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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hi, I'm Leyla, scared, nervous, full of anxiety but NEED TO QUIT GAMES!


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Dear all you awesome people crawling down the same road as little old me... >.< Thank you for being here with me.

my little blurb on myself is a good nutshell of why i need to quit. But perhaps like everyone here, yes, I need to quit because i WANT to live life... I calculate and imagine how much time we spend sleeping in a year... wow, i have half, give or take, a year to 'live.' Then how much time i spend eating/showering/toileting/working... even LESS time to LIVE. The weekends.. i have my chances there but 'escape' or procrastinate and i'm sure you've all had that saturday where you're trying to be good and NOT play an online game even though you're logged in. To me, I thought that was 'being good.'


Well, I guess here you can call me Leyla and I want to quit gaming. I want to become a doctor or physician's assistant, and I am pretty sure you wouldn't want your doc/PA to be gaming when they're supposed to be learning about the correct symptoms to diagnose and etc. lol~


Nice to meet everyone and thank you ahead of time for the support and I hope I can support everyone else here too. ! :D

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Thanks Cam and Dullage! I will probably work on focusing on the journaling section as I find that an amazing idea and a great start since we're all internet-addicted and always at our pc's i'm sure. But will peruse the site more and hopefully talk more with you and everyone else here. Get some motivation, confidence, support which I am sure there seems to be plenty going around which is comforting, especially for a female coming into this town ~ so thank you!

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Heya Kad, Rcontrol, hycniejsy (Mad Pharmacist? is this what i should call you?), Piotr!!

Thanks for the welcomes~!

@Dullage: I broke and logged into my game today. I will write more about this in my journal. But i forced myself to not do anything. I did a total of 2 things. Craft lumber, then craft apiece of furniture and put it in my room. Okay that's 3 things. But will go into it in journal. But othe than that, today is Independence Day in my country (USA) so it was a nice break. maybe why i felt slightly bored...


Thanks everyone! I wish we could all talk together somehow , is there some Discord or something for Gamequitters? (yeah, maybe not discord as it was made for games...) but i saw the chat up there, didnt seem used at all.

Pleased to meet everyone again. Will post in Journal again soon! Please look forward to it.



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