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  1. A bit late, but I guess better late than never. I've got lots of stuff for uni to do - so I'll do some Sound design for a Unity game and also animate a 3D Parkour run ? Other than that, I'll spend some of my free time climbing with my flatmate and finish some last preparations for spending july helping out at a farm in the mountains.
  2. Soooo many things to be grateful for, how can I decide which three are worth mentioning?! My database professor, because today, when I was waiting for the exam to start, he joked about having to send me out of the room because I surely wasn't the student he expectet, after receiving a 4 year old photo of mine (that didn't look ANYTHING like me today) and not recognizing me and with this taking away most of my nervousness. Being healthy. After spending the last week mostly in bed, I was reminded once more, that healthiness is probably one of the greatest gifts one can have. Because it makes soooo much more possible. All the people close to me at the moment and those that I still have to meet. @James Good Which part of Asia do you want to move to?
  3. Hey, well something a little different then my normal philosophy of life. I try to not have a clear future in mind normally, because I believe that as long as you make the most out of every Moment (with your Goals in mind), life will bring you where you'll need to go - often in a crazy unforeseeable way. But I'll just give it a try . I wake up being hugged by my gf and licked all over my face by my pet dog - a german shepard or something like a corgi. Time to get up, prepare breakfast together: tea, toasted bread and some eggs. Also feed the dog. Then get out for a run through the forest next to our quite small but cozy house and a round of fetch or tug of war. After all that running around and rolling through the dirt I take a shower, put on some comfy clothes and start working on some freelance work - mostly leveldesign stuff - sketching and blocking. At About 1 pm I start preparing lunch - something simple but tasty like a salad. After lunch it's Training time with my best bud. Afterwards, back to work until my girlfriend comes home from work. The door opens, I climb down from my "Office", kiss her and we start cooking. Candles are lit, the fireplace is crackling softly. We enjoy the candlelight dinner together and finally we enjoy the evening either dancing, playing some Music on the rooftop or all three of us cuddled together in front of the fireplace.
  4. Yeah, a lot of people think that it's better to just focus on one thing and become an expert in that. In general I agree and envy those people too, but a workaround that helped me to push through those losing interest phases was to learn something similar which can also be useful in the activity I want to but can't solely focus on. For example, learning climbing when being stuck with parkour helped me a lot with wall control and now I can learn new (wall-focused) skills in parkour again. Those skill on the other hand seem to also help in climbing. --> Fun-fact: You can actually see influences from other sports in someones climbingstyle. Same applies to drawing and animation. When I last lost interest in drawing for some time I switched to animation. The new knowledge about dynamic posing in drawing really shows in my animations. In Short: yeah, even if people like us can't stick with one activity I think working on different activities that focus on similar principles can help achieve mastery nonetheless.
  5. Parkour, Historical Fencing, Climbing, Drawing and Painting, 3D-modelling and -animation, UI/UX design, Programming in C#, C++ and Java, just to name a few. I also tried out a lot of activities, that I didn't stick with - playing meditation flute being one of those - that I want to get back to later, but don't have the capacities to keep doing atm. Also, I plan on learning carpentry once I finish my BA and MA in Mediadesign and -technology. And then use that knowledge to fullfill my dream of converting a van into a camper van. I think learning something new every now and then is really important. Stopping to learn new stuff is like a shortcut into a depressed state for me.
  6. I got a glimpse of what life could be like, when I spent a few weekends with a group of strangers. And I saw something in them that, at that point, I haven't seen for a looooong time. They were happy, motivated, proud, sometimes silly but most of all, they felt alive. At that time I still wanted to see the world burn. I hated society and people in general at that point in my life. The people that surrounded me, only caring about money, talking shit of others (as long as they weren't around of course), living a live they weren't happy with and so on (you get the picture). But that three weekends literally changed my life. I wanted to become like this group of people. So, I started working towards that, and one of the steps needed was exchanging gaming for something that made me truly happy.
  7. I'd start by trying to find out WHY he plays in such excessive amounts (escape, boredom, playing with friends, showing off - just to name a few) - without understanding that, just taking away the computer will most likely not help. Also, I think Cam's got a video about that topic. I'll link it later if I find it.
  8. Yeah, Asia would be soooo interesting to visit. But I'd rather go live with some monks for a few days and visit some villages in the countryside rather than spend the time in the big cities. In my whole life I've only visited ONE "big" city - Dublin (which isn't even that big) - but I did feel unwell the whole time there. There's just too much there - people, buildings, traffic. But, yeah, I totally agree that when travelling getting to know the culture is an important aspect.
  9. THX, stupid me, I even wrote that damn word twice today… Yes, using that time productively is hard but at least today I've got something to completely obsess over for some time. Doing some animation work while listening to music is like shutting out everything around me. Only danger are responding times when asking something about the rig I'm working with (no one is answering for the last few minutes ? ) what are some places you'd like to travel to?
  10. I can see clearly now… (Yes, I'm still referencing a song I heard a week before in a movie and since that, I probably listened to it a hundred times --> clearly by Grace VanderWaal, check it out, it's amazing) My whole life I've spent in comfort of a warm home, enough money, hot showers, food as much as I wanted, and so on. This week's question of the week got me to think about that, no idea why. But when I read those entries and wrote my own I noticed something - NONE of these entries are achieved by living in comfort. We have to get past living in safety, comfort and "chill", but rather get out and live life FEARLESS, COURAGEOUS and ADVENTUROUS. So, I've made a decision, this summer I'm going on an adventure. I'm currently indecisive about either walking the GR20 route across corsika (about 15 days) or a 7 days route across the alps. Hopefully getting to know some other travellers and improving my photography-skills. When I told my flatmate about it, his reaction was like - you insane, you can't just "walk Europe's hardest fuckin' trekking route" without any trekking experience. Well, maybe he's right, but if you don't try you'll never know. Also, it's not like I'm not in shape. I've gotten bouldering experience, so the climbing passages shouldn't be a problem too. I ran 18 km today on a trail today, so the daily routes should also be do-able. The only thing I'm not so sure about is the constant stress of walking for 2 weeks straight. Well, I still got some time to train my endurance. And in the worst case, the still is the possibility to take a day off. If there's anyone with experience walking long distance trails, I'm happy for any insight. Now to other currently more important stuff: I'm still trying to find a good research topic for my "Bachelor Arbeit" (sry, don't know the translation). ? I'm leaning towards something about story writing. Also, I've totally not spent enough time on this semester's media project, so I'll focus more on that the next few days. Alltogether, I can say that I should spend more time on university again. I've become too lazy again… THAT SHIT GOTTA STOP - so from now on, NO daily movie nights with my flatmates anymore. Lying around, drinking and watching movies that I don't actually care about, THAT'S NOT ME! That's just society's pull to become part of their crowd. Have a GREAT, AWESOME evening everyone.
  11. Hey, If you really can't get yourself away from videogames, maybe try taking a short timeout from tech. I'm going to spend a month off grid at a farm in the mountains. So that the only things to do will be working during the day and drawing or playing music in the evening - Working just for food and accomodation. Getting yourself into a situation where you'll be forced to doing something different. Doesn't have to be a farm, just a new situation for you, without access to technology. But as @zeke365 said, it won't solve your problem in the long term, just a little timeout to give you a little starting help.
  12. Hey everyone, Those weekly questions were a great idea, keep em coming! So, heres my list: Design and DIY-convert my own campervan and live as a digital nomad for at least a year. While doing so travel through Europe. I think it'd be sooo romantic, sleeping in a cozy van and travelling around. It must be so freeing. Of course there are downsides to living in a van but I sometimes really HATE being stuck in one fixed place. Build a relationship with a person that I can share my life with. Be it a girlfriend, best friend or travel companion - doesn't matter. Already beaten my social anxiety, now there's only extreme shyness and an inability to open up to people that are in my way. Couldn't be that hard, could it? This one actually builds on the second and first one. Camp at the feet of a beautiful waterfall together, sit at a campfire, play some music and just enjoy the moment. @James Good omg, yeah, even though I don't like Twilight, that house looks soooo damn cozy. Waaaay more attractive than the shiney vampires :/
  13. Another day in paradise (or so it goes), I've started writing a new short story. Wrote the intro and I'm already in love with the project. Aiming for a very immersive POV for telling the story. Genre is mystery. Also randomly changed my plans today because the weather was soooo amazing. Went for a short hike, climbed some boulders and I challenged myself to talk to a few strangers. Ended up, showing a father and his two kids what "bouldering" is and what that weird rectangular thing I was carrying on my back was (my crashpad) ? Then I got home and watched "NextGen" with my flatmate. The story is soooo emotional and I LOVE the characters. It's a real piece of art and I'll totally recommend it to ANYONE. GO WATCH IT! And that's about it. Good night
  14. Hey, Since I just came back from climbing and my hands and fingers burn like hell - totally worth it - I'll keep it short Currently I'm animating a 2d game character's movement - running- and walkcycles, jumping, landing and other movement stuff, mixed procedural animation for the hands on some points. Tomorrow I'm going to grab my camera and take some reference footage for the moves ( ^^ those parkour skills really come in handy from time to time). Really enjoy game animation for now but will hopefully transition back to 3D animation for movies in the next few weeks. And parallel to this I'm riggining a 3D robot arm for later Animation-exercises. Hope you all have a great eeekend.
  15. Hey, everybody! Going to visit my parents this weekend. Willst spend some time there and use the opportunity to meet up with some friends who live nearby. We'll probably go climbing on Saturday. Sunday's reserved for starting to work on an animation project and maybe a board game with my parents and grandma.
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