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  1. Philipp

    My Drawing Journal

    Finished drawing the head today: Other than that spent my day learning and doing some sports-training. Gratitude list: - All the great tutorials and online-classes out there - Being quite satisfied with my life atm Good n8
  2. Philipp

    Journey to my white coat

    Congrats on your bio-project. It sounds soooo weird to "grow" a heart in a petri dish - but also fascinating. About the point of life, I think it wouldn't really mean that we don't matter if there was no initial "point in life", but rather the opportunity to make your life matter in a way YOU want. Nothing predefined but a choice 🤷‍♂️ Good luck with training for that marathon 💪
  3. Philipp

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    One Assignment at a time - you got this 🙂 Just keep up the momentum you built with the last one 🤗
  4. Philipp

    My Drawing Journal

    Today was a great day - even though I got up kinda late -.- again But I finished learning 2 chapters for exams, got strawberry-dumplings (I sooo hope that google-translate is right about that one) for lunch --> got some from my mum and omg they are soooo good. For dinner I cooked myself (I love it when whatever I fabricate in kitchen turns out great). Also got a decent workout today: cycling and pull-ups. And now to the most important part --> I focused on drawing the face today: Mentally I had a small downfall in the afternoon. Loneliness creeped in but it went by as soon as I got back to drawing. I don't think it was caused by being disconnected to people (even though at the moment I'm kind of living in isolation) but rather in those moments where I'm not connected to what I'm doing --> the feeling emerged when I took a too long YouTube break from learning and just wanted a little time to pass...…... Gratitude list: - Not giving up on drawing - A supporting friend who's always there when I need to vent my frustration. Even though he lives on the other side of the country. Hope you're all having a good day. Free (digital) hugs for everyone who reads this far 😄
  5. Philipp

    My Drawing Journal

    Day Nr. 3, After watching a few tutorials yesterday, today I started trying to shade with cross-hatching: still takes me an EXTREME amount of time thinking about lightsource, shadows and stuff but it's an EXTREME improvement to last time I tried to figure out shading - since I didn't have any scheduled drawing time back then, I just stopped at one point and going back to my comfort zone - THAT STOPS NOW --> will finish this piece until Sunday - maybe I'll give it to my mother as a present - HA would force her to hang it somewhere in the house even though she HATES Nude-drawings ^^ she was shocked when she found out that I did go to an actual live drawing session ^^ Also started assembling a team for this semester's media project where I'll probably be creative "manager" --> so, I'll just be the one who has to take responsibility for the team members screwing around without getting shit done -.- AAAAND last but not least I learned for my upcoming exams. OOOOOhhh, I also trained with my sword for an hour --> damn that was a productive day 😄 @Deku thx, means a lot /hug
  6. Philipp

    My Drawing Journal

    Hey, So, I'm back to writing journals, because it really helped me reflect on my actions during my days. This time, my goal's mostly to keep up drawing regularly. So, I'll post my sketches and stuff here and I'll also start a new day-count. To start off strong here's my stuff from the last days: Focused on dynamic Poses next up on my To-Draw-List is learning to shade properly Have a nice day.
  7. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    Pros of joining a sports club that spans over a whole country - sometimes someone posts about meetings online and everone who's interested can come. The HEMA-community in my country is extremely open and welcoming ^^ so, if I'd want to (and could afford it) I'd probably spend the whole year on some campingtrips ^^
  8. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    Hey guys, It's time for a little update on what I was up to lately, how I worked things out with my parents and so on, so, let's get started: I don't mind video games anymore - I tried playing in moderation but after a few games with my brother I soon realized I don't care about it. So, instead I went back to drawing and stuff (haven't drawn for a while now - I FORGOT my goddamn drawing materials at home when I drove to my parents' place => started doing some interesting other stuff instead => WRITING => more on that later) After a longer talk with my mother about my reasons to quit, she started to understand what was going on in my life, but she's still waaay too much in the mindset of STUDYING is ALL THAT MATTERS - and would have cut off all the financial support if I quitted...… which wouldn't have worked because of not earning enough during the first 2 years to even be able to pay my rent. So I made the decision to finish the next two years studying mediatechnology and -design and switch to a master's degree in interior design afterwards, so that afterwards I can choose between working in the design-field or start education as a craftsman (carpenter) with higher starting income so that I don't need the support of my parents. I started writing a movie and a videogame - I always loved worldbuilding, but the only thing I could ever get myself to do was write a character class (that never got published) for elder scrolls online. Now, I've already finished act 1 of the movie and the first few quests of the game. Very fascinating how much of a difference writing for an open world game is than writing for a linear story. Also I based it on a native American legend. I sooooo much loved researching about American mythology. Here's the world map: I spent a weekend with strangers at a hut in the mountains to fence and wrestle. It was a great time. That's about it. Now I'm living a week in solitude to concentrate on my last school project.
  9. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    It went as expected - before even having the slightest Chance of explaining why there was a rage about me wasting my life if I quit University and then that I should just look at how much Money my Cousin is already making (finished University last summer). If I quit now, I'll never find a good Job and so on...………….. So, I guess I'm back to Zero...…… having no idea what to do next?! I know that my mother only wants to "protect" me from making a poor choice, but if you don't listen first instead of instantly responding (very loud), that doesn't help ANYONE.
  10. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    Sooo today's the day, I'm gonna talk to my parents no MATTER WHAT - I've already procrastinated too long ): Will write down everything why I want to quit now before they come home, so that I'm prepared………. It's still soooo hard to even start a serious conversation (even though we talk more nowadays). Wish me luck (and Courage)……….
  11. Philipp

    Sharing my story of social anxiety

    Hey, So, I just got home from an amazing evening trying to not fall over my own feet with a bunch of strangers………………………. and I enjoyed it!!! damn I'm soooo proud of myself at the moment for going there. To sum it up real quick: Strangers, Partnerdances, Dancing while NOT being drunk, In public --> A few months back I'd have rather killed myself instead of doing this! This will be my last entry in this thread, so if anyone else want to take over and share his journey, feel free to do so. I'm hopeful that this gives hope to People who are stuck in the same crappy Situation and show that it's possible to deal with your anxiety. Hugs to all of you!
  12. Philipp

    What makes you feel happy?

    1st - spending time with my family and friends 2nd - running and jumping around in the Woods 3rd - photography, because with a few simple photos I can bring a smile onto someone's face ^^ None of These by itself could fulfill my life but together they create a symbiosis: Parkour in the forest to recharge after spending too much time with People (introverted……..). Photography to let my creativity flourish and Family and Friends for connectedness.
  13. Philipp

    Sharing my story of social anxiety

    @DanniganI don't mind a little thread-hijacking - that's what this thread is here for anyway - sharing stories of dealing with social situations. I'm hitting another Milestone tomorrow - I was invited to a Dance-Workshop by a friend. Oo there'll be strangers and I'm supposed to dance (I just had my first Group dance last weekend) The only comfort is that the girl that invited me is the host/Trainer and some fencing friends will be there too. I'm nervous as f*** atm. Wish me luck - will post how it went the next day.
  14. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    Good Evening, I'm at my parents home for the next two weeks. I have enough work to keep me busy and after these weeks I'll go on another short vacation. Goals for that time: -) talk with my parents about leaving university -) write an application for education as a craftsman (Woodworking) -) work on Setting up a new Training schedule (more playtime-style/less rep-focused) -) drawingcourse About Portraits (finish eyes, nose and mouth-execises) -) finish the last few chapters of the first of the "Götterkriege"-books Today I got invited to a Dance-Workshop. OMG this is one of those Milestones on my social-anxiety list, that I'm definitely not prepared to do - but I've made it this far, and I'll not back down now. Also I'll not be there alone and the one who has invited me is the trainer. Last but not least, here are some photos I took for my grandma today from her garden:
  15. Philipp

    A new path to walk

    Hey, @Cam Adair Jep WAAAAAY to go - he's still tooo obsessed with the game and it will take quite some work AND time until he'll be able to see the damage he's doing to himself. But it's a start. This weekend was hilarious. I went camping with 4 friends. They bed was soo small, so we ended up stacked from one side to the other. Weirdly, it was kind of cozy, being as close to each other. We danced, grilled, fenced, wrestled and played stupid drinking games :D ………...I'm falling asleep at the moment, so I'll continue tomorrow morning