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  1. JPAO

    Ninety Days Worth the Pain

    Yo I was actually talking with some of my friends last night and apparently they do make them! not quite as violent as that, but they tip your bed until you fall out LOL Im actually going to buy the little bed shaker @karabas mentionned
  2. JPAO

    90 days of Melancholic Banter

    Day 27 Also gunna be a little short. Last night with house hunting with my friends and after weeks of searching we've found a house we like, so might be moving really soon. Had a doctor's appointment this morning (it was supposed to be yesterday but I slept in 😞) DAY 4 OF: Waking up at 9 am and sleeping in my bed instead of on the floor! Day 30-something of no videogames! I made cheesecake from scratch last night (it wasn't sweet enough, but it made a good breakfast) like an orange cheese quiche almost I'm done my three day vacation and won't have much time off for the next while, once the weather warms up I need to talk with a Red Seal chef about a possible apprenticeship, and I have my volunteering with the boys camp next weekend. It's my moms birthday on monday so I'm happy monday tuesday are my standard days off 🙂 Love you guys! Thanks for the support 😛 John
  3. JPAO

    90 days of Melancholic Banter

    Day 25 I'm just going to write this one short since I keep procrastinating. Good few days, got some stuff done, put this off like 8 times. Wrote something here so hopefully i do more tomorrow. Peace 🙂 John
  4. JPAO

    90 days of Melancholic Banter

    Day 2-? No idea what day im on anymore I've been sick the past few days, and am slowly getting better. Work had been sucking, slow hours plus being sick; today was good however. continuing with the men's challenge, but haven't had much chance to connect with other men about it. Still pretty tired. Have 3 days off in a row after tomorrow though, so I'm going to look into visiting a friend. Thanks for reading 🙂 John
  5. JPAO


    Welcome to the forum! Somewhere around here there's a fairly large list of hobbies you can look to pick up. Feel free to look around and such, ask yourself what gaming is to you/in your life and it will help you to figure out something to replace it with (or multiple things). As for waking up a bit earlier, it's often best to pick a single wake-up time and stick to it every day. (I have a lot of trouble with this one) Here's an article about waking up in the morning https://medium.com/thrive-global/you-make-or-break-your-life-between-5-7-am-a7f4125e1326 Hope I helped somewhat 🙂 Once again welcome to the community
  6. JPAO

    90 days of Melancholic Banter

    Day 20 I guess Went to a men's conference over the weekend (hence my lack of posts) and have been busy with work and househunting since I got back Stuff is pretty good, and I went to my first concert ever. Part of the conference was joining a 30 day challenge of sorts, so im on day 3 of that as well now I'm exhausted since I had to work monday for a co-worker and tuesday as normal, both shifts until 3 am, I should probably ask him if he could cover my shift tonight I have my next appointment with my counselor tomorrow, and need to pick up a form so I can volunteer Sorry for the absence, still going strong Love y'all John
  7. JPAO

    Ninety Days Worth the Pain

    I was at an 800ish person conference over new years and lost my sunglasses as well, I know the pain 😞 I'd just retrieved them from having left them at a friends months earlier too
  8. JPAO

    90 days of Melancholic Banter

    Day 15 Got up around noon, drove my sister to her friends house. Hung out with my brother and his friends all afternoon, but finished my course and talked to my manager. The real-estate dude finally got back to us and the house isn't available, so we're back to the hunt. Worked, and now am home. Life is good
  9. JPAO

    Ninety Days Worth the Pain

    Wait that's legit a thing? I might look into it just because I think its cool. I don't really have trouble waking up anymore
  10. JPAO

    Should we quit everything?

    Technology as a whole is supposed to be good for the human race, but some people allow it to take over their lives (hehe us here sometimes) But like, so much is dependent on technology right? Not saying ditching it is inherently bad; I am noting that avoiding using it without purpose allows us to be the master. Planning our time and living with technology as the tool is was intended to be is a good thing. When technology really takes over our lives, sometimes we do need to cut it out. Like amputating the cancerous growth. Technology is an incredible limb that with self-mastery can make greatness wayyyyyyy easier to reach. We just gotta be careful to be mindful and such
  11. JPAO

    My life starts now.

    For the first time since I started this 90 days without, I felt like gaming recently after seeing some ads for a game that I'd played before but never really gotten into. I don't have any sort of easy access to games at all, but I've started to feel the occasional nostalgia for when I used to play with my brothers and stuff (which is when my gaming was still healthy). I'm starting to really hope I can be the plays in moderation type, but I know that's somewhat unrealistic. I'm starting to really enjoy studying and such however so it keeps me occupied. Once again, PM me if you have any questions about French
  12. JPAO

    90 days of Melancholic Banter

    Day 14 Woke up around 9 again, but took two naps afterwards. Ate supper with my family after somewhat wasting the rest of the day, then went to work. Work was pretty great again, and I got some more compliments on my work ethic/habits Came home, and filled up on gas because this one station was like 7 cents cheaper for some reason. Hopped on the forums and was super happy to discover that my post from yesterday wasn't deleted; last night I was going to post day 13, but my sister accidentally hit the touchscreen on my laptop and I thought the post had been deleted. Anyways, I missed a lot of the goals from yesterday and today sadly, so time for the next list Book doctors appointment (so that I can actually look at writing that letter I mentioned earlier. I need a doctor's note) Go to the bank to take out money for this weekend Clean out my van (o) Finish finish that course, and do another module or two on here.(o) Start packing non-essentials and or things I don't use into boxes and organizing those into leaving here and taking with me when I move out Get in touch with my friends as to whether the landlord has gotten back to us or not yet. (o) Text my general manager about typo on my paycheck and the volunteer weekend I need off at the end of February (o) BONUS Drove my sister to her friend's Hung out with my brother and his friends That should about round everything up for tomorrow! Thanks peeps! Best of luck with everything 🙂 John
  13. JPAO

    90 days of Melancholic Banter

    Day 13 Woke up around 8:45 today, and drove my sister home from her event. I had a glass of water for breakfast then went to mass (good homily today, about how argument is supposed to bring people searching for the truth closer together rather then drive people apart). After mass I hung around the church while my friend played/recorded an organ audition for some crazy music school. He's actually insane. Drove my other friend to the university afterwards then went home. Ate supper with my family, then went skating with my men's group. We goofed around with hockey sticks and played a bit until the rink closed. Looking more likely that I'll be moving out with 2 of my friends shortly here. Good day 🙂 John PS. My co-workers are going out of their way to help me out since I was mistakenly scheduled this weekend, maybe I'll buy them small gifts as a thank you
  14. JPAO

    Ninety Days Worth the Pain

    I have 3 alarm clocks set up around the basement in completely different locations haha We could totally try and build this lmao