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  1. Well, this is the most interesting intro I've ever seen. I cant say I relate a lot, but either way, welcome to the community!
  2. Hey Autodidact, it looks like we both are on the same boat. I am 8 days free of gaming, 4 days in my /r/NoFap journey, and reducing my sweet/gluten intake. Like Cam and WorkInProgress said, they are all interconnected. As long as you keep yourself busy, it is easy to forget about giving into all those addictions. The majority of my NoFap relapses have come from being bored and not engaged in anything that requires medium-deep concentration.
  3. I'd just like to throw in two extra people: Leo Gura - Owner of Actualized.org, gives a LOT of free advanced self development information Elliot Hulse - Owner of Strength Camp, focuses on becoming the strongest version of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  4. Thanks for the welcome! And yeah, a few weeks ago I completely uninstalled it because of how unsatisfied I felt after finishing a match. Unfortunately, most activities that I enjoy A LOT I make it a personal goal to become better at the activity. I'd watch CSGO streams and see them one tapping people left and right, which made me think, "I can do that!" So I reinstalled it and quickly remembered why I uninstalled in the first place. Today I look back on the tens (Possibly around a hundred) of hours I spent offline custom map training and think, "Jeez what have I wasted my life on?" So now I'm working on dropping this horrible habit, as well as participating in NoFap, which is just as hard if not more than quitting video games, so I have a long hard road ahead of me
  5. Thank you both for the advice! I'd heard it before but just ignored it. I don't know why but the car analogy seems to make the idea so much more logical to me. I'll be sure to apply it in the upcoming days!
  6. I'm reading Debt-Free U by Zac Bissonnette. The book goes over how to get through college without or with a minimal amount of student debt. I was referred to the book by a successful Youtuber & Business Owner Thomas Frankly, who has this book as his #1 book recommendation over the book HE created. I know that this book only has great benefits, and I have read at least a seventh of the book, but I find myself more often dreaming of reading it when it's not on my person, than actually reading it despite only being three feet away from me. I have set a goal to finish it by the end of the month, but I haven't even touched it since I set that goal over a week ago.
  7. Hello! My name is Christian and I am a junior in highschool. For the past couple years, I began realizing that video games have given me no sense of accomplishment, and quitting this addiction has been an on/off journey for me. Only last night I was hit hard about my addiction. At 3:00 AM, after a CSGO competitive loss while playing with my friend, I became salty, and blatantly stated to my friend that gaming is a waste of time and both of us should probably be doing something like reading. Given my friend's limited knowledge of psychology, as well as his life history of gaming, he instantly argued back, claiming he valued the form of "entertainment" that gaming gave him. As stated previously, this was at 3:00 AM, so both of us were tired and angry after the loss. I soon realized this, and decided to stop arguing and eventually ended the call. Immediately after, I thought to myself that I needed to end this addiction ASAP, so I looked up how to quit video games, and found this site, and I sure am glad I did. I personally want myself to end this addiction that has prevailed my whole life, and if possible, hopefully help my friend. As bad as it sounds, I am willing to cut my relationship with my friend if he cannot see the same vision as me despite my advise. He has been a close friend my entire high school career, but I feel like I owe myself more than more hours of useless gaming that has no benefits in my adult life. My gaming career spans all the way back to when I was 8 years old and playing Runescape during it's prime. Since then, I find myself using any free time to play video games, instead of reading the book that has been less than 5 feet away from me at all times in my bedroom. I know inside that I want to read the book, but all my brain wants is the satisfaction of gaming. I want to stop this addiction once and for all, so I've come to these forums to get advice on which direction I should start going in order to change my life. I'm happy to hear any advice you guys can offer, and am willing to put posted advice into effect. Finally, I'd like to thank Cam and the forum posters for helping people like myself grow out of this worldwide addiction to begin moving towards a better life.
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