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  1. Here are a few words of advice.....If there's anything I've learned (this is my 2nd day). You much look at your life and create a goal. Make small manageable task to achieve that goal. Look at your previous successes for motivation. You might even need a mentor to help you plan some of your life out. The forum would be a great place! (I also work with a personal development coach) so if anyone needs help I'll be happy to ask my mentor
  2. I do digital media....... It definitely has replaced gaming, for I work long hours producing, editing and contacting everyone between the company. It also is really nice because I’m creating deeper friendships with the people I work with ( we have to use meetings to communicate). I feel as though the work is sort of like gaming, since I’m on the computer, then again I’m actually gaining a skill I can use in the future, helping a team with my skills and making friendships.... I do miss gaming though. I find myself at home sometimes bored. I haven’t put up my gaming systems, but I’m finally aware of when I want to play games and what I do to shake the urge off.... I look up new tutorials or look up events in the city.... sometimes I even go to Craigslist up pick up a few jobs on the side.
  3. You could do it, but the risk factor is too high. I'd say, If you weren't addicted in the past you can easily create a new mindset, but since you've been addicted...changing your mindset is possible, but you must reinforce it with fulfilling needs unique needs. Why waste all of that time Reinforcing, Just get a portion of time back?
  4. I agree, find a new hobby. It doesn't have to be something you love. Just something that's interesting. Today is my first day. I'll let you know how it goes
  5. I just started the detx today. I've got a question for you. How'd you get over smoking marijuana? Especially if some of your closest friends smoke near you? That's my issue. I know I have will power, but it's just as hard as gaming.... I've known both for so long.
  6. You've had bad times brother, but the good this is you've gotten over hurdles. We know you can make it through this one, we gotta count on each other. This is my first day also, it'll be hard but let's do this.
  7. I'm 25 as well! I've just started my detox.
  8. I'm on the same path as you brother. This is my first day. See you on the forums!