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Stercus accidit's Journal - 90 days detox completed :D

Stercus accidit

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Day 8
Work out - done - I have enough strength but no endurance but I will get where I want to be in a month I am sure
stretching - tomorrow
did not do much today - took a long nap
went shopping to buy everything what I need for my diet
songs: https://youtu.be/yvSPWG_mE4c

I keep learning new Eng words
added 10 new ones today

Feels good

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Day 9

Took care of my diet plan - 2 more days and everything should be settled.

Took a long nap again. - I should go back to going to sleep early, about 10 pm

Listened to Bathory's music almost whole day

I haven't done anything toward my goal of establishing good meditation technique. 

Feels so so - tomorrow I will feel much better - work out day :D

podcast - minimalists

Did not add new words to the list :/

I should be sleeping....

I am grateful for the sun shining right on my face every morning :3


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D 11

Gloomy day

I didn't do the stretching - not a big deal honestly

I made a very tasty dinner for myself. Definitely gonna make it more often as I follow my diet.

Tomorrow SAT I am not even stressed. I made up my mind and i want to go back to Poland to get my degree. There is way too many people who I left and they still wait for me to come back.

However If I a suitable option of getting degree in US will show up I would have a hard time choosing. Probably my ambition would win and I would stay here. 

Tomorrow afternoon I start a real work to fulfill all of my goals. This weak was a brake after AP chem.

It was good to catch up with the proper sleep schedule and get my energy back while still getting better after a rather filthy cold last and this weak.


Whole motherfking album: Fleshgod Apocalypse The King 

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D 12 

Thanks @Cam Adair I think it helped, however I won't talk about how I did cause I don't see a point of doing that before scores are released.

Work out done- need a 2 day brake 

Took a nap

Ready to do some work this evening

I am grateful for:


New samurai Jack season

Devin Townsend's work

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D 13
I can't stay productive while I am on my diet - I need to get at least 10 pounds to finally not be underweight for the first time in my life - I am so not used to eating so much or rather so healthy that I find an excuse "I need to digest it first" to not do any work... hilarious

I really have to work on my productivity

Death - Human

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Day 14 and 15
14 - nothing happened
15 -
5 am
have to do homework for history
can't wait to work out today :D
eating more food - again only healthy food - makes me lazy, or it might be my sleep deprivation actually.  
after the history test today my week seems to be free from serious school work. I will catch up on my personal goals that I gave up for a week, idk why

need some energy in the morning:
Fleshgod Apocalypse: The King

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Day 15
work out - done - I am more than happy that I still find a motivation to do it :D in the ideal world I ill never stop working out
I have nothing to do in school so I want to do everything to set up my schedule. I want to focus on achieving specific goals. 

for 3 days straight I am talking with my friend from Poland. Since we are done with chemistry classes I have 2 periods of free time in school and I can talk with him almost every day. 

I try to work on my concentration - reading one hour straight in complete silence and with no electronic devices. I use it as a practice before a presentation to calm my mind.

It is funny how I work out among kids, teenagers, and adults and I don't care about what they think. 1 year ago before I started my first detox it would be impossible. Also big shot out to the book by Joe Dispenza Breaking the habit of being yourself. This book in the last 3 weeks helped me more than anything or anyone before. I can recommend it to everyone.

Back to the past - Trivium: Kirisute GomeShattering The Skies Above; Forsake Not The Dream

I am grateful for:

  • my best friends in Poland who still remember me after 2 years
  • the playlist I have been creating for a year now, there is nothing better than 30 hours of great music.
  • motivation to do a work out 
  • Training Pal's youtube channel
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day 17 
Work out done
diet maintained
I decided to give up my summer job - the same one as last year - to better prepare for SAT subject tests. I have only one chance to get a good score on each of them which means there is no room for one month break from reality. 
I made this choice because of the deadlines for the Edinburgh medical college's applications. I have only two SAT left to get needed scores and three subjects to pass. In this case, I must choose to study over exiting job opportunity.

Music: Opeth

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am new here, but its great to see you are progressing well in your round 2 detox. I saw a page or two ago you discuss the new Mastodon album, it has been my primary listening since it was released, a big step up from their last two and their best since Blood Mountain in my opinion. I even got to see them in early May, my third time and it was their best of those three times. Just saw Tool last night, something I have wanted to see for decades and am glad they are finally touring again. There have been multiple concerts I have passed up and just stayed home to watch movies or game. Getting back into music and practicing guitar more is a goal for when I start my detox.

I should check out the minimalist podcast again. I feel like gaming has always been my antithesis to being more minimalistic. Because when I game, I just don't play a game I have now, I dive in and go back and buy games I sold in the past as nostalgia kicks in and collect nearly as much as I game. Then I eventually sell off stuff to do another hobby, and repeat the cycle when gaming takes over as main hobby again.

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Hey welcome to the forum @EndOfAnEra :) I am glad you are here.
What I personally take from minimalist's podcast is "long term goals define my short term actions" - or something like that :D - it keeps me rolling every day

From the bands you mentioned I conclude that you like prog metal. You must also listen to Devin Townsend Project. If not, you must check them out!

I had been always playing f2p games, however I had spent some money on them. I totaly get your nostalgia! I have this one game Heroes of Might and Magic 3 that just means so much to me! Even though it is 20 years old - so older than me 9_9. Fortunately this nostalgia doesn't make me want to play the game.

Day 31
work out/diet - done
meditation - done
studying - right now

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Thanks, will check DTP out. I've seen the name floating around but haven't listened yet. I have heard his former band Strapping Young Lad here and there throughout the years. My music tastes are all over the place. Been into hardcore, metal, and metalcore for a long time, though have been phasing out a bit from it in my old age. Dillinger Escape Plan has been my favorite for awhile, and sad that they are calling it quits after this tour. Hopefully, I can see them one last time as they are the most intense show I have been to. Any band that lets them open for them just looks dull afterwards (including Mastodon, Deftones, and Darkest Hour). Still listen to a lot of Mastodon, Poison The Well, Winter Solstice,  and some other bands. Other than that, I have been out of the loop on metal/hardcore and am not really sure what bands are on the up and up. I default back to a lot of bands I grew up with in the 90's like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Tool, etc.

But ya, prog in general is interesting to me going all the back to Rush and other prog rock bands. Been jamming with some former bandmates and may start writing again, so I think dropping my gaming (in frequency if not for good) will help with that. 

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It is Great to hear about you jamming again :D! It is also nice to hear that someone grew up on bands that go me into the alternative and then metal genres! To continue the chain of good band I propose Meshuggah as another prog band. 

Day - I don't care honestly
Work out - done - did some new exercises today to spice things up B|

diet - kept

grateful for:
nothing particular just that I can breathe!

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Ya, I keep trying to get into Meshuggah and I do enjoy their stuff, but just haven't really dived into them enough to listen regularly. I dunno, its just interesting how much they have influenced bands I like (Dillinger for example), yet I just haven't really gotten into them. I need to give them more time I guess.

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 I just haven't really gotten into them. I need to give them more time I guess.

Some bands we have to grow up to :') for example edgy teens who stop listening to Bullet for my Valentine and move on to some more heavy and complicated music - I was one of them :P

and btw I bought myself 2 Fleshgod Apocalypse albums "
The King"; "Agony" and 1 Primodial  album "Where Greater man have fallen"
Pardon the burst of music I listen to but haven't had a chance to actually talk about it with anyone for last 2 years 9_9

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Yeah, definitely. We grow into and out of music/bands all the time. I never really got into Bullet for my Valentine, though their first hit or two weren't bad. I did listen to things like the early Atreyu albums, and Trivium, Killswitch Engage, etc.

My early high school years was stuff like Deftones, and later years was in the heart of Nu Metal, so Slipknot, Mudvayne, System of a Down, Soulfly, Linkin Park, etc. (embarrassing, but honestly, sometimes I will still listen to Slipknot when working out or if I am driving late and want to keep my energy up, since it is simple driving rhythms). I heard Siberian Kiss by Glassjaw on a Roadrunner compilation CD and then got into them and other melodic hardcore bands like Hopesfall. Then in college, I got into hardcore/metalcore stuff like Poison the Well, Evergreen Terrace and Norma Jean. And then into things like Dillinger, Lamb of God. Shadows Fall, Darkest Hour, In Flames, etc. The last newer bands I listened to  before straying away was stuff like Protest the Hero, August Burns Red, Black Dahlia Murder, etc.

I've been listening to some form of metal since I was younger though. I think when I was 8 or 10, my oldest sibling got a ripped cassette of Metallica's Black album, and it started from there. Plus I like a lot of the old hardcore and punk bands like Minor Threat, Bad Brains, the Misfits, etc.

I haven't heard of Fleshgod, but have heard some Primordial stuff here and there, they are pretty good. I do like those Iron Maiden influenced bands. I really like 3 Inches of Blood in that same realm. They are a little faster paced but you can hear the Iron Maiden + thrash influence, and some of the camp/humor as well. Plus I saw them at a metal fest years ago and they just flat out rocked, I couldn't even remember the headliners, haha... Norma Jean and 3-Inches of Blood were the best. 

Ya definitely. I've been out of the loop for metal the past few years, just been listening to bands I know and their new albums. If I am in my car, I may switch to the metal channel on Sirius, and 3/4 of the stuff I hear is just generic sounding and I end up turning it. So ya, any suggestions are welcome, especially as I get into playing more guitar again. More prog type stuff and less chugga chugga.

My band was all over the place musically. I was really into Dillinger at the time, the other guitarist was into Mastodon. Our drummer came out of punk, but was really into stuff like At the Gates and The Haunted. Our singer liked things like King Diamond and also black metal and death metal stuff. So we had an interesting balance. Didn't go that far because  all but the singer were older and didn't put a lot of time into promoting our band. Most places around here require you to sell x-many tickets to play, and all but our vocalist being out of college and into careers, that wasn't happening. So we ended up having to just buy our minimum tickets to play, and eventually just called it quits as we were getting married and starting families. But we were able to open for bands like The Red Chord, Gaza, Holy Grail, Cauldron, etc. However, I am glad we are starting to jam again. Got a new bassist that is a friend (though not really a metal head, but he has been learning our old songs happily) and will need to find a new singer, I wouldn't mind getting a chick singer this time around (our last vocalist mostly did death metal grumble grumble stuff, which isn't my thing, I like singing or hardcore type screaming/shouting).

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For me, Trivium was the first step into metal music. It sparked the interest in me to check out different bands. My all time most favorite Trivium album is Shogun. I played this album hundreds of times and had never got bored of it. The period when I was into Nu metal (Limp Bizkit :S) and stuff like Slipknot, Three days grace, Skillet, Sabaton was middle school. However, I always felt that they lack something I want to hear and I always could find in Iron Maiden music. In middle school, I also got into grunge, and I still love to listen to alternative rock and metal from time to time. But I usually stay on Alice in Chains, Rage against the Machine, Nirvana, Pearl Jam with some other 90's hits. 
After Trivium I expanded my interest in almost every direction of heavy metal with the big preference of Death, Symphonic Death, Progressive and Black metal. 

I love your will to come back to playing guitar. I always wanted to play drums, but I only had a chance to play piano for six years. I stopped playing the instrument only because of computer games. They made me lose interest in everything. 
I also love to hear about you guys jamming again! You have all of my insignificant respect :P

Day - another one
keeping the work out and diet real
studying for SAT's subject test
trying to not fool around

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Piano is something I always have wanted to learn. One of my neighbors was a piano teacher and my siblings took lessons from her. However, by the time I would have been old enough to start, she stopped giving lessons (was elderly). It is something I have fiddled with, like figuring out how to play all the melodies from Ocarina of Time, as well as some basic playing by ear for other songs. I did buy a 66 key midi-keyboard a few years ago to teach myself on Garage Band on my Mac. Maybe I should add that to my activity list. I really need to work on reading music, I was in band in middle/high school but my instrument was in bass clef, and I forgot how to read that to speed. Been meaning to do that for guitar anyway, and learning music theory. I just work on what sounds good to my ears, but it would be nice to learn why and how I can add in alternate parts for guitar riffs I write.


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Day - something
tomorrow SAT subject test I am aiming for 100% from chemistry and trying how I feel about physics. 
Next education goal? Projects and a couple of short tests. After that finals; History and Math will be the hardest; then there are Physics and English. The last one is basic programming (in Virtual Basic for those who are interested) that I can do with my eyes closed. 
Feels good I keep working out and controlling my diet. However, I loosened a little on the foods I  eat and how much I eat. 
I also have some plans for the summer I want to try out intermittent fasting. Also, I want to take my cooking skills to the next level finally, so I prepared some recipes to try out.

Because I want to try and change so many things after finals I plan to start not a new detox but the new count down to keep track of the challenging transformation!

Recently I started to listen to ton of Megadeth. Trash metal has never been my favorite, I have never got into Metallica, but Megadeth just took over my head xD
Some fixes the dictionary please - it doesn't know that there is no "a" in the bands name ugh!

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Everything is going well. However, I stopped working out. I was under some stress recently and my sleeping schedule got messed up a little bit. So I decided to stop and wait to get pass finals and projects to stop being bothered. I just hope I will actually go with the plan. 

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