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  1. Philipp

    Looking for German speaking people.

    Servus, ich wär aus Österreich (kleines Ländchen neben Deutschland) - kann also euch Deutsch. Rein aus Interesse: Lernst du Deutsch weil dir die Sprache gefällt, oder eher aus beruflichen/schulischen Gründen?
  2. Philipp

    Font change suggestions

    I'd vote for Comic Sans 😉 Seriously - never was a fan PT Sans - it's unusual round elements just seem weird to me. The other ones are fine.
  3. Philipp

    My Drawing Journal

    A little laugh is never wrong - but c'mon the scarecrow is about to be standing in the rain - just fair to make a silly face. ^^
  4. Philipp

    My Drawing Journal

    Just finished a quick sketch that I started yesterday. Tried to focus on achieving a clear sense of depth in the picture. Also was a nice opportunity to practice rainy backgrounds 😄 So here a little update on the last few days: fell into a short depressed state when school-work started to take over my schedule, made me freak out and when fear of failing creeped in it kinda froze me again. But it seems that I made it out. Now I'm gonna learn for next week's exams and I got some homework to do.
  5. Philipp

    Dear Diary...

    It's normal to think a bit too big when you start out. But it's great to have a goal - so you know what you have to learn. Maybe scale it down a little bit. Make a short story comic - or just work on the first chapter. As long as it makes YOU happy. Going to college full time and degrees doesn't say anything about your skills. The only edge it gives is forcing you to work. With a little internet research and practicing on a regular basis you can get INSANELY good at anything. And who knows, maybe after practicing some time you find someone at a similar skill level to collaborate with.
  6. Philipp

    My Drawing Journal

    @Matt S Hey, awesome that you want to be better at drawing. Sry for not answering earlier - got stressed out by school. To get to your question: I recently switched to Artrage 5 when I started with more painterly works. This is also the Programm I used for the house-painting. Really recommend it, it doesn't need you to deal with the thousands of settings like adobe photoshop, the interface is easy af and you can get straight to drawing/painting etc. Downside: it costs a bit --> if you're just starting out and you don't wanna invest for now then I'd say Krita is a go-to. Krita will require a little getting used to though and maybe taking the time to find some useful brushes - If you wanna go down that route, just shoot me a message and I'll try to find the brush-pack I used and send it to you. Getting discouraged by this nearly mythical skills of animation and drawing - as society seems to think - is quite common, but I'd advise you to just look at it like any other skill. You will get better as long as you keep practicing. If you want to draw cartoon-animation a good place to start are the 12 animation-principles to get better at making things seem alive. And for drawing here's a list of some topics you can work on - http://www.davidrevoy.com/article242/what-skills-are-needed-to-draw - for me it was important to break "learning to draw" up into smaller pieces, made it WAY less intimidating. Hope you have a great day and if you want feedback on one of your drawings from time to time feel free to write me.
  7. Hey, Welcome back, I wish you all the best 🤗 Great that you already did the first step to getting back on track by realizing and accepting your core-problems.
  8. Philipp

    Journey to my white coat

    Amazing work man - keep it up 😄 BTW: 96 % is already top score in my opinion - so don't beat yourself up about it
  9. Philipp

    My Drawing Journal

    Hey lads, Took a small on the side "freelance"-job for my cousin - I'm designing a Logo and helping decide on a name for a small programm to control RGB-LEDs for private light-setups. Made a quick first design to decide further from there - since at the moment it's the classical I want a logo but I've no idea what I want in specific - situation. So I started with a more playful design and from there on let her decide if she wants to go more abstract, more picture like and what aspects of her application (individualism/easy2use/etc.) she want's to represent with the logo. Awaiting a decision tomorrow. Will have to work on lots of homework and learning-stuff over the weekend. Looking forward to meeting the family tomorrow. Wish you all the best ^^
  10. Philipp

    My Drawing Journal

    Evening everybody, I'm quite happy with it - sure, it's not a masterpiece and the perspective is a little off but I learnt a lot. Won't be home the next few days, so I say I'm done with it and will do some pencil sketching while I'm away. If I successfully keep this up I'll probably be good enough to work a bit as a freelancer / artist over the summer. The exam on Monday was HARD - I don't know if I made it but at least I've got a clear conciousness because I learnt more than I normally would. Already hyped for the weekend. I'll stay at my parent's home and on Friday I'll meet up with an old friend of mine. Tomorrow I'll meet with my project group for a brainstorm- / sketching-session (really looking forward to it).
  11. Philipp

    My Drawing Journal

    Ok, I stayed up a little longer because there was something WRONG with the basic composition - I tried around a little more and here is the final comp - now it's just about rendering the final image 😄 decided to focus more on the two-point perspective and fiddled around with the path. Also made the green-tones part of the background so that the overall color-balance seems more fitting and no so random. Now I can go to sleep and tomorrow I'll get that exam behind me.
  12. Philipp

    My Drawing Journal

    Hey guys, So, my landlord just came into my flat and forbid me to turn on loud music - even though it's not even 5 pm……… - sucks, because I don't really want to train with headphones, guess I don't have a choice. On the other hand, dancetraining is going pretty well. Even landed a few spins right today. 💪 Will do a bit of muscle training now and then back to learning. Have a nice evening everybody. EDIT: Today's progress:
  13. Philipp

    My Drawing Journal

    Good evening, Today wasn't that exciting - a little bit of learning, painting and had a group presentation - that went quite well. So, I guess I'm just checking in because I'm so used to….. EDIT: Just finished the painting and damn it turned out amazing ❤️
  14. Philipp

    My Drawing Journal

    Started learning digital watercolor-painting just for fun - I fell in love with the vibrancy of some paintings on deviantArt - so I had to give it a shot 😄 I LOVE IT and it will probably help me with color-theory since watercolor isn't as much about precision but rather feeling and beeing loose ❤️ and about composition. Background's nearly finished, foreground and the mushrooms will be next 😄 EDIT: realized the light on the mushroom was comic from the wrong direction….. and I wasn't happy about the mushrooms, so I redid the composition of the foreground and changed the main subject to something more emotional. Now, I'll have to drag myself to university for gamedesign-presentation and finish some homework. In the evening I'll get learning and in the breaks I'll be working on that painting.
  15. Philipp

    The Hobby Corner

    @giblets I know what you mean, when I started with swordtraining it pretty much was my "replacement"-hobby. But over time it changed and nowadays it's a healthy hobby. I think that's one of the most important lessons in life we all have to learn: Not to do things to have an excuse that we don't have to deal with something else (like life, responibilities, etc.), but for the sake of DOING. My hobby: drawing - I love it because it frees my mind. Whenever I draw it's like all my knowledge, emotions and past experiences come together and I can put it on paper (or digitally on the desktop……… 😕 ) The hardest part was actually enjoying drawing in the beginning because of the classic mindset of "Drawing is for those who have talent". But as soon as I broke through that barrier it became so rewarding, seeing the progress I made with every drawing.