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Day 41 - I decided I'm gonna be working towards a personal project at least every monday, and leave the other days to learn new stuff on tutorials. So now I'm working on Longclaw, Jon Snow's Valyrian sword. This is the base of the hilt.


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Day 45 - 2/7

Since I'm halfway in on the 90 day trial I've looked back on my progress and I'm really happy with everything I was able to learn up to now. Today I spent the whole day at my gf's house trying to learn a new software to incorporate into my zbrush workflow - specially for dealing with hard surfaces -  3Ds Max.  She was with me the whole time and she also wants to learn this new software for her architectural work, so we started watching the tutorials together. I feel blessed to be able to do this together with someone I love. It helps a lot to keep the motivation going. 


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Day 50- 7/7

I'm finally feeling a good chunk of progress, thanks to this helmet series on Zclassroom. I'm on 15 of 41 classes and today alone I learned a loooooot about multiple techniques to build hard surface forms. It's hard in the beginning and I have to be super focused but the "oohhhh so that's how it works" moment feels super good.


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Hey Paul!

Love the creations, i can't wait to see more!
Your story is a prime example of how much you can get done outside of video games. Looking at your first 3-4, and then seeing this helmet is amazing!
Keep Creating!

- Michael

Edited by Michael
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Day 52- 9/7

Yesterday and today me and my gf spent some time together trying to learn the basics of the V-ray render engine for 3Ds Max. I'ts super difficult to get a grip of the software because there are sooooo much stuff that needs to be configured before it can produce an image. So we started with a simple teacup.

Day 53.png

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