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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Starting new account, it's called 'my life'


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Hello all,

I've been hesitant to join here, because I've really got to liking video gaming very much, bonding with it on an emotional level, that admitting I have a problem with it would hurt, because ultimately this would mean losing it!

But now, after contemplating this for a at least a year, reflecting on this on and on, I've finally come to COMMIT to quitting... and building a new life for myself. I deleted all games two days ago.

I've spent at least 5000 hours into my last game alone, becoming very rich in it, and poor in real life. As I write this I have given away my account to one of my clan mates, for him to do with it as they see fit. I want to become poor in the game again and rich in real life :)

I have big plans for the future and I want to share these goals with you in my journal which I will post tomorrow.

Thank you all in advance for your support. I know I will need it!


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