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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

My story

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Hello everyone. My name is Cameron Boullion. I have been a gamer for about 12 years now, and it all started with Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. I loved that game it was so fun when I was young. I probably spent at least a good 2000 hours on that one game. Then I found another game I loved so much was Elder Scrolls: Oblivion it was a wonderful game, I played it again some time earlier last year. I spent about 4 summers just playing that game. Then later I found games like world of tanks and War thunder. But I also feel in love with Starcraft and World of Warcraft they were great times in my life. I got to play with my brother and uncle, but then they stopped playing that game, and I kept on going.

But now that I am 20 I realized I want to make real friends, and I also want to get into a relationship and I just try to get into on just recently. But I have come to realize that since I played games pretty much all my life I realized I have no social skills and what to do in certain situations. It has also has taken a lot of time out of my college and I want to finish college and graduate with my PHD. But then I realized I will not be able to do that if I keep on gaming like I do. 

Now I want to take control of my life, and make new friends. Make my dream come true, and I want to love myself and my friends again. I want to be a human again. I realized that I have missed out some much in life because of gaming. So this is my start of my new life. 

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That is so awesome. My game quitting has helped me a ton. Generally my focus greatly improved which helped my social skills a ton. I also beecame more confident of myself. If you don't know what to do in your freetime, find a local basketball group or something. Hit the gym. Excercise CERTAINLY makes me feel better (I now do 50 push ups and some back excercises EACH night and I feel great and it really helps me sleep better! Good luck on your journeet, keep us updated!

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Hey dude, good to see you on the forum. Start a journal, read the blog article, watch the videos and get in on the action. However, please don't talk about the games you used to play in that manner. Actually naming the games alone might be enough to trigger someone and create nostalgia - I'm mostly talking about myself. Which games you play is irrelevant, what matters is your commitment to change.

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Greetings from Mad Pharmacist!

I feel that we have so much in common - similar age, similar phD desire and also so much time spent on games. Keep that in mind :)

This is a great step that you joined us, this way you increased concentration of Camerons twice! :D

Just like our founder said:

Welcome Cameron! The forum always needs more Camerons. :D

Looks like Camerons are happier when they're together :D

Anyways, feel free to reply on journals and interact with forum!

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