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New Changes 7/7

Cam Adair

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Hey everyone!

A quick note on a few recent changes:

1. I have removed the "Deep Forum" for now. I'm always willing to experiment with new ideas, but there was no activity in the forum after a few weeks so we can come back to this idea at a later time.

2. I have made a change to "Archived Journals" and included them all back in the parent "Daily Journals" section. All journals that I "recommend" for people to read - for whatever reason - are now featured with a STAR, as you can see below:


3. Once you reach 800 posts, you can now set your own custom title in your profile. I may change this to a higher number at some point.

4. Live Chat has been upgraded to have room for 20 members at one time. 

5. The navigation bar now includes links to our Facebook and YouTube, and a link to make a one-time donation to Game Quitters. If you'd like to see our latest financial reports, read our monthly progress reports.

6. We reached a major milestone with 10,000+ posts in the Daily Journals. Starting from 0 just over 13 months ago is a really incredible feat. Here's a graph that shows our daily new posts progress:


I'm always looking to improve the forum and love the special community we have developed here. Thanks for being a part of it!

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I LOVE the transparency! Really interesting to read and is reference those of us who aspire to run our own companies. 

Happy to hear that! A transparent company is the type of company I wanted to build, so I did. Buffer is an incredible example of this.

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800 posts for custom title? CAN WE DONATE TO INCREASE OUR POST COUNT? Gamequitters microtransactions, go.

But srsly, I may have to spam other journals with generic comments just to get my title.

Great job on sticking to the plan, dude! I suggest you read The Power of Habit and avoid processed foods! Remember, it's important to stay focused; looking forward on hearing from you again MY DUDE! :):)

Or maybe I can make a GQ Encouraging Post Generator in Excel and then sell the thing on the black market. I won't ever fail because it will, technically, include only quality advice and well-natured comments. And smilies.


But that aside, this definitely looks very good. I have a much better understanding of where you're going with this project after last two weeks, and it does feel almost exciting to be on board. Not nearly as exciting as playing WoW and getting wasted 3 days in a row, but I'll take it.

PS: Is there any chance of introducing a name change option? I'd just like to shorten mine to something people can actually pronounce. (I have no idea how my own nick is pronounced right now. What was I thinking.)

PPS: While current numbers may look really good, this is nothing in comparison to the total number of people who'd be better off without video games.

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Haha. I've thought about adding some sort of forum membership level that is available for purchase where you get a few things like changing your username, custom title, etc. Still thinking about it but if you message me I can change it for you. 

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