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Hi, im Thomas. im going to take on this challenge, i have been an addict for quite some time now, i am 16 years old and have ben playing League of legends, and mmo's for a while, i recently got into archeage and i want to quit games completely. i just uninstalled all my games and i wont install then again. after school today, i will go home and clean my room and go outside, i wont come home untill its kind of late, so that im not tempted to play games, i will then meditate (i like meditating) for 20 minutes and i will then read in a book. i like to watch youtube before i go to bed, is this ok? i mean, i watch motorvloggers and funny gaming moments, the last one is a bit shady, looking for an answer here. thanks

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Hello Thomas! Nice to see you here :)

i like to watch youtube before i go to bed, is this ok? i mean, i watch motorvloggers and funny gaming moments

At least for me watching gaming videos and browsing r/LoL made it hard for me to let go of those games. Whenever I watched LCS or checked out new champion's skills and abilities I instantly felt an urge to play. Maybe you could try to manage without them for a certain amount of time and then decide if you want to watch them or not.

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Hi Thomas! Welcome! Nice plan for day 1 :)

I too liked to watch gaming stuff, and when I decided to quit gaming I dropped the whole "gaming world". Not even my favorite video game music. If you want you can try something else to watch or to do entirely. When I feel the urge to read gaming news, for example, I call or text somebody. What do you think?

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Hey Thomas! Great to have you join us here. :)

Your plan sounds great. A good book to check out would be The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. A little bit of YouTube before bed is fine... just make sure it doesn't include streams, because that's when you'll want to play.

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H again :) day 1 complete, deleted all my games today! I went excercising and hung out with some friends of mine. I havent really had much time today that i needed to fill with something, it was nice. Im about to go to bed and read a book

, about the whole youtube thing, i watch funny hearthstone moments and some other hearthstone videos for the most part, i enjoy it even though i dont play hearthstone and havent for about 6 months. I dont watch streams although i think i will be watching league of legends worlds.

tomorrow, after school, i will go to gymnastics and train there for a bit, then u will come home and eat dinner and meditate, done probably around 18.00 after that i am a bit unsure what to do (I would play videogames) ill call up a friend of mine and ask him if we can do something outside (parkour etc.) Then i will come home around 21.00 and eat, read, probably a bit of youtube and go to sleep

we just got a boxing bag installed in our garrage, i will go out there any time i want to play videogames, to blow off some steam or whatever really.

Day 1 a success and i will be back tomorrow, i will set up a scedchule for the weeks to come so i always know what to do. I am a bit worried about weekends though. Need some feedback on that

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Second day went pretty good, better than exoected. I went to school until about 13.15 (short day) i then went home and relaxed with lunch and spendt about 45minutes on youtube (bad, but i felt exhausted from energy from this school day) i then went to gymnastics where i did my first back handspring! :)

When i got home, about 17.00 i went in the garrage and punched the boxing bag for a while, you could say a workout. I then ate dinner. Then i did my daily routine of meditating followed by reading a book for a while (as long as i want really) this was when we got a visit from my uncle, we sat and chatted about various things up until now, and now i am off to bed.

i am going to watch some youtube (i did not do it yesterday by the way, fell asleep while reading) no gaming, or any urge to do so to be honest. I am starting to fill my days up alot more. However, tomorrow we dont have school, so friday and the rest of the weekend is going to be a challenge for me, but i sort of have an idea

i will be going to train gymnastics for major parts of the days. And i will go in the garrage if i feel like going on the computer as usual. Im going to call up a friend of mine and ask him to join me.

I havent made a schedule yet, as im a bit fuzzled about what routines i will be having.

and by the way, thank you so much for the support! I feel writing here about my days (sort of like a journal) helps alot with reflecting on the things i do and setting plans for the tomorrows. Anyways, good night :)

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Day 3 is almost over. I got out of bed at around 10.45 and made breakfeast. I went to a place where we can practise parkour/tricking/gymnastics and stayed there and trained for a solid three and a half hours. I got hom at five in the evening and took a shower and did some meditating. I then ate dinner, read some in my book and now i am here. Its 20.00 at the moment and today was the first day i felt really bored for a while.

I could feel my urge to start up my computer and just escape boredom into a world of challenges to be completed, but i didn't give in. I have started going to bed alot earlier because my evening are for the most part empty, after i have read in my book, i am done with my routines for the day, so i watch youtube and fall asleep.

Before i would stay up late playing but now i dont have much to do in the late evening, so i just go to bed after posting on here. I want to watch the league championship for whatever reason. Before i quit i did not play much league at all, it was boring, but the lcs was fun.with the casters and all. I think that if i watched, i wouldnt feel the urge to go back to league, but maybe another game.

Tomorrow i will do mostly the same thing as today, go and practise for a couple houra but my friend is joining me aswell. So tha will be fun. Same goes for sunday, but they do not open until 15.00 so before yhat i am a bit unsure what to spend my time on. Maybe i will go jog, i havent decided yet. Good night everyone, this is going great!

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I will try to find one or two, i do have a drumset, but i dont always feel like playing at all. I have the boxing bag aswell. I need a couple more activities, i agree. Cant think ofone right now though, anyways im off to bed :) thank you for the support!

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Quick update, no gaming, i did not open my computer (havent for the past days) i went training gymnastics/freerunning with my friends and got home pretty late, ate dinner and went to bed. I am starting to think about the "fun" i had playing games but i always bring myself back to the thought that it is a destructive hobby and only covers up the real reason, why i play them. Anyways, off to bed :)

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day 5 almost over, today i woke up and created a drawing along with my young sister. i have started to learn coding, i find it both fun and challenging, however i dont feel the same feeling of mastery as i did with for example gaming, this is not an issue by the way, im just putting my thoughts down. it is a very comfortable hobby because i sat down at the computer, put on some music and learned to code. today was the first day since i started where i opened my computer. i went for a jog, which was nice. i made dinner today and i have watched a bit of the world championship in league of legends. (while i was making dinner, i had it on in the background while i was learning to code) today felt like a resting day, as i am tired from the past days where i practiced gymnastics for multiple hours each day. i am going to meditate and probably just code some more and dont do much really. this weekend went suprisingly well without games, however i do feel like i want to play, mostly when i have these hours ahead of me where i am unsure what to do.

tomorrow is monday, with school and all. when i get home i will eat, go for a jog, practice coding and that is going to be that day.

good night :)

1. i am grateful for a comfortable bed. i realised this when i got a small matress to put over my normal one, this made it very comfortable.

2. i am grateful for the internet, being able to look up anything i am wondering about makes it really easy to make a tasty dinner.

3. i am grateful for not having such a hard time at school, having understood how i learn what i need to learn at school in a effective way.

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Hey Thomas! I just wanted to say Hi and welcome you to the forum. It sounds like you're off to a great start! You sound like you are doing a good job at finding new activities. I'm proud of you for doing this at a relatively young age! When I was your age, I didn't have the self-awareness to realize my gaming was a problem. So good for you!

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Hi again! :) day 7&8 has gone pretty well, i actually find myself not sitting down and becomming bored as often, i try to do something productive and helpfull every chance i get.

For example today after school i got home and went for a walk eith a friend of mine, i then got home and had an exercise-session with the boxing bag, i then took a shower, put some food in the oven, and meditated for like 10min and tgen ate dinner. After that i did a bit of homework and helped my young sister with some too. And now i am here. I havent wasted any time today while at home and i did so withoyt gaming, feels good.

coding is going great, i love codecademy.com as it taught me everything from the ground up, however i do need to go through the sessions again to fully learn it, this is when it seems a bit boring. But i wont give up on it, this is a skill i want to learn.

4. I am grateful for being able to go to school for free and at all

5. I am VERY grateful for non-salted nuts that come only with the ones i like and not nuts like almonds ^^

6. I am gratefull for this website and your support, it makes me feel like i am not alone :-) 

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Nice! Distracting yourself from gaming by doing something you know will be of benefit to you and to others is something I'm doing too. It works great.

Good to know you like coding. I went through many courses on Codecademy and still use it to review syntax after a while or as a primer for new ones. My advice is: think of something simple you'd like to program and do it. It's the only way to know if you like it for real.

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Day 15. Over two weeks now! My days have become much richer than they were before, for example today. I came home around half past four or so, and i had quite alot of time on my hands. I called up a friend of mine, however she was bussy, bummer. Instead of going down to my room, downloading all my games again, i decided tobake a bread for my first time! It is almost ready for the oven, so you will have to wait for a picture ^^ not only that, my social life has improved, i never feel bored when i am with other people, this was an issue before because ofthe high stimulation. 

A couple of days ago, i gave away my steam account! Huge step, next step is to sell/give away/delete my lol account and archeage account. This needs to be done, however i would like some money for my LoL account, just to get something back for the money i invested.

Things are going fantastic, i am so happy i did this! I am also encouraging my friend that plays alot of games to quit aswell. He wont budge though.

i cant wait to reach 100 days or so, just so that my brain is fully rewired, and i can have more fun doing other things, i have sometimes felt like i wanted to make a bread, but it seemed like so much effort compared to gaming, so i wouldnt do it. BUT NOW! I felt got the idea of making a bread, got a sudden urge for it, and i felt wonderfull while doing it.

I love the way i can spend my time doing productive things, and actually feel good when i go to bed at night. 

Another thing that was really encouraging for me was these two instances:

1: i got tickets to the premiere of the new star wars movie, and i told someone at the gymnastics class that i was going, one of them asked me "do you play video games, everyone i know that is seeing that move are gamers." And i could say no!!!!! AHH And it felt amazing!

Second time was when someone in my class saw a rage comic about a gamers life (get out of bed, game, fap (lol) game some more, and go to bed) now bear in mind i have just started going to high school, so i dont really know these people THAT well, but a guy that i joke with him and jokes back and what not. He said "i swear man, this is so you" and once again. I. Said. Nope. "I dont play games" the motivation, i swear Is unreal.

Just wanted to share my thought of the past week. And i gotta put my bread in the oven :)

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