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Is gaming still okay?

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So I have been highly addicted to video games for the past 4 or 5 years or so, but i wanted to know is it possible to get rid of the addiction and only play video games as a hobby and only every now and then? Have any of you succedded in doing this and if so, how do you maintain control over not playing too much?

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I think its better to completely avoid if you're able since it will always be a constant battle, for a short period you may be able to do it but it can become a habit easily over the long term and you become too lenient with yourself until you end up in a situation again where you've been playing too much and feel a need to cut back but a long period of time might pass until you feel like you need to cut back and so the cutting back part will be more painful because you'll need to rewire your brain again.

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