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Abdul's Journal


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xD Hi again!

I ended up playing video games a few days after my break started :$. Not really sure why I did it. It only took 3 hours to realize that games aren't really fun which is the same experience I dealt with the previous 3 times I relapsed. My urges have so much power over my life right now. I stopped reading, player the guitar, and any other hobbies I tried picking up. I plan to start reading and learning cross stitching during the break. 

In other news: This semester's GPA was at a 3.480(5 classes) with my previous highest semester GPA being a 3.09. 


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It's been a while...

I feel like my life is really a mess at the moment. I have relapsed a few times playing for a few hours then uninstalling everything. The real problem was my addiction to Twitch. I tried to convince myself that gaming isn't watching other people play. This turned into watching people play video games for up to 6-10 hours per day. 

I will be sure to post journal entries at least a few times a week. I stopped because I thought I could control my gaming urges and improve my life. While I was able to control my urges over the span of several months, eventually i buckled under pressure and started gaming.

What I will be working on:

  1. Post a journal entry if I am thinking too much. I often overload my brain with too many things.
  2. Waking up at 5:30am instead of 7am. Why? I want to start my day right. Breakfast. Reading. Exercise. NO Phone.
  3. No excessive Netflix. Anything watched should only be done Sunday Afternoon.


Anyways, I am off to clean my room and get ready for class tomorrow. I am sure it will be a struggle, but I will do my best to succeed. 


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