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  1. dirkj3 added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    Today I have been feeling low after schooling.
    It was my second day of Meditation which feels very good
    I have been hitting hard the school assignment because we will be taking exams this and next week.
    I have been accepting and acknowledging the cravings for porn.
    Lately I have been hitting through some decent nostalgia for gaming.
    But other than that I m going strong?
    The times goes so fast if you are in flow!!
    22/8/9 By the way.
    8 is fap
    9 is porn
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  2. dirkj3 added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    How can you change that?
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  3. dirkj3 added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    I don't know how to change that tbh...
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  4. dirkj3 added a post in a topic Day 6!   

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  5. dirkj3 added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    Yeah I am soon be breaking the 3 week wall.
    Today I decided to put a picture in.
    My brother is moving out today I haven't been separated since 20 years
    It feels weird.
    Sadness: feels like a big piece of iron has been stuck at my throat.
    that's very interesting I felt it not very often.
    I will be updating more!
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  6. dirkj3 added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    I have been thinking about distancing myself from Bad friends like people who rave/smoke and all that crazy shit.
    I didn't tell about my friend that I just wanted to not deal with him anymore 
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  7. dirkj3 added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    The thing is I can give advice like a poet but really using this in real life in every situation no matter how hard that can be quite difficult to maintain.
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  8. dirkj3 added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    Hello fellow gamequitters!
    I am on my day 17 on no games and 4 nofap 5 No PMO
    I am feeling good right know but I still struggle with keeping my habits permanent.
    Anyway, today I was preparing my politics presentation a shot as well as my exam that I am taking next Thursday.
    I have been using Brian Tracy 's method of priority making and it runs well.
    The list making is a good strategy to keep distractions out of the way.
    Since my schooling I notice that I gave to repeat the stuff that I have learned, different concepts facts and other material daily, which was a big struggle for me before.
    As for that that'd be my only concern schoolwise.
    ""with great power comes great responsibility "
    What to do in the future:
    Learning to say no standing up to your decision 
    Gratitude list
    My own body pushing me to new experience levels
    My family always is a big factor
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  9. dirkj3 added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    I feel the same way when I don't have a schedule right away.
    It is good to make one the day before.
    It often was a reason why I relapsed that often.
    Now I can plan beforehand but to be honest some days I don't wanna follow a schedule in a tough situation.
    So it all boils down to arrange habits to do the tasks given in a regular basis.
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  10. dirkj3 added a post in a topic 90 Days Detox   

    I miss Mettrck too he really made a difference in my detox as well!
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  11. dirkj3 added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    As I have mentioned above is there a girl but I don't know how to respond to her properly.
    She looks decent attractive but I am not feeling anything.
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  12. dirkj3 added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    Hey Cam 
    It has been a long time since we  got in contact the first time 9 Months ago!
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  13. dirkj3 added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    Yeah thank you for that awesome motivational visualization!!!
    I don't know how to thank you for that one!
    Today is a messy day
    I am on day 16 and my nofap is on 2 Pmo 3 
    I openly admit that today's lab was accordingly as I prepared it yesterday
    I was hitting some emotionals  today and I really had been  close to shouting someone after 3 supplements were weighted above the 1% mark..
    To be honest it would have been the best of my teacher would have told me to redo the solution..
    Like last time I redid it and it was awesome everything went well because you haven't put yourself in that rush you were more relaxed.
    But today it was rushed and I disgust that
    Anyway I did  little walk through the landscape after I came from school at 5pm
    then I sat down too my phone and watched Yt until 8 pm 
    That time was missing to make my homework earlier 
    I could have been writing the log earlier
    Gratitude list
    I have been seeing a girl that is very attractive and he smiles at me.
    my brother 
    To do list
    Brian Tracy challenge of Affirmations
    Time management 
    self nourishment
    Thank you !
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  14. dirkj3 added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    I am on my day 15 on no games and nofap day 2 porn on day 3 
    I am tired right know I will be having practical day where we produce Cremes and gels.
    It starts usually at11.40 am and lasts until 4.30 pm so it means that I have now do my homework
    Anyway, I feel like yesterday was a pretty relaxed day.
    There are no cravings for gaming and no cravings for Pmo, I have been going through some major cravings 3 days ago.
    The biggest impact on  nogames has the PMO thing. 
    I ll update more about my progress as I get further through the week.
    Will see ya!
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  15. dirkj3 added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    I am now on day 13 or 14 on nogames 
    I have watched porn yesterday. nonetheless I know that I got to focus on the "what you resist persists" aspect.
    I see my progress of growing as an chain that you relapse then learn from the mistake then up your last record grind through using all your techniques like meditation, several laws and whatnot to push as deep as possible.and so on
    What I have been noticing is that motivation strive for work and all that good stuff doesn't last for a long time unless you are constantly reminding yourself.
    One thing for me is to be more intentional with my time when I am having a hard time.
    Do you people know how to more intentional in  the darkest moments during your journey?
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