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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

I need help


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Hey folks!

I kinda screwed everything I have got because I have been gaming for almost 2 months now.

I have been caught in gaming due to stress and anger 

I thought I could combine gaming with real life but it doesn't work at all.

I aconstantly hiding my phone when my brother or my mum come into my room.

I do not think that this is healthy. I have been feeling worse and worse full of guilt and shame.

I have been feeling kinda bad and I tried to convert this feeling of shame into porn or junk food..I feel gaming doesn't have a good impact on me.

because I am ending up every time at the same spot if Ido not decide which way I wanna go.

I am real bad in decision making 

in 6 days I ll write my chemistry final and I don't wanna fail it.but when I go without games then I see how screwed I am and that leads me to I don't now..


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I have been watching a lot of videos about no games and so on but I didn't really understand what those people are telling me because of the language barrier.

iII would like to have someone who can talk about no games or nofap in German but when I asked my brother and my parents they just had no clue and everything they said was so gaming you addict!!


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You can talk to me in German if you want, just PM me, or start in this thread.
Kannst mich gerne auf Deutsch per PM anhauen, oder hier im thread.


There are also more German speaking members, @Fagus and @Regular Robert are On/Off active – just the top of my head. They might check by, now that they have been mentioned.
Oben genannte Forumsmitglieder sind ebenfalls der deutschen Sprache mächtig (u.a.). Die gucken bestimmt im Thread vorbei, jetzt wo sie erwähnt wurden.


You can also start a German journal in the foreign language journals section. This is probably the best way to go longterm, if your problems aren't acute, as all German members can provide you feedback.
Du kannst auch ein deutsches Tagebuch anfangen in der Forumssektion für fremdsprachige Tagebücher. Ist vermutlich langfristig die beste Lösung, wenn deine Probleme nicht akut sind, da so alle deutschen Member ihre Meinung kundtun können.

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