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  1. Just start off with fresh motivation and use what you've learnt during your last streak to your advantage. The important thing isn't the day-counter but your actions right now.
  2. Day #84 #24 #8 #8, Working on a video Project for University today. I'm sooo sleepy (was out until 3 am yesterday) but the work has to be done. Ohh and since the 90 day mark is coming closer by day I took a few minutes to evaluate if I plan to try gaming again afterwards but just thinking about it made it quite clear that I totally don't miss it and my life's way better now than before. I also had a chat with my cousin, who seems to have a bad time at the moment because most of her gamer friends seem to not be that good friends (which was the same for me those three months back). Over the past few weeks I got to know what real friendship feels like --> those friends aren't the People I just spend a lot of time with online, but those people that I don't even see often, but are accepting, helpful and are trustworthy - for whom you'd do anything without even thinking about what you'll get in return <-- I'm not going to throw this away. Gratitude list: - Meeting up with some friends yesterday (It was a glorious EPIC Card battle) - this awesome streak of not even a little bit of urges (None of the 4 day-counters) - Quality time with my family
  3. Day # 83 #23 #7 #7, Already done today: - visit my grandma - meditation Now I'm gonna have to do some homework before meeting with some friends. Funny how a bit of movement and being aware of your breathing can create so much motivation for the day :D Gratitude list: - This amazing day - homemade soup - weird but I really missed this - a fluffball (my cat) lying on my feet keeping them warm :P
  4. Day # 82 # 22 #6 #6, Won't be able to post in the evening so I'll just do it now. I got a bit enraged today, when my flatmates told me not to kill People when I left one of my fencing books on the kitchentable - AND didn't sound like they were just making fun of it but serious and it wasn't the first time........ I mean how much of a hillybilly (I hope that's the right term for "Hinterwäldler" in german) can someone be to just assume people are violent just because of studying an old art. Only because the only kind of sport they know of is either soccer or Jogging?! I know that normally that's nothing to get upset about but it was just the final moment that let the Barrel overflow (again hope that's an accurate Translation). Normally they should take out the trash this time because I did it the last three times. Also I cleaned the house last two times and a lot of other stuff like cleaning the toilet, take the dishes out the dishwasher nearly daily......... and then the only answer when asking them to do it is "Nah, it's your Job because you've done it the last few times and we are already doing most of the housework" and then turning and leaving -.- Let me make it clear - they are 2 and together don't nearly do the amount of housework I do, and even worse, make it more work for me because when they leave for the Weekend they just let used glasses and other dishes on the table, have a bunch of plants that would die if I'd not water them on the Weekends but then ramble about me leaving my honey glass on the table because I need it in the evening again anyways -.- And then they pack the fridge full of their stuff and don't even let a bit place for the few Things I Need - last time they even put my pack of eggs out of the fridge on the table and just said "eggs don't need to be refridgerated anyways......." So today i tried to stay calm, packed my stuff and left the house (I was leaving anyways) and from now on I'll have my own trash bags and if the balcony starts to smell because they don't take out theirs, I'll just put theirs into their rooms. Also as soon as my schedule clears a bit I'll start looking for a new flat. So sry for rambling but I needed to get my frustration out. Gratitude list: - going home for the next few days - aviators' new song "Monumental" - the sun coming out again after a few days of rain - perfect Timing for jumping into the water tomorrow :D
  5. Day #81 # 21 # 5 # 5, Nothing special today. Took a break from homework and read a book for relaxing. Will continue working now. Tomorrow I'll drive home to my parents place after training (or if I'm too tired the next morning). Will also meet with an old friend of mine and my cousin this weekend. But I think I enjoyed today sooo much because it contrasted a lot to the last few days which either were extremely shitty or packed with loads of work. So yeah, a simple day can also be a good day (if they don't take overhand of course ^^) Gratitude list: - there will be lasagne on Saturday YEAY :D - becoming a better cook - gratitude journaling That's pretty much it for today - cya
  6. Day #80 (closing in on that magic number 90 ^^) #20 #4 # 4, Finished a load of homework today. But I more and more realize that despite what I always thought I made friends in my class. One helped me with homework and we went for a beer together today - felt good to spend some free time with someone. Gratitude list: - enjoying classes again after some hard days - help when needed - boiled eggs ^^ yummy - rain Also I'm thinking about buying some pieces of hippy-patchwork cloth and build my bed into sort of a hole - no idea why but it sounds fun ^^ maybe I'll do it as a Holiday-Project when the weather suck - will see
  7. Hey, thumbs up for yoga classes. Also it's awesome that you already took the step of deleting your Blizzard account.
  8. hey @BojanB No, I train HEMA (historical european martial arts) - it's basically longsword fighting, but we also do dagger and unarmed combat. If there isn't a club nearby and you're interested in such thing check out a translation of diogo gomes de figueyredo's teachings about montante (2 handed swords) - these are mostly solo forms which helped me with just focusing on the here and now, how my body feels, how my mind feels (like meditation but with movement): - you don't even need a sword, just grab a 1.5 meter broomstick and it will do the trick ^^ (and looks funny btw) I totally agree with you that it's essential to experience full awareness because otherwise it's kind of impossible to even realize what you've been missing the whole time.
  9. Day #79 #19 #3 #3, Aaaaand another day done. Sword training was amazing today. Focused on using the 4 "Blössen" to your advantage and did some solo-drills, which helped me "reconnect" (sounds weird but that's how it felt). I think a big mistake I often do when I have a REALLY shitty day is leave out on my daily training routine because movement tends to vent a lot of stress. @BojanB Thx, same for you, if you've got anything you wanna get out just send me a pm :) But I'll only be able to reply in the evenings once a day. I often asked myself why quitting games was soooo much easier for me than nofap but I guess it comes down to really making the decision to quit and writing down the reasons why you take the decision. Gratz on your first day btw ^^ just hang in - I promise you'll see results. Gratitude list: - every training partner that trained with me today - Michi, for being an awesome trainer - all my Professors for still doing their job with passion (even when more than half of the students isn't attending) Good n8
  10. Day #78 #18 #2 #2, Was in school for nearly the whole day - Fell asleep a few times but I tried to concentrate. Already did math homework today, did some training and will continue with finishing programming homework. Wanted to confront my flatmates about a problem - but guess what - they are already fighting between themselves and ignore everything around them….. So I'll do this tomorrow. Gratitude list: - having a clear direction again - "flower of battle" awesome book - shitty internet connection for giving me a reason to read a book - being healthy
  11. Day #78 #17 #1 #1, Hmmm my moods extremely twitchy atm and having problems with my flatmates makes things even worse. Today I'll go through all the worksheets from respawn again but not for gaming but for mindlessly browsing the internet and watching crap videos as well nofap…….. My motivation to continue homework is extremely low at times so I only get done a small portion of it each day… but I try to force myself to at least do those small portions and to don't kill the time I don't do anything productive I try to go out into the forest and at least think about solutions to my current problems while hanging around in my hammock. Also I'm gonna start writing a gratitude list again. Here's today's list: - having a chat with my parents today - realizing the problems I have at the moment, so I can now try to find a solution - forest, to go to if I need a timeout
  12. Day #68 #7 # 7 # 2, Today sucks D: I'm sooo damn tired and I know that I probably won't be able to sleep tonight because of homework. At the same time I crave for watching some stupid series. Also I relapsed on one of the 3 new detoxes (not on gaming - strangely that one was waaaaay easier to quit than the new ones.) - but I won't go down by this little throwback. The timer's already counting again. Gonna' take a REALLY COLD shower now to cool down a bit (worst joke ever........).
  13. Day #64, Seminar on Saturday was great. The exercises focused mainly on reconnecting with one's self through yoga exercises (transformed in a way, so they work with a sword), calming the mind and in conclusion the Body in a stressful Situation. Also had an interesting discussion about what a "strong structure" means to us, how to achieve it and why you lose it. To me it's clearly that a strong structure means being in the moment with the mind, focusing all your attention on the problem at hand, and with your body make the spine and hips the origin of all movement, and combining Body and Mind so you are Aware of breathing, the Tension in single muscles and Balance. What kills my structure, most of the time simply are my own negative thoughts of how people will judge me if I screw up (which is just plain bulls***). It was a really great experience and I found it to be a really inspiring Access to martial arts that differt a lot from the common way of thinking of martial arts. Also I'm on day 3 of no beard-picking, no Streaming and nofap. Gratitude list: - Feeling improvement in my life - Being able to stay at my parents' home for the next few days - My 2 cats - No suicidal thoughts anymore - gamequitters (I know, this one's getting old but I is as it is.........) - I'll survive (from Sybrid) --> amazing song, check it out Reading a historical fencing manuel at the Moment, interestingly, before anything about fencing the author Begins with Things like honoring the People around you, your way of thinking etc. Good night to everyone
  14. Day #62, Spent the morning working on my 2D Animation - here's a quick preview of how the whole environment looks (without any animations): Hope you're all having a great day.
  15. Day #61, Already hit the 2/3-mark Oo, so I guess it's time to take a look forward and set myself some new goals in life. I got an offer by one of my trainers to make new photos for our website. Just having the problem that I don't really have time for a shooting the next few weeks D: So my answer was that if he still needs those photos after may I'll do it..... would be such an amazing opportunity to learn. Also, I decided it's time to go to the hairdresser - BUT not to cut it down but just make it look a bit nice by cutting the ends because one of the new LONGTERM goals I set myself is to grow a glorious mane (something like a man bun or a ponytail) and maybe even a beard (still deciding on that one). Other newly set goals: - getting my hands under control: I realized that I'm picking out parts of my beard (WHY WOULD ANYONE EVEN DO THAT?!) when I'm nervous - lern to draw faces (finish Proko-course until end of July) - learn 5 more songs on my flute until end of July - go from no porn to complete nofap - only cold showers - go from no netflix to neither netflix nor amazon (THIS ONE WILL BE HARD) - next social anxiety milestone: attend a party THIS POST WILL BE CONTINUED SOON........ (Training time) Tasks that need to be done: School projects: 2D Animation environment 2D Animation about how to change your lifestyle 3D Animation walk cycle Sounddesign murder scene Video editing TV-ad Gamedesign endless runner Good n8 everyone!