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hi am new here

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Hi all ,Am gamers since 3 years i  used to spend like 5-12 hours a day i deleted my steam games 2 days ago for first time but life its really hard now ,maybe some of you guys had sociable life (full life ) before his addiction and its easy to get it back  but what about who haven't any thing ,i wasn't sociable and my life was empty i had some hobbies before yes like jogging and reading but still empty life .

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Hey, and welcome to the community!

Once you quit gaming you will have a lot of spare time, obviously. It definitely is a challenge, but it is also an opportunity. As you've chosen to quit gaming, I assume you're looking for an improvement in your life. What is it that you are looking for? Do you want to make friends and start getting to know people?

You say you weren't social and your life was empty. If you want this to change, you can make it happen! In fact, only you can make it happen. You can start making friends, getting to know people and even go on dates. Maybe it's hard because of insecurities and past experiences? First of all, I would ask myself:

- What do I want to achieve?
- What stops me from achieving it?
If you want to meet new people and make friends, what stops you from doing this?

You've made a great choice, and I am sure you will experience progress and improvement, as well as challenging and painful moments. It's hard in the beginning, but it will be worth it once you break free from the chains! PS: There is no doubt you're an interesting person and that people who get to know you, are lucky!

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

It's natural to not have many proper friends after quitting gaming, as the games themselves commonly remove a lot of the need to have them. Something I've found through my experience quitting is that you can't think yourself into finding new activities you like or friends, you have to just go out and try the activities to see if you like them and go through a trial and error process to find worthwhile friends you'd like to keep.

All the best for finding new hobbies man!

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