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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

No More Videos, Another Detox


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Hi all,

I completed the detox for video games about six months ago.  Since then, the lure back into video games has stayed more or less at bay.  Now though, a second head of the hydra has remained high for some time: videos (Youtube mostly).  I mindlessly consume these.  When I am stressed or trying to relax... I watch videos.  I search for more of them.  It feels good initially to watch some video on some topic... but 20-30 minutes, 1 hour later... mind numbing and energy sucking.

Day 1: no more videos.  I need to detox from this like I detoxed from video games, twitch.tv, etc.  I am not going to watch movies, tv, Youtube, espn, news, etc.  I know that if I allow an exception I will over consume that.  I can survive without videos... people did for a very long time.  My hope is I will instead rest in reading, prayer, conversation, working out, take a nap, etc.

Wish me luck!

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I know that feeling, one minute you are researching how to change a broken screen on your phone, three hours later you are watching a giraffe chase a monkey through a forest....

You don't need luck for this! Just a pinch of determination, you already have the desire.

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luck is a fool's hope
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Day 2: the struggle is real!  Last night I read a book instead and went to bed much earlier than normal.  Normal bedtime was creeping into 11pm range... too late!  Last night I fell asleep around 930pm.  Much better!

After work or during a break from work I'll usually snuggle into Youtube or something.  Today, I'm working instead.  Right now I am working on a coaching certification.  I really do talk myself into being "Tired" and that I "need to rest."  

I have a little more desire than even yesterday.  Good starts!

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Day 5: Failed the last three days.  Argh!  

Cam, I think the videos are serving some sort of purpose.  Novelty, excitement, newness, a laugh, intellectual input, rest, relax (I usually go to a certain spot on my coach or on my bed to rest), get away from people (I'm an introvert in a people-oriented field), "learn" or hear something new, ...

I think those are some of the reasons I do this.  Now, I think the next question you might ask would be, "What can you do to fulfill those real needs/felt needs with something else?"  I really need to think about that.  Reading, naps, playing an instrument... I think this is key because even though I sort of want more information from these videos or novelty, I think it can also be detrimental because my mind and being really needs more rest.  I have plenty of stuff to decompress... maybe I need to decompress differently.  Maybe I could try writing things down in a journal and rest that way.  Then the problems and issues aren't just swirling up there and I'm not just trying to escape from them.  That might be a healthy and fun way to rest.

I will try that.  When I feel like watching some videos... I'll write.  Second, if writing ain't doing it, I will read.  Third, I will play an instrument.

Is any of this making any sense?

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Day 6: another fail.  I was on a dumb phone for a while.  I recently switched back to a smart phone again.  It is helpful with work and texting and the like... but, it is another level of distraction.

I need to make this detox more of a priority.  I have to recognize how this is messing up who I want to be and what I want to do... argh!

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