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Stercus accidit's Journal - 90 days detox completed :D

Stercus accidit

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Day 12

Well, I was asking for it. Free day, procrastination and work to be done. Perfect situation for playing games before. Yes I finally faced urges. Same thoughts as always. I can be better now, I can control myself, games are funny I should come back etc. 

I didn't stick to the plan today, but I achieved the main goal - anatomy project is done - so I will take it.

Around 12 I talked with my acc partner via skype. and this made me finally start working instead of lying in a bed

I am out of home for entire weekend, so I will get rid of urges for some time.
I still have sleeping problems that mess up my day plans. Only a few days were good. 


Observation of the day

When I get a little bit tired I tend to go and lay in my bed. This makes even more "tired"/sleepy. It also applies when I face something hard while studying or doing something at home.

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Day 16

My weekend was awesome. After sitting in my room for many days, this was so reviving. I was working from Saturday morning to Sunday late afternoon. Only physical activities in an open air with such nice people. I haven't had that good time for months. In 2 weeks I will come back there to work for 1 month and I am so hyped about it!

Anything else? not exactly. I have to clean my room. It is as messy as only my room can be. There is small win here. I dont have such a mess on my desk. So I can work better. It is still not perfect situation but..... It can do.

I have to prepare some projects for my history and anatomy class. Every second I fight with my procrastination. I am not sure who is winning. 

I stopped reading books. My bad. I am a bit scared that it is gonna be a problem. I dont want to go extreme. I dont have much time also. I want to change a couple of things after Thursday when I will stop caring about my school.

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Day 17


Dont procrastinate for at least next two days.

Prepare for anatomy final

Plan: right after school take a long nap 1 to 1.5 hour

Next clean my room and a desk. 

Study: anatomy final; post-lab disection homework; history project; history final. 

Take brakes to Prepare myself some food to eat. Take a 20 minut walk. Go to sleep before 11. 

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Day 17 
Well I didnt do everything what I planned. but I am happy that I did smth xD . 
Major fail cleaning my room- I think I didnt clean my room completely for 2 weeks meh
Finals are a pain in the ass.  Cant wait until Thursday afternoon. I will start doing chemistry - I am actually dreaming about this all the time now. I will do some more research for improving myself. and that's it. I should go to sleep.

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Day 18th

I am studying all the time. I said to myself, I will not try to learn history bcs I would fall asleep before I look at my notes. On the other hand I studied anatomy all the time.
I love science <3. 
I still have a big mess in  my room. There will be one day when it will change. I hope so.

Self recognition

- I studied anatomy as I always wanted to.

- I made myself a food and have been eating more for last 3 days

I am thankful for:

- good food

- desire to study

- getting the highest score from anatomy test in my class

- no stress before finals

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Day 19th

I am after anatomy final I am satisfied, but I know that I could have done much better. if I only started to study earlier than yesterday. I am still happy that I spent 8 hours studying one subject. 

I dont have to study for tomorrow. So my day plan for today'd afternoon is:

- Take a nap right after school DONE

- Do exercises recomended by @WorkInProgress DONE

- Repeat math 

- Do my holiday assigment for chemistry DONE/NOT DONE :P 

- Read a book DONE

- Do some serching about procrastination, cleaning room and studying efficiently DONE

- The wether is awful, but if it gets better I will take a walk 

- Clean my room DONE


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Day 20th

making myself a food: 3 fruit smoothies - raspberries blackberries and blueberries with organic juice - I didn't have bananas :/

School: nothing important

Studying: Chemistry for 30 min

Reading: one chapter of a book

Exercise/workout: done in the morning/ done

Stepping out of my comfort zone:
- I ordered food by phone-call
- I am doing my holiday assignment on separate sheet of paper - that means I will not write less if I lack of scpace
- workout

Nap: too long :/ bcs I wasn't fresh after it 

I am thankful for:
- good sushi
-interesting book
-muscles that I can not feel right now xD. I am sure you like it @warrumin :P
-fruit smoothie that I made 3 times today 

What I will change on Sunday (I am out oh home for entire Saturday):

-spend more time on studying - especially math and English for finals
- make myself a sandwich
- clean very carefully one of the "corners" in my room
- go out 
- work on my languages


This day was full of free time to spend. I had small regret that I quit playing games, but when I think how I and my room would look like If still played games, I am happy about it. I woke at 2:30 made my bed and did exercises, I went to school for 2 hours and watched a film with my friend bcs we didn't have any final. After school I was about to talk with my accountability partner but I fall asleep and we missed each other. Ups, sorry mate :/ . I ordered sushi and ate it.(this is so intense day guys xD). I made the smoothies in the morning, afternoon and evening. I at sushi in my room and right after I finished, cleaned my desk. I like it :D. In the evening I studied chem and did a part of my homework. I still have some time and I am not sure what I want to do. I can repeat math for final, read a book, add new words to English- learning app and repeat them, or do more homework from chem

I am overall happy about this day :P


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Day 21

Today I was out with my dad and his friends. We went to chill out at he lake. It was awesome :D. The weather was great.A view of the lake  was incredible.
I thought I will go to sleep at 10:30 pm but I am awake again(it's 12). If so I will do some studying. I have already read a book today and done stretching exercises. 

Studying: Chemistry - I promise it will be long enough to consider it worth doing it so late :P

Reading: one chapter of a book

Exercise: done in the morning

Stepping out of my comfort zone:
- studying even after I decided not to (at first I felt that I have no energy to study but  now I have it so I should keep studying it every day as I want to)

Nap: "siesta" after meal - It was perfect :D

I am thankful for:
- tasteful klunch
-interesting book
-great time with adults
-the view at the lake

What I will do on Sunday:
(in addition to what I wrote yesterday)
I will get up early - it will a test of my willpower to study some chem in the morning :P
after coming back from a church I have to repeat math and prepare for english final. - I should have done it earlier - starting right after coming back will be huge win with my procrastination :D

That's it for today :P

PS yesterday I actually add 15 new words to learn in English - I am happy about it:D

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Day 26

Well nothing new happened through this couple of days.

I am fooling around with my goals. Slowly getting forward with them tho. School has ended today  I have a lot of time. My goals stay virtually the same. 
Overall I can say I stick to them well-enough. But I have missing feelings about it. 
I don't experience urges. I can control myself. However I should stop using my laptop so much. It is hard to achieve since it is a great help while I am studying.

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If you're struggling with mindless internet browsing, then you should download everything you need to study on your laptop, and then turn of Internet connection until you stop whatever you desire!

Another great advice I've heard from Cameron is that you should go to the library or coffee shop with your laptop, and in public place you'll ashamed if you'll start to play video games, right?

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Day 73
I came back :D 

My summer brake is full of great experience so far. It is hard to write about everything. But generally I succeeded in everything I've done. I met a lot of interesting people. I met with my friends from Poland. I am mostly proud of myself because no matter what I keep studying and I am on good way to fulfill my long-term goals. 

My mindset is slowly changing. I am satisfied of everything what I do.
However computer/the Internet still plays to big role in my daily routine.

I made real friends on summer camp. I will benefit a lot from it.

I can easily say it was and it is gonna be te best summer of my life.


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Day 96

Well, I didn't even realize. 90 days detox is over :D 

I am slowly coming back to normal day schedule after the most amazing 2 months of my life, seriously everything went so well. I met amazing people, anywhere I went. I can say I feel happy and proud of myself. However the real challenge is to "win" this school year. I have a couple of goals. 

- study, study and study, but study in a smart way
- prepare for SATs and chemistry national olympiad 

- just keep doing that
- follow the diet 

- keep apartment clean and neat, especially my room

- cut down time I spend on doing nothing 

- come back to reading tons of books

I think that's it for now :P

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Hmm... Something went wrong. I've been playing games again since October. However, I am getting more things done since my detox ended. 
How did this happen? I got myself into the trap, I broke my rule, to not tell anyone how good I was at some games. Since then... one big downfall.
I honestly don't know what to think about this....

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