/90 Loading.....Access to better future granted....Building in progress
  9. Check http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/James/Principles/prin4.htm Author: William James - The Principles of Psychology, 1890, chapter 4 Habit. Timeless thing.
  10. katsudo19

    Day 6!

    Man must develop mind, heart and willpower. How are you? Things going well or you fall repeatedly? You are Old Timer here. I know the struggle man. We both know. But you need to create new dirkj3 with certain vision and goals. I wish you much strong as you can possess. You are good person. I wish you my best bro. Maybe this interview give you more hope:
  11. 46/90 I had a dream about gaming again. I think that I was playing Warcraft 3 or something similar. It didn't scare me or disturbed my emotional state. What I want to expect? Years spent in the front of the screen. Self torture as well. It gave me something? Yeah. In these days I love myself or trying to learn how to love myself. I learned what does it mean discipline, selfawareness, meditation, human needs etc. I learned that I can change some things in my life, my attitude to certain things. I learned that human being is extremly adaptive to enviroment. I learned about the brain a lot. I learned what impact have PMO on us. What impact have emotions on us. Maybe is the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned a lot from it.
  12. How can I "survive" this week ? What can I do differently ? I think you know the right answers and exactly what you must do. I am already DOING most of what you talked about. Perfect. But instead of worrying try to find solutions. I sometimes overdo it with answers and advices 😅. Bear with me.
  13. Are you hearing yourself? Your only thoughts it's about worrying about relapse. You don't love yourself enough. Because you don't do what's important to you because you point out only excuses. Look at the mirror bro. You are like man I know everything so why to try something? Don't be like that. I think you are great person which can create value in life. You have creative solutions for your problem but you are waiting for something. I wish you much strong as you can possess.
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