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Nick's Daily Journal


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Day 39 - Still Going Strong

Yesterday went well again, I smashed my daily goals and increased my Spanish learning time to 45 mins, I think this could be the sweet spot in regards to time. Today i'm thinking about whether I should do any solid work or not.

I may just chill instead and continue with work tomorrow. For the moment I'm just going to chill to music and get cracking with the garden again later. Nothing beats moving around the garden with the birds singing and the fresh air coursing through your lungs!

Anyways just a short entry today, catch you guys soon. :)

What I'm Grateful For:

  • My Family
  • Memrise.com
  • My friends
  • Having a garden

Today's Agenda:

  • Write in journal
  • I've spend 45 minutes learning Spanish
  • I've done some work research
  • I have tidied up my garden
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Day 40 - 40 Is a Big Number :o

Wow I've reached the 40 day milestone which is awesome! I've never stuck with anything this long before and I'm feeling pretty good about myself :). Now I know I can stick with something long term, I'm contemplating turning this journal into a gaming & fat loss Journal.

The only obstacle in the way of my health and overall personal goals is to lose this weight. Don't get me wrong I'm doing enough on the bike to keep fresh and alert, but not enough to lose weight.

The longest I've stuck with a fat loss exercise and eating plan is around 1 week (7 days). If I make my self accountable here like with my gaming detox, It may actually work for once.

So I declare here...that I. Nick 'Falky' Taylor is going to not be a fat fuck anymore and lose this fat! As well as my grateful list and agenda list there will be another section for fat loss details and goals.

I'm a big believer in writing stuff down so these journals may become quite big lol! Anyways, yesterday went well again. I learnt the 45 minutes of Spanish, tidied the garden up and did a bit of research on language learning and work.

Even though halfway through the tidying up goals I pulled by bicep so could move it without hurting. :( I may try again today and see how it is. Everything I'm doing int he garden will be in a video soon (probably tomorrow)

Today I plan to map out a fat loss plan and a goal plan (that's a lot of plans ;) ) relax with my parents and do the normal, bike, spanish and journal. Once I have some down time I'm going to get to work on creating the VLog for tomorrow...give myself a head start so-to speak.

What I'm Grateful For:

  • The Sun
  • Spring
  • Comfy Chair
  • My Chromebook

Today's Agenda:

  • Learnt Spanish for 45 minutes
  • I've exercised for 10 minutes
  • I have made a start on my Monday VLog.
  • I've made a fat loss plan for immediate start tomorrow morning.


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"This is another problem I struggle with. I'm really good at money management but I fail to 'not' spend money"

Definitely something I still need to work on too :D !

The struggle is real bro haha, as soon as I see numbers in my bank I get an uncontrollable urge to make it disappear haha.

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Something you could try out would be automatized banking. Set 5-10% of your monthly income to be automatic  transfered as savings on an extra bank account. This way you won't miss it and can forget it while you save.

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Thanks guys, going to do a little bit of work and then check those options out.

PS Cam could be a good video for you to do? How to spend your money, now you aren't buying games! :D ?

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Day 41 - The Start Of Something Great!

Hello you awesome people! Today I'm starting the next Chapter of this detox...my fat loss that is going to work and stick with me forever! I've stuck with not gaming longer than I ever have. I've stuck with learning Spanish longer than I ever have. Now it time to stick with LOSING FAT (said in a echoing boom voice). That'll be three things that I would have stuck with int he space of 3 months then.

I'm also thinking that with my fat loss journey I'm going to do that for 3 months too. Seems like creating a short but tough enough goal is the key for this sort of stuff. My journal now will consist of the first half for my gaming detox and daily life. The other half for my fat loss progress. 

This is going to be the only place I post about my fat loss, I'm not putting it on Facebook or Twitter. I want the results to show for themselves.

So if anyone else is losing fat, hit me up and we can keep each other motivated! :) 

But yeah, gaming detox and Spanish is going well, after this I plan to crack out some work and stuff.

What I'm Grateful For:

  • YouTube Learning
  • My Phone
  • My Headphones
  • My Willpower

Today's Agenda:

  • Edit and upload a video (1)
  • I've learnt 45 minutes of Spanish. (2)
  • I've been on the bike for 30 minutes and feel great! (3)
  • I have learnt some new things about the business I'm in. (4)
  • Learn more about losing fat. (5)

Fat Loss Section - Day 1

Weight: 19.8 Stone (277lbs)

Motivation: High

Today is the first day of my fat loss journey (for real this time) and I plan to stick to it! Every Monday I will post numbers and how I'm feeling the rest of the days will be just quick updates like a normal journal.

I'm doing the intermittent fasting method to see how it goes. I tend to always eat late anyways so I may as well just do the little bit more for the extra effect. I'm not going to post picture yet, but I may do down the line. I'll keep the videos and picture private for a transformation video on my Channel :D.

If you've managed to read this far, I just want to say thanks! :)



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Your goals sound awesome! I can clearly see them make your life better. How's your game quitting journey going?

My game quitting journey is going well! :) The first 3 or so weeks was hard but now It's really smooth and I'm getting loads done. :)

Hows yours going?

Oh and here is my blog with the video I made today, if anyone is interested.




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Day 42 - Bigger Things On My Mind

It's come to the time of the detox where I really don't care to game anymore and will probably be at the point (for me personally) where I can just pick up a game...play it for like 1 hour and toss it aside until the next day.

I think this is just due to me having so much going on with life, that I don't feel the need to waste time on gaming. So it will be interesting when my 90 days are over and I test the waters to see what my reaction is in regards to games.

I said to a gamer friend of mine that I will game with her for a little bit after my detox, so that will be a nice little goal. I will write down my feelings and mood down before and then again after the gaming session, then I will log them down here.

I will be like a mini-experiment :D.

Anyways enough about what I'm going to do after the detox, it's time to focus on the present. Yesterday my day went pretty well in regards to work, diet and learning. I did everything I planned to do apart from the exercise. Which i'm planning to do in a couple of days instead because this intermittent fasting is a bit weird for the first few days.

What I'm Grateful For:

  • A Really Good Friend Of Mine
  • Boost Energy Drink
  • Music
  • Memrise

Today's Agenda:

  • Relax A Little
  • Learn Spanish
  • Work A Little
  • Learn A Little

(lol my goals are very vague today as I have no idea what I want to do, or what I'm going to do!)

Fat Loss Section - Day 2

Yesterday went very well and I managed to stay under my calories. I'v decided I'm going to start cardio again on Thursday. This is just so I'm making small steps and I don't shock my body too much.



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Day 43 - Starting To Engage The Auto-Pilot

The past few days have been really great in regards to my personal development. I have stuck with my eating plan, my Spanish learning and expanding my knowledge in other areas.

I make it my aim to make sure I'm growing each day in at least one thing. If I end the day knowing something new then I've had a good day. Yesterday I didn't do any work, which is not good, nor is it bad though.

I spent all my day literally learning new things and exercising, so today I need to crack out some work. I'm going to be writing a blog today on the benefits of learning a new language and perhaps do some market research.

If anyone is a Pro on back-linking and Kindle Marketing, let me know! :D

Anyways I digress...as the title says, i'm now reaching the point where I'm starting to do things on auto-pilot and not really trying hard to do the things in which i struggled with. It's like with the gaming detox, I'm not even trying hard to avoid gaming triggers and such...if I see a game trailer or game play I'm like, OK that's cool and keep scrolling lol.

What I'm Grateful For:

  • Hugs
  • Cold Drink
  • The sunshine
  • Bird Feeders

Today's Agenda:

  • I have wrote in my journal/s
  • I have wrote and published a new blog.
  • I have learnt my 15 minutes of Spanish. Estoy Feliz!
  • I have exercised for 20 minutes and feel good!

Fat Loss Section - Day 3

The eating plan is going very well. I weighed myself today to see if I was on track. I'm not going to make this a habit and weigh myself everyday, because I know the scales can and will fluctuate.

I just wanted to see whether or not what I'm doing is working, I was expecting to see around half a pound or maybe even a pound come off...but I've lost 2lbs so far! To say I'm happy is an understatement :D

I'm going to remain consistent with what I'm doing and the next time I weigh myself will be next Monday. It's really hard to overeat when intermittent fasting too because you only have an 8 hour window of eating.

It's unbelievable that I've tried everything else and all that was needed is to change the way I ate not what I ate. (obviously I'm eating healthier now too)

Soooo, it's all good news on the Falky-front :)

Catch you awesome people tomorrow!



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Holy crap that's a long article, i'll schedule to read that after i've done today work and stuff. :D Thanks Cam!

Day 44 - Everything Going Well

Yesterday went just as well as the previous days...now I just have to keep consistent with the great things things I'm doing and then in time they will ensure I become a stronger version of myself in every-way.

The only thing I need to incorporate in the next week or so is weight training and perhaps upping my work productivity. I'll sum up below what I'm currently doing to acheive a stronger version of myself.

  1. Game Detox - Used to create more productive days, a clearer, more willpower and becoming at one with my emotions.
  2. Learning Spanish - Filling my brain with new knowledge and being able to broaden my communication abilities. (as well as the brain improvements)
  3. Exercise - Increasing my fitness and health.
  4. Intermittent Fasting - Increasing my health and losing fat.

Ok so the above points are what I do constantly everyday in regards to personal development all I need to do now is add Weight Lifting and perhaps decide whether or not I want to add Meditation back in.

Today I plan to do some writing, learn some more stuff and the other normal things I've outlaid. If it stays sunny I want to do more work in the garden.

What I'm Grateful For:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Mobile Phones (Cell phones)

Today's Agenda:

  • I've learnt Spanish for 15 minutes.
  • I've exercised for 20 minutes and feel good.
  • I've finished what I needed to do for work.
  • I have completed some work in the garden. (optional depending on weather)


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Day 45 - Half Way Mark Achieved!

The half way mark has arrived and I'm feeling pretty good! Yesterday I smashed my goals out of the park and completed them. Plus my diet is going awesome as well! Win, win win!

Currently I'm around my parents and I'm scheduling today as a rest-day of sorts. I'm still going to do a little bit of work because I've brought my Chromebook with me and I'm also going to learn my Spanish, but in regards of solid work and exercise I'm not going to to be doing that.

What I'm Grateful For:

  • Cars
  • Family
  • Comfy seat
  • Chromebook

Today's Agenda:

  • Chillout
  • Learn Spanish
  • Do a little bit of writing.
  • Write in this journal

Fat Loss Section - Day 5

Fat loss is going awesome! Simple as that xD

I weighed myself today and I weigh 19.3 stone so that's 5 pounds lost in 5 days. Perhaps its a little fast...but I assume it's mostly water weight for the first week or so.

Just going to keep what im doing consistent and have patience.

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Day 46 - Not Much To Say Really

There isn't much to write about for today's entry to be honest. The detox is going well. My diet is going well and my language learning is going well. I plan to perhaps do a little bit of video editing and writing, but nothing too strenuous.

Later on this evening we are going out with my parents for dinner, because they fly off on holiday tomorrow, but other than that nothing exciting. :)

After writing this, im going to chill out and then hit the bike, then take a walk to the shop for some fruta!

What I'm Grateful For:

  • Gravity
  • Oxygen
  • Money

Today's Agenda:

  • Start Editing Monday's Video
  • Make a start on some form of writing task
  • Learn Spanish for 15 minutes (found out 45 minutes was too long for my style of learning)
  • Exercise for 20 minutes

Fat Loss Section - Nearly A Week!

Even though there isn't much to say, I will keep doing this section along with my game detox because it's good practice for etching a goal and mindset into my memory. I think this is why the gaming detox has worked so well, because I've spent at least 15 minutes each day just writing down my thoughts and actively thinking about what I need to do.

Journal = such a powerful tool.

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Day 47 - Had A Nightmare

I sat down logged on my computer and played a game for the first time in 47 days last night! Then all of a sudden i felt extreme remorse and depression, why did I do this for! All those days spent on productivity and I failed on my 90 day detox!

All of a sudden I awoke in a sweat and realized it was just a nightmare lol...damn I hate those dreams lol.

Anyways detox is going well...my diet is going swell and my Language learning is going fantastic too. Nothing bad to report here :)

Today I've done some planning for the week and for tomorrow agenda too. The rest of the down i will be just chilling and getting ready for the week, I may also do a bit of gardening.

What I'm Grateful For:

  • Internet
  • Twitter (@FalkySolutions ;) )
  • Sugar Free Energy Drinks
  • Fat balls for the little birdies

Today's Agenda:

  • Relax
  • Plan for the week and tomorrow
  • Learn 15 mins of Spanish
  • Do some garden work

Fat Loss Section - Day 6

Weight: 19.3 Stone which is a 5 pound loss but i do a google conversion in pounds and it says I'm at 270lbs? I don't get it so that means it's a 7 pound loss :S ? Anyone know math lol?

This part of my personal development is going really well though. I've exercised 4 times this week I think and my diet has been spot on.


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This part of my personal development is going really well though. I've exercised 4 times this week I think and my diet has been spot on.

Keep going bro! You're doing great.

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  • Sugar Free Energy Drinks

Sounds disgusting :D. Nice to hear that things go well for you.

hehehe trust me if you were addicted to the sugar ones these are bliss!

Day 48 - And The Strength Training Begins!

I weighed myself in again today for the official Monday weigh-in and I lost another 1lb :o I'm even more motivated now to lose the fat!

Also my copy (if some-what crap looking) of The 4-Hour Workweek came today...more fuel for my brain!

Anyways Today I need to get quite a bit of work done and personal development stuff also. After I've wrote this, I'm going to lift some weights, go on the bike and start my working hours. It should be a really productive day.

In regards to yesterday, it well well also. I spend the majority of the day relaxing lol...nice lazy Sunday!

What I'm Grateful For:

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • My increasing willpower
  • Amazon Delivery

Today's Agenda:

  • Lift Weights
  • Bike for 20 minutes
  • Learn Spanish for 15-20 minutes
  • Upload A Blog
  • Edit & Finish a video
  • Publishing Work

Fat Loss Section - Day 7

Weight - 19.2 Stone

Goal - I've lost 50 pounds by 11th October 2016 and feel fantastic!

As explained in my game detox section...my weight loss has gone better than expected! I'm down 6 pounds which is like a pound a day lol. As long as the weight starts to slow down a bit now to 2-4 pounds a weeks I'll be good!

I'm really excited for the future holds now, I've set a goal for myself to lose 50lbs by October (the exact date is up above).

I need to exercise 5 times a week now and weight lift 3 times a week. I may increase this schedule depending on how my fat loss goes.

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