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  1. So I did my quantum leap and uninstalled a few weeks or not even two months ago... I know my journal is here somewhere and I have to go write in it and vent and just get my yaya's out for being a failure again and again... But my issue here is, I really dislike gaming. I REALLLY want to quit and i get nauseous and lot of anxiety when i start that login process knowing this isn't want I want to be doing but the thing is, what happens when the person you are dating is a gamer? Logic says, don't date a gamer!!! which yes, is one avenue of a solution. Other part (probably womanly emotions) says,
  2. Oh my goodness, I actually have had f.lux for the past 3 months but started 'disabling' it so that i could 'see my game better.' .... yeah... i just actually turned it back on and I'll keep in mind this helps~~ that retinal resistance! You're welcome! If you check out my journal, you'll see that I just work on doing little activities consistently to build momentum and progress over time. It is wonderful you're putting so much effort into journaling, but please keep in mind that the process of quitting games and improving your life is not a sprint, but a marathon That's why keeping account
  3. @Leyla (*´,_ゝ`)y-・oO(。.゜+:ТНАΝКУО∪.:゜+。) @Cam Adair and @kortheo (I did it! the @ thingy! thx lol)
  4. Type @ and then their username, and then wait a few seconds for the database to load. You should see the username option pop up, then click on their name and it will be hyperlinked! Ahh gotcha!!! thanks so much!!!!
  5. ok silly question but... how did you do that @ leyla thingie...
  6. Heya Alex! Thank you and thank you again for your kind words as well as reflective advice! I really feel eased that you brought the point up that 'quantum leaps' could be short term. It seems like that may be a route I will end up on because knowing me, I'm a go big or go home kinda person. I do need to work on balance in my life, letting go, not being OCD, allowing balance in everything and that is even my relationship to the computer/internet. Thank you for this advice... it's really making me reflect quite a bit!
  7. Heya Truthful Pirate! Welcome even though I am a noob here myself... I guess... not to make a cheesy joke of your name but time to move on from YAR work and find land to sow and settle? Hope you find it easier and easier day by day to reach for your goals!
  8. ______________ 『【T h e G L A S S C a g e 】』 (Composite Image "Shattered Cage" not original, made for this post only - Sylvia) It was summer somewhere in the North East coast. Dawn was squeezing itself through the thick blinds from the artisans of the Home Depot when it was meant to assimilate night at all times throughout the day. Sylvia hated sleeping next to the window. She hated waking up tired and sleepy. But it was different this summer. She woke up late because she was up late. She was up late because she had a machine. A machine that was nearly an escape and outlet from all that
  9. Heya Kad, Rcontrol, hycniejsy (Mad Pharmacist? is this what i should call you?), Piotr!! Thanks for the welcomes~! @Dullage: I broke and logged into my game today. I will write more about this in my journal. But i forced myself to not do anything. I did a total of 2 things. Craft lumber, then craft apiece of furniture and put it in my room. Okay that's 3 things. But will go into it in journal. But othe than that, today is Independence Day in my country (USA) so it was a nice break. maybe why i felt slightly bored... Thanks everyone! I wish we could all talk together somehow , is there some D
  10. Thanks Cam and Dullage! I will probably work on focusing on the journaling section as I find that an amazing idea and a great start since we're all internet-addicted and always at our pc's i'm sure. But will peruse the site more and hopefully talk more with you and everyone else here. Get some motivation, confidence, support which I am sure there seems to be plenty going around which is comforting, especially for a female coming into this town ~ so thank you!
  11. Do whatever works for you! Focus on this project for 90 days and I bet you will find a lot of good changes. Thank you so very much Cam, it is highly inspiring how directly interactive and active you are with all of us. (●´艸`)。o*тнайк чоц*o。(´艸`○)so so much for this~ (*TーT)
  12. "Negative point eleventeen confidence and motivation to get out of this metaverse." said the girl with hair as black as ebony and skin as fair as snow, but she was no Snow White. "Limbo" by Sylvia C. (Photoshop CC) For months now, the homo-sapien lived in the same disarray of a room as it had been for over two years. Perhaps even more since it did not matter where she lived, that chaos and unkempt environment was the comfort of her mind. One would not dare to come upon the use of the words, "mental issues," but if we were all honest, everyone has their sh**. So everyone was a lemming, theref
  13. Dear all you awesome people crawling down the same road as little old me... >.< Thank you for being here with me. my little blurb on myself is a good nutshell of why i need to quit. But perhaps like everyone here, yes, I need to quit because i WANT to live life... I calculate and imagine how much time we spend sleeping in a year... wow, i have half, give or take, a year to 'live.' Then how much time i spend eating/showering/toileting/working... even LESS time to LIVE. The weekends.. i have my chances there but 'escape' or procrastinate and i'm sure you've all had that saturday where you'