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Quitting more than one bad habit at once ?


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Hi My name is Tan. I have been struggling trying to quit playing video games for a year. I had relapse many times and now I'm on 90 day detox goal. I got chronic stress issue and ADHD. What I am trying to say that despite my stress stuff and want to change my many bad habits such as Gaming addiction(The main one), Porn addiction, sweet and snack addiction all at once in order to have a better life. Is it a good idea ? Or I should focus on the main one and let others bad habit continue and once I'm done with the first I can continue with others habit ?

Any suggestion would be really appreciate, thank you : )


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Hi Autodidact,

I think it is only a good idea to break many bad habbit at once if they are related. For example if you use gaming breaks for porn( I did this) and if you are eating sweets while gaming(did this too) it is easier to stop them all together because they are wired in your brain. On the other hand it is often hard to break even one habbit so I won't be to strict with yourself. I would start with the main habbit and reduce the other habbits on the way. I am sure as soon as you start quit gaming for real, it will be easier to stop other habbits. The main thing is to start and be consequent. I did always relapse after one or two week at my past attempts to stop gaming. But thisi am at 28 days and i sure this si because of this forum and my daily journal. I would highly advice you to start one. Getting a regular feedback on your progress(or on your relapse), helps a lot to break out of negative thought spirals.

So far my suggestions;)

Greeting Mario

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Hey Autodidact, it looks like we both are on the same boat. I am 8 days free of gaming, 4 days in my /r/NoFap journey, and reducing my sweet/gluten intake. Like Cam and WorkInProgress said, they are all interconnected. As long as you keep yourself busy, it is easy to forget about giving into all those addictions. The majority of my NoFap relapses have come from being bored and not engaged in anything that requires medium-deep concentration.

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I have exactly the same three addictions! Although I find porn to be the evilest, toughest, most annoying of all. I'm currently trying to quit all three at the same time. Though the only progress I can make is with games.

But you know, I don't think it's possible to deal with just one instead of all three at the same time. The causes for all addictions are the same: inability to deal with life's problems in a healthy way.

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