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Share pictures/stories of your pets!


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My little buddy is "Niko"; he's been such a great friend that past 8 years. He's such a well behaved, smart, and crazy cat with an awesome personality. 9.5/10, he sleeps with me every night. He's ALWAYS sleeping on my lap when I'm at the computer; including right now. I adopted him only days after having to put my last cat of 9 years down. It was an interesting moment, because after looking through the SPCA and pet stores, I instantly knew Niko was the cat I wanted. All the other cats in his cage were up at the front basically saying "pick me, pick me!". Niko, however, was hiding behind the scratching post and just peeking his head out, looking at me.




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All my childhood pets have died but my parents got this awesome cat recently. Her name is Jess :D



PS: I love this post idea, this forum needs moar catz ^^

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Needs moar catz
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This is my cat Pick (short for Pickles). He's my bud. He always hangs out in my bedroom waiting for me to show up. He insists on jumping up on my lap, takes over my computer chair when I'm away, sleeps with me, and is a maniac that will chase his own tail.

He enjoyed watching me play video games and would stare at the screen, too.





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I haven't been able to have any pets for years because I don't live on my own. Once I move out again I'm going to get a cat though. :D And possibly a rabbit. Right now all I have is this diva of a bird who hates being handled and is a huge drama queen who loves to sing and dance to music.


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Quite the cat lover bunch, aren't we?

This little guy is my cat Flan (spanish for pudding). It's my very first pet and he's just amazing. Smart, polite, well-behaved, brave, quiet, calm and always cheerful. His human buddy could learn a thing or two of him. It's easy to keep track of how much time he's been with us, since I'm simply not allowed to play in his watch! I get pissed sometimes because he REALLY loves to chew on wires and sit on the laptop. Maybe it's a subtle way of telling me I should use it a lot less (and surely play with him more). Clever ... 


Yes, @WorkInProgress, sorry for the quality -_- This pic was taken just two or three days after his arrival. He adapted his new home perfectly despite leaving behind 9 brothers and 2 mothers (they were a biiiiig cat family). 

He's being restless lately, I feel I've been neglecting him. Not anymore. Today I'm taking him to the vet, they need to check on him and put the first vaccines. And I'll make sure he feels loved. But seriously, so clingy sometimes...! I should have named him Limpet.

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