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  1. Apologies for not updating my journal recently... I have been so busy with school that I've hardly slept these previous couple days. I am in the process of getting all my missing work completed and staying caught up. I am also trying to pay attention in class and fight off the thoughts of gaming. I must admit, I have been leaning on junk food as a new habbit, I guess my brain is looking for it's next addiction to fill empty spot where my gaming addiction once lived (though it keeps trying to come back). I've only had a few hours a day to do what I wanted to do so I used that time wisely and learned about Cron in order to automate simple tasks, such as starting a bash script on reboot (so I wouldn't have to manually do it). One week game free!
  2. Anyone holding any cryptocurrency? BTC, LTC, DOGE, etc?
  3. I can teach you. Welcome to the forum! (to others reading, this is the friend that is quitting with me)
  4. Today and yesterday were usual days. I have switched to Lubuntu due to a SystemD error that somehow permitted me from mounting drives. I am learning more about Linux each day as I try different distro's in VirtualBox. Today marks my 5th day game free!
  5. Sure! You can learn about GNU/FSF and Linux by the links in my signature (the text is clickable). Unfortunately there is no easy way to "learn" it (which I discovered when I was first starting Linux) other than trying different distro's and choosing your favorite. Feel free to PM me if you need help!
  6. XFCE is nice for those who like a newer look, it's very comparable to LXDE in terms of resource usage. I just prefer using good ole' LXDE and Openbox though. It's very stable itself and I am using the Stable branch of Debian (Debian Releases) on top of that so the packages are thoroughly tested before making it to stable. Overall, it's a very stable system, packages are older than most distro's, but it's production worthy.
  7. Cinnamon is nice! I prefer an "older" look for my desktop... Call me old school but I am using LXDE.
  8. Thanks for your feedback! I do think sysadmin positions are growing as the world is growing more "connected" each day. May I ask what desktop environment you are using?
  9. Today was another great day! Made some progress in catching up on missing assignments but I still have a little ways to go. I expect to be able to finish all of my missing assignments in about a weeks worth of time... My buddy was unable to set up Debian today as he needs his computer for a class tomorrow so we decided to wait. I was thinking about career path I want to take, and I am really interested in being a sysadmin. My choice stems from my love for Linux (and computers in general). I have used various (more than I can count on one hand) Linux distro's for many month, just to see how they all work and to compare and contrast. I feel comfortable using Debian now (which is practical for services that need high uptime, such as web sites) even though many consider it to be a "server distro" as it's not very user friendly (you need to manually configure a lot of things initially).
  10. Today was a usual day. Woke up, did some school (I attend online school), spent the rest of the day setting up my new Debian install. Had fun learning how Debian works and had to edit some config's manually to get some functions of the hardware to work (namely the sound buttons). Overall, I am happy with how everything worked out today. Tomorrow I will help my friend (who is also joining me in quitting gaming) install Debian.
  11. Hello everyone! Welcome to my journal. I would like to use this first post to describe myself, my interests, etc. I'm a teen who loves technology. I have been infatuated with computers since 2008. Shortly after I started using computers, I have been addicted ever since. I would (mostly) play FPS games as they were challenging and kept me interested daily, without failure. I told myself that gaming was good, I had dreams of becoming a competitive gamer (which I've almost reached recently) and that it was okay to game. While it is okay to enjoy video games responsibly, it was not okay to play 8-12 hours a day until now. I have became a changed person, I wouldn't consider this a bad thing; I don't feel the need for friends/human interaction. I prefer to be alone - an extreme introvert. I have to use a fake personality when I meet people my age. They do not understand me and I do not understand them. My computer/gaming addiction has kept me hooked until now; I discovered Linux. Ever since I have discovered another operating system, I had to learn it. For around 6 months, I have been using Linux exclusively, but this didn't fully prevent me from gaming. I have fallen into a deep depression after I thought I healed my addiction, only to make the fatal mistake of going back to it... Fast forward to now... Here I am, my second official attempt to quit gaming. Wish me luck!
  12. Looks great! If you need any help with the site, let me know (you have my Facebook)!
  13. Welcome to GameQuitters! I wish you well on your journey.
  14. Congratulations on almost 2 months of no gaming! It's important to remember why you quit gaming so you don't return. And remember, games cost a fair amount of money, even when they are on sale... Typically they only give you 25-50% off, it's not the best deal. Not playing games is free
  15. In my opinion, I think you will be fine to use Facebook then!