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  1. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    It went as expected - before even having the slightest Chance of explaining why there was a rage about me wasting my life if I quit University and then that I should just look at how much Money my Cousin is already making (finished University last summer). If I quit now, I'll never find a good Job and so on...………….. So, I guess I'm back to Zero...…… having no idea what to do next?! I know that my mother only wants to "protect" me from making a poor choice, but if you don't listen first instead of instantly responding (very loud), that doesn't help ANYONE.
  2. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    Sooo today's the day, I'm gonna talk to my parents no MATTER WHAT - I've already procrastinated too long ): Will write down everything why I want to quit now before they come home, so that I'm prepared………. It's still soooo hard to even start a serious conversation (even though we talk more nowadays). Wish me luck (and Courage)……….
  3. Philipp

    Sharing my story of social anxiety

    Hey, So, I just got home from an amazing evening trying to not fall over my own feet with a bunch of strangers………………………. and I enjoyed it!!! damn I'm soooo proud of myself at the moment for going there. To sum it up real quick: Strangers, Partnerdances, Dancing while NOT being drunk, In public --> A few months back I'd have rather killed myself instead of doing this! This will be my last entry in this thread, so if anyone else want to take over and share his journey, feel free to do so. I'm hopeful that this gives hope to People who are stuck in the same crappy Situation and show that it's possible to deal with your anxiety. Hugs to all of you!
  4. Philipp

    What makes you feel happy?

    1st - spending time with my family and friends 2nd - running and jumping around in the Woods 3rd - photography, because with a few simple photos I can bring a smile onto someone's face ^^ None of These by itself could fulfill my life but together they create a symbiosis: Parkour in the forest to recharge after spending too much time with People (introverted……..). Photography to let my creativity flourish and Family and Friends for connectedness.
  5. Philipp

    Sharing my story of social anxiety

    @DanniganI don't mind a little thread-hijacking - that's what this thread is here for anyway - sharing stories of dealing with social situations. I'm hitting another Milestone tomorrow - I was invited to a Dance-Workshop by a friend. Oo there'll be strangers and I'm supposed to dance (I just had my first Group dance last weekend) The only comfort is that the girl that invited me is the host/Trainer and some fencing friends will be there too. I'm nervous as f*** atm. Wish me luck - will post how it went the next day.
  6. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    Good Evening, I'm at my parents home for the next two weeks. I have enough work to keep me busy and after these weeks I'll go on another short vacation. Goals for that time: -) talk with my parents about leaving university -) write an application for education as a craftsman (Woodworking) -) work on Setting up a new Training schedule (more playtime-style/less rep-focused) -) drawingcourse About Portraits (finish eyes, nose and mouth-execises) -) finish the last few chapters of the first of the "Götterkriege"-books Today I got invited to a Dance-Workshop. OMG this is one of those Milestones on my social-anxiety list, that I'm definitely not prepared to do - but I've made it this far, and I'll not back down now. Also I'll not be there alone and the one who has invited me is the trainer. Last but not least, here are some photos I took for my grandma today from her garden:
  7. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    Hey, @Cam Adair Jep WAAAAAY to go - he's still tooo obsessed with the game and it will take quite some work AND time until he'll be able to see the damage he's doing to himself. But it's a start. This weekend was hilarious. I went camping with 4 friends. They bed was soo small, so we ended up stacked from one side to the other. Weirdly, it was kind of cozy, being as close to each other. We danced, grilled, fenced, wrestled and played stupid drinking games :D ………...I'm falling asleep at the moment, so I'll continue tomorrow morning
  8. Philipp

    Relapse again and again.

    Hey, Hang in there and you'll succeed one day. Maybe write down the situations in which you relapsed and think about what you could have done to avoid relapsing in that situation.
  9. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    Hey, @JustTom thx for being such a big bundle of wisdom and your great advice. Helped a lot when deciding what I'll do now. So, today and the last 2 days I continued working on projects. Also, turns out Math exam is positive and I also finished programming exam on Monday. Also I asked a friend out for roughhousing training, because he always seemed so stressed out from playing dota and I wanted to show him an alternative to playing video games in the freetime. We had a blast and finished the training session with eating some icecream *yumm*. - It's really interesting how people who hate fitness-training have a big grin in their face as soon as you approach it in a much more playful and free way. and BTW: it feels great to have the confidence in myself to ask someone to do something as stupid as playing "shoulder tag" and "log wrestling" with me. So yeah……… I'm proud of my progress.
  10. Philipp

    RUNNERS: How do I train my legs properly?

    Hey Dylan, When I started running I didn't really see any progress over long periods of time either. That changed when I started training for parkour, because it turned out that running and jumping aren't so different after all. So I encourage you to check out some bodyweight-exercises like burpees, jumping rope, quadrapedal movement (one of the best exercises ever - strengthens legs, core and arms at the same time - so you won't have the problem of training unbalanced), and squats. Also making sure to incorporate some dynamic stretching before running helps prevent extreme soreness or even pain. Last but not least, make sure you run properly - if you run with "traditional" runningshoes for example you have to run in a different way than if you run barefoot (or with minimalism shoes). --> research on google for more information. I don't believe that your shoes are responsible, but if you believe that you really have bad shoes, if you have access to a treadmill, try one day to run with shoes and on the next day without shoes and check if it gets better without shoes :/
  11. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    And another one done, Meditation - checked School - checked Training - a bit (only went for a walk and went swimming) Homework - mindlessly starring at the desktop trying to decipher what I have to do -.- will try again in the morning So overall a wasted day. Will start tomorrow with new motivation.
  12. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    @JustTom yeah, that's a good point but at the same time also one of the problems I have with the Programm I'm currently in.... Until the bachelor's degree it is so widely spread, that it's nearly impossible to gain mastery in ANY of the subjects --> you learn a bit of animation, a bit of photography, a bit of audio design, a bit of programming, a bit of web programming (which I HATE btw) and a bit of game design --> during the time I learnt animation by myself before going to university I learnt more in 3 weeks than during the last 2 semesters….. If you have to time to go out to meditate I highly recommend it. It's one of the reasons I love the place I live atm - I walk across the Street and I'm instantaneously in the forest. I just got home from swordtraining today :D I'm sooo proud of myself. I walked straight at a GROUP (never EVER did I believe I'd have courage enough to ask into a group - normally I'd wait for someone to stand a little aside of the others) and challenged someone for a sparring session after "normal" training. Also organized a little king of the hill wrestling match for warming up.
  13. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    Didn't get up at 6 am, but when my brain started to work after a few minutes of lying in bed braindead I realized that I was falling back into my old ways, so I jumped out of the bed, grabbed my clothes, a bit of water and went for a short run. I didn't make it all the way to the river this time, but instead sat down on top of a small cliff on a mossy rock and meditated there. After this I was fully awake. I walked back home to get breakfast and then get ready for university. Had to write maths exam today…… I don't think it went very well but we'll see. I told my classmates that I'm selling my steam-account today and will give it to the highest bidder. (Already at 50 € ^^) Their reaction was like: WTF are you doing? Why give it all away? You on drugs? For the rest of the day I'll take time to draw, go training and then maybe draw some more in the evening or read a bit and tomorrow I'll start learning for programming exam and work on the current animation project. My mood brightened up a bit today so I guess I'm on an upwards-wave again.
  14. Philipp

    I sold and deleted everything!!

    Congratz on taking this HUGE step ^^
  15. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    Got a new goal for these next months - sort out all the stuff I have: - if I quit university, do I really need a computer AND a notebook? --> or do I maybe want to sell my computer? - can I focus enough time on learning to play the flute? --> if not would it be worth considering giving it to my nephew who seems to be interested in learning it? - do I really NEED a graphics board AND paper and pencil --> or maybe I should just focus on pencil? (And what about my adobe abo?) And another (small) change (with big impact) I want to incorporate into my life: - switch from water from plastic bottles to refillable bottles And last but not least: - I think about going vegetarian That's it for today. Gotta go to bed now so I can get up at 6 am for my morning routine tomorrow.