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Question of the week: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?


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  1. JPAO

    We continue

    Hello people, I 'finished' my previous journal, and while somewhat satisfied with it, miss writing entries (seems odd considering how few I actually made) So time for #2 and this one will be a little different. Rather then a journal about a 90 day detox, and how I felt and such, I think I'm going to write this one about things I do for others, so #2 will be 90 days of charity towards others. Not sure how it'll go, seeing as I'm a foolish proud person who sucks at being vulnerable, but maybe it'll work out. Since I didn't do anything out of my ordinary today, I'll be starting tomorrow Day 0
  2. JPAO

    90 days of Melancholic Banter

    Day 90 (technically) 90 days ago I got fired because of gaming and made up my mind to do this 90 detox. Now I have finished the probationary period at a new job, and am have been more present to my family. While I still want to game somewhat, I'm much more in control then I would have been 3 months ago. I also picked up a paycheck yesterday that means the end of credit card debt! I'm working on moving out still, but the housing market is somewhat painful rn (although with university students moving out around now, maybe something will open up) I have nearly 400 saved up to put towards some fun stuff like a keyboard, and I'm looking forwards to trying some creative streaming/public speaking. Maybe I can convince some of my old friends to try a detox. I'm going to keep hanging out around here, and see what differences I can make, I probably won't be available much until mid May (I have a university class to finish before then) but I'm excited to see how life goes moving forwards. Peace 🙂
  3. JPAO

    What's the Verdict on DnD and board games?

    I mean, weekly meetups with friends sounds like a positive. I ask yourself some other questions here instead, such as; 'Do I allow my weekly meeting to spill over and distract me from other activities or important events' and 'Do I prioritize my meetups to such an extent that I'm seeing negative impacts on my health or mental state' The verdict is that we want everyone to achieve success in finding the best version of themselves, and honestly a recurring event like this can help vastly when we have troubles making plans to be social. I'd be careful if they are online not to get too sucked into your other 'self', as some people use that (moreso with MMO's like WoW) as a form of potent escapism
  4. JPAO

    Do I have a Gaming Addiction?

    Honestly, I think you know the answer Also not your first time asking You've been coming by about once a year, but not seeming to make progress. Here's a video Cam linked: https://gamequitters.com/proposed-criteria-video-game-addiction/ Take your time, but we do hope you come to terms with, and overcome this addiction. Cheering you on!
  5. For the longest time, I've been a perfectionist; a procrastinator. Anything that could be a distraction would be. While I'm still unsure if I'm going to give up gaming as a whole, I can't let it hold me back anymore. That's my big why. Working the night shift these past 3 months has been killing me, but if i think about it on a deeper level I've been working the night shift for a couple years now, and not even getting paid for it (I've made like maybe 60-80 dollars gaming in 2 years, and I know that's on the high end). Working a full-time job for free? Screw that. If I'm not quitting for good, I better have my priorities straight af
  6. JPAO

    Detox for an unaware 15-year old ?

    As a 18+ individual I wholeheartedly agree with Cam's statement. When I moved out is when gaming first took over, and it forced me to move back home. And then it became a big point of conflict between my father and I, which sucks.
  7. Excited for the book club tbh 🙂
  8. Quick followup since I've had some delusional sleepless inspiration. Maybe if a wrote about the links between insomnia, gaming, depression, and perfectionism; basing it off of my own experience, and recounting it so it can read like a light fiction novel whilst still addressing deep enough points to hit home. No idea if I have the talent to do it, but I won't know if I don't try! Maybe I'll try and start after I finish this class and get a non-night shift job.
  9. JPAO

    Is this anti gaming?

    @Danforient Its more of a anti-addiction group. Many (if not most) gamers waste waaayyyyy too much time on games, so the goal of the community/90 day detox is to release people from the inane desire to play more and more. If people can actually play in moderation, we say good for them. Just addicts generally can't moderate well so we try we recommend they just give up gaming entirely. Also as James said, we look for positive ways to replace time wasters such as mindless browsing or gaming. Being focused on the real world helps bring everything together.
  10. I have some experience with cooking as well haha (It might be my job shhhhhh) but I know there are some forums where people post pictures and recipes and kind of just smile/enjoy the wonders of a global community: so much different foooood. I do think being more able to freely talk about whatever in an accessible manner would be nice, just a little wary of people becoming to invested in the internet side of things, almost like gaming, just invested in getting likes or the next 'level'. Social media seems like a giant video game to me honestly.
  11. @James Good Not sure bookwise haha, either some sort of fiction (likely fantasy based) or something more psychological/Christian. As to public speaking and the creative corner ideas, my one idea was to try streaming again, (after I have a keyboard; as in piano) and to chat with my friends/viewers (friends make a forgiving public audience) as well as giving me time to practice piano again and maybe make a little money. Fully aware of the risks of sites like Twitch, I'd love to show a positive face and draw attention to the addiction and pain gaming can add to peoples lives in such a gaming centric community
  12. JPAO

    Gaming -> 1 On 1 Time With God

    Happy to hear that you're feeling better 🙂 And while it isn't in a row (yet) CONGRATZ ON 90! I'm an open ear should you ever need to talk I'm supposed to be giving a Gospel reflection come Tuesday, and I'm having some trouble thinking of what to talk about. I think I had a good idea earlier while I was at work, but seems it got left behind in the dish pit or the like 😞 Have a good day! We're all rootin fer ya!
  13. I'm kinda feelin tired rn, but I know if I don't post I'll likely forget 1. Become a teacher/get into public speaking: I have some ideas on how to do the second half, but the first half is just going to take time 😞 Im bad at patience rn 2. Write a good book 3. Fall in love (with God, with my future spouse should I get married, with my family and friends)
  14. @James Good I generally go skiing out in the mountains, I'm from Calgary AB (pretty cool place if you ask around) @Juliet I do some volunteer work with a Catholic boys club on some Fridays, pretty fun, although the kids get pretty crazy. Work isn't my favourite, but it's something to do (and I guess making money is important). Forgot to mention I'm looking at a place to rent on Sunday
  15. JPAO

    Who’s playing in moderation?

    I'm still on my 90 days, but I've considered trying moderation after I finish. No appeal to return to the binge-days so might just keep it like it is right now