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  1. It is so awesome to hear from you! I am so sad that being accountability partners, for each other, didn't last for long. Anyways! I am glad you are doing well mate
  2. Everything is going well. However, I stopped working out. I was under some stress recently and my sleeping schedule got messed up a little bit. So I decided to stop and wait to get pass finals and projects to stop being bothered. I just hope I will actually go with the plan.
  3. Day - something tomorrow SAT subject test I am aiming for 100% from chemistry and trying how I feel about physics. Next education goal? Projects and a couple of short tests. After that finals; History and Math will be the hardest; then there are Physics and English. The last one is basic programming (in Virtual Basic for those who are interested) that I can do with my eyes closed. Feels good I keep working out and controlling my diet. However, I loosened a little on the foods I eat and how much I eat. I also have some plans for the summer I want to try out intermittent fasting. Also, I want to take my cooking skills to the next level finally, so I prepared some recipes to try out. Because I want to try and change so many things after finals I plan to start not a new detox but the new count down to keep track of the challenging transformation! Recently I started to listen to ton of Megadeth. Trash metal has never been my favorite, I have never got into Metallica, but Megadeth just took over my head Some fixes the dictionary please - it doesn't know that there is no "a" in the bands name ugh!
  4. Some band suggestions as you requested in journal - Heaven Shall Burn - German death/ hardcore metal - In Mourning - Swedish death/prog metal - Opeth - prog metal (I don't remember if we mentioned them before) - Insomnium - melodic death Finnish band - Kvelertak - heavy metal - lyrics are in Norwegian - Graveyard - nice rock band influenced by the bands like Black Sabbath - Ghost - by many considered as doom metal - Dead Soul - interesting project mix of blues industrial rock and doom very climatic - Powerwolf - German power metal - Katatonia - Swedish doom/sludge some say prog metal - my personal favorite for a long time - Woods of Ypres - Canadian underground black/doom metal band here you go from the top of my head I would suggest to rather start cutting your connection to games by not playing them at all. Sentimental value they hold is only associated with good time you had playing them. gaming in moderation is fine if you can monitor yourself. If you can spot the moment when you start coming back to the old ways you should reevaluate your decisions and make a change. Keep rocking and good luck!
  5. For me, Trivium was the first step into metal music. It sparked the interest in me to check out different bands. My all time most favorite Trivium album is Shogun. I played this album hundreds of times and had never got bored of it. The period when I was into Nu metal (Limp Bizkit ) and stuff like Slipknot, Three days grace, Skillet, Sabaton was middle school. However, I always felt that they lack something I want to hear and I always could find in Iron Maiden music. In middle school, I also got into grunge, and I still love to listen to alternative rock and metal from time to time. But I usually stay on Alice in Chains, Rage against the Machine, Nirvana, Pearl Jam with some other 90's hits. After Trivium I expanded my interest in almost every direction of heavy metal with the big preference of Death, Symphonic Death, Progressive and Black metal. I love your will to come back to playing guitar. I always wanted to play drums, but I only had a chance to play piano for six years. I stopped playing the instrument only because of computer games. They made me lose interest in everything. I also love to hear about you guys jamming again! You have all of my insignificant respect . Day - another one keeping the work out and diet real studying for SAT's subject test trying to not fool around
  6. Wróciłem dziś do filmu Gonciarza "Krok Pierwszy" i tak sobie myślę: Pofolgowałem sobie przez ostatnie 2 tygodnie... Jedyna rzecz którą robiłem "dobrze" to ćwiczenia fizyczne. Dieta niby była ale nie monitorowałem się zbytnio. wczoraj była rocznica rozpoczęcia detoxu. Wróciłem myślami do tego co zmusiło mnie do podjęcia tej decyznji. Popatrzyłem jeszcze raz na to co chciałem osiągnąć, a co mi się udało. Pomyślałem a co by było gdybym wytrwał? Gdybym wytrzymał 1 rok? W dzień wakacji mojego dobrego przyjaciela rok temu i wczoraj dochodze do podobnych wniosków. Oddalam się od celu a komputer zaślepia mnie coraz bardziej. Przez jeden rok miałem okazję pracować nad tyloma rzeczami, a dalej nie nauczyłem sie myć zębów systematycznie (dzięki ci boże za mocne szkliwo). Z drugiej strony przez ten rok pokonałem stany depresyjne. Nabrałem doświadczenia... W połowie kroku pierwszego uznałem że jednak nie dam rady. Nie tym razem. Zaczynam od nowa, z małą motywacją, ale z ogromną chęcią zmiany. Na pewne rzeczy nie mam wplywu a jednak pozwalam im kontrolować to co robię. Bycie w stanach z mojej danej perspektywy to katorga. Ale czy ja kiedykolwiek na prawdę starałem sie zmienić świat dookoła mnie. Nie. Jedynie używałem go do wmawiania sobie, że to przez to nic mi nie wychodzi. Jest to trudny czas, ale czy mądrym posunięciem jest podsycanie ognia negatywnego myślenia? Oczywiście, że nie! A jednak siedzię tu i kolejny raz próbuję pokonać mój nawyk do samoumartwiania się.
  7. Some bands we have to grow up to :') for example edgy teens who stop listening to Bullet for my Valentine and move on to some more heavy and complicated music - I was one of them and btw I bought myself 2 Fleshgod Apocalypse albums "The King"; "Agony" and 1 Primodial album "Where Greater man have fallen" Pardon the burst of music I listen to but haven't had a chance to actually talk about it with anyone for last 2 years
  8. It is Great to hear about you jamming again ! It is also nice to hear that someone grew up on bands that go me into the alternative and then metal genres! To continue the chain of good band I propose Meshuggah as another prog band. Day - I don't care honestly Work out - done - did some new exercises today to spice things up diet - kept grateful for: nothing particular just that I can breathe!
  9. Zmieniłem dzisiaj zestaw ćwiczeń - fajnie było rozpoczynam wyzwanie nie wejdę na fejsa i youtube dopóki doputy nie pouczę się przez 50h! - od teraz 23:33 5/27/17
  10. Ha! Tak trzymaj. Wiesz co? Podejmę się podobnego wyzwania! Dopiero po 50 godzinach nauki wejdę na: facebooka i youtube(rozrywkowa część, musze go niestety używać od czasu do czasu).
  11. - Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New OneBook by Joe Dispenza My suggestion is to read them for the last time and sell/ give them away. Keep only those that do not make you urge to play again. Past experience is an amazing thing to go back to, but it should not define how you live right now and what you want to achieve in the future. Do your memorabilia represent: a person you are and want to become or your past? Is your past that defines the values you believe? Do those items add any value to your everyday life? If you want to let go the past holding on to items that represent it might not be a good decision.
  12. Hey welcome to the forum @EndOfAnEra I am glad you are here. What I personally take from minimalist's podcast is "long term goals define my short term actions" - or something like that - it keeps me rolling every day From the bands you mentioned I conclude that you like prog metal. You must also listen to Devin Townsend Project. If not, you must check them out! I had been always playing f2p games, however I had spent some money on them. I totaly get your nostalgia! I have this one game Heroes of Might and Magic 3 that just means so much to me! Even though it is 20 years old - so older than me . Fortunately this nostalgia doesn't make me want to play the game. Day 31 work out/diet - done meditation - done studying - right now
  13. Żyję!!! Trochę się działo więc zapomniałem cokolwiek pisać na forum Obecnie skupiam się na nauce do sprawdzianów z biolcy, fizyki i chemii. Staram się spełnic wymagania na college w Edynburgu.Więc siedzę i robię fizykę xD. Jeszcze miesiąc i koniec szkoły. DIeta powoli pomaga i troszkę przytyłem. Dalej ćwiczę i chyba są jakies postępy. Na pewno nie zamierzam przestawać. dziś jescze mam w planie zacząć naukę medytacji z książki "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One"
  14. I haven't been here for a while now Day 30 I am consistent with my work out and diet I am greatful for: The Minimalist podcast motivation sun in the morning
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