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24 years old dad from Finland, 15 years with a gaming addiction.


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Hello everyone. ? First of all, I am happy I found this site, I have felt a need for this for a long time, to be able to communicate with people who admit they have a gaming problem and want to quit.

My gaming history is a long one, over half of my life... Reasons for it becoming an addiction are numerous, many I have already found out, many are still to be found. 

I have changed my life for the better in so many ways, recovering much from the problems my life, choices and the gaming addiction brought down on me. I have lost already over 50 kilos of weight, have been able to recover from most of my mental problems and get rid of medication.. My body and mind  are doing much better. I even have found out many things I really want to do in my life.. God damn it, I even have a daughter now! Still.. The problem remains and it threatens to take it all away. I play a lot less now than I did before, but I still squeeze nearly every moment I can to gaming, even after destroying my own computer with a crowbar (yeah, did that, it helped for around two weeks), and it is doing a lot bad to me mentally and physically, alongside with fucking up my studies.

I really want to stop this nearly constant craving.. I really want to focus on things that really bring me happiness and strength of mind and body. Help me, oh fellow sufferers! I will also help you, however I can.

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1 hour ago, Gaming Zombie said:

Welcome to the Club! I am pretty new myself. ? Also, that part with crowbar was hilarious. Hope this place would help you to overcome gaming.

Thank you, happy to meet you, another newcomer! ? It was actually really satisfying, I would want to do it again, in some way, with a more lasting effect. ? I hope so too, and the same for you! ? Talk to you later again, good night.

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