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  1. Hello again James, I am glad to receive good news. :) Oh, that sounds like a really great thing to have nearby! It'd good to have a place with variety of activities. Especially great if it's not draining your wallet and has a gym, too! Oh, biblical studies, are they for like an university course or something personal? I know how it can be hard to properly slow down and cook! What has often helped me greatly with it is listening to music (or audiobooks) at the same time, kind of take care of the extra buzzing of thoughts. For me it also can work to make any chore into a kind of a game. Like, be as efficient as possible, do unnecessary cool movements that get your blood flowing. :D Maybe some variation of your own could be of use to you. I can relate with you on the quiet/empty of things you'd have to do moments being quite hard. I have found out that sometimes it can be actually good to just sleep, if you are exhausted, no matter the time. However, I personally think in moments like that just picking some random activities (heck, even just walking around waving your arms about) or just listening to music/just being quiet and letting yourself be for a moment can get us through it. I think it's really good that you want to have a some sort of a solid survival plan! However, I don't know about you, but I tend to think too much about things and just overcomplicate everything.. So sometimes it can be best to just jump in and figure things out as I go. I have actually just freshly gotten rid of my computer, less than a week ago.. I relapsed for the last past year because of a break up with my now ex wife. Let's see how it goes. :) My daughter sure is a huge motivator, even though I am still personally depressed. I wish you well and looking forward to hearing from another person with problems with gaming! :)
  2. Hello there James, thank you for sharing! 🙂 I hope you will find more things to add to your daily life that would help you get through this! I'd be interested to hear how it has been since last you wrote.
  3. It has been many months since I last wrote to this journal... I am very ashamed of my failure, but also proud that I have the guts to continue after a huge relapse. A lot has happened since I last wrote. I got divorced in late january, so not long after I last wrote here. My ex wife and daughter moved to a place a bit over 200km away.. Eh and well I dont even want to write about it now. After the divorce I first got very ill physically, I guess the stress hit me. I got a really bad case of influenza, I needed hospital care, lost some of my memory due to really high fever and I was also at first unable to walk etc etc.. Just real bad. So there I was after the hospital, alone at home.. After first living with someone for many years.. And even my daughter far away. My recovery took over a month at home, and I barely could cook food, because I was so weak physically from the sickness. All alone and in that kind of physical state, no wonder I started gaming.. It did actually cheer my days at first for many weeks, but as we all know here, it just made life worse later on.. Now I dont know how to continue, my mind feels like a total mess. There would be so much to write about but I think I must leave it until tomorrow. I really wish with all my being I truly can now put a total end to my gaming, it is very near on ruining my new start at life.
  4. Nice to meet you too, Lea. I am right now studying in a program called VALMA (Preparatory Studies for Vocational Training) that is tailored into the needs of each student, we have young people who just completed comprehensive school, we have old people who are looking to find a new line of study and work, and we also have many immigrants. For me it is a lot about passing the year, as I did not get into where I really wanted. Next year I will apply for massage therapist again (have started doing it on my own already and found a passion for it alongside health and fitness in general and that I actually am good at it) and travelling business as well. ?
  5. Day 2, written on third day. Last night I got too tired before I planned to write here about my day, so instead of falling into ¨I can't keep up anything I can't succeed with this blaah blaah'' despair I decided to write about it today. So, day two, yesterday, it was a tired and slow day, but got much better around 15.00. I played for several hours, but I managed to wake up myself from possibly a really bad relapse, and I deleted the game and started handling my real life things. Planning, doing something about issues already, etc, don't want to go into too many details right now. Today has started well, but more about that later tonight, now I have things to do so I will cut this text short.
  6. Thank you, happy to meet you, another newcomer! ? It was actually really satisfying, I would want to do it again, in some way, with a more lasting effect. ? I hope so too, and the same for you! ? Talk to you later again, good night.
  7. So, here it goes, my first online journal, I hope I will be able to write something here every day. I already am really tired and on my way to sleep after this, so let´s see if I can even write english anymore... Today has been overall a really good day. I have found many more things to help me with my issues, especially addictions. Still, I also have played today. I forgive myself, but I do not want to waste my time anymore. I have been cleaning the house quite a much today, have had really nice time with my wife and my daughter, have walked around 3 hours and done some other exercise as well. With my studied I have not been able to progress. That situation is quite fucked up.. I can´t go directly to school, because the inside air there is bad, mold etc, gives me symptoms like nearly unable to breath, sick headache, utter tiredness, etc. Even after thinking about what I have accomplished today, I can´t help but feeling really fucking crappy about that I have played world of warcraft today and drank beer.. And that I have had this gaming addiction for so fucking long.. That I am 24 years old, without job or any degree.. And of so many things. I want to focus on my life, on my health, on my family.. With this text, I honor all of my goals. Good night, everyone.
  8. I know the feeling, the feeling of void. I have found my passion to be in health, physical and mental. Nutrition, working on my massaging skills and knowledge of the human body, the knowledge of how our weird brains work etc etc.. Even though I have found it, it is still really hard to go all out for it. It is scary. It is not certain that I will really succeed.. With games I already am really good and there you get the feeling of accomplishment so fast. I really can not help you find your thing, but I can give you advice: Try! Try shitloads of things.. Even those that you think at first you would hate. Just try and try. I did not find my passion right away, it was a result of long time of searching and a lot of work. But the feeling grew and sometimes really burst into flames. If you really keep at it, you will find something. ?
  9. Hello everyone. ? First of all, I am happy I found this site, I have felt a need for this for a long time, to be able to communicate with people who admit they have a gaming problem and want to quit. My gaming history is a long one, over half of my life... Reasons for it becoming an addiction are numerous, many I have already found out, many are still to be found. I have changed my life for the better in so many ways, recovering much from the problems my life, choices and the gaming addiction brought down on me. I have lost already over 50 kilos of weight, have been able to recover from most of my mental problems and get rid of medication.. My body and mind are doing much better. I even have found out many things I really want to do in my life.. God damn it, I even have a daughter now! Still.. The problem remains and it threatens to take it all away. I play a lot less now than I did before, but I still squeeze nearly every moment I can to gaming, even after destroying my own computer with a crowbar (yeah, did that, it helped for around two weeks), and it is doing a lot bad to me mentally and physically, alongside with fucking up my studies. I really want to stop this nearly constant craving.. I really want to focus on things that really bring me happiness and strength of mind and body. Help me, oh fellow sufferers! I will also help you, however I can.