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  1. Thank you, Cam and Robert Arctor. I really need this. :))
  2. Hi, I have relapse problem, when i stress i always have an urge to go back to summoner wars, the mobile game, and when I do i spent money a lot on it. I had delete 3 account. This is the forth account and I spent 70 dollars already and wanting to play all the time and getting numb to outside world. I had deleted my forth account already. Now, I have to detect the cause of many relapse. I have ADHD, which cause me bored easily, and anxiety problem from ADHD. When I quitter from video games, I tend to get addict to tv series and social media such as facebook. I think the problem is I can not find activities to replace gaming when I got stress from medicine or in free times, other activities seem to not stimulate enough to satisfy my ADHD brain. Can you guy help me solve this problem ? Thank you : )
  3. Hi Nancy ! Welcome to the forum. I have read your whole story which I could relate a lot, stress from early age and low self-esteem stuff. I have relapsed more than 10 times but everytime it gets shorter, instead of feeling guilty about relapse, I try to learn about cons of gaming. I recommend the book "The Slight Edge" which you could have heard from this forum, it's a pretty good start. I am studying in 4th year med school, it's pretty tough. I think if I still addict to gaming, I could have never come this far. Get all the support you need !! Good luck : )
  4. What are the top 3 things that stress you out currently? I think i stress myself out by wanting everything to be under my control. It's perfectionism.Other factors are ADHD which make my daily performance harder than normal and sleep deprivation which makes everything worse. I try to cope my stress by exercise, eat healthy and meditate but it seems to be overwhelming. Everytime I depress and stress, I always think about gaming !! Fight for freedom everyone !!!
  5. It's been a while. I think I need to live my life differently to reduce the stress in daily basis. Although, i stopped gaming. I need to fulfill the void and change my pattern of living to deal with stress from study. find 3 types of activity and Do it!!!
  6. Welcome, Michal! Congratulations on your detox! I have struggled with gaming for so long. You are not alone in this journey. Hope you get the thing you need here !!
  7. I'm trying to do exercise everyday and feel my time with interesting stuff such as online business, go to meetup, practice guitar. I can notice the urge when I'm bored or stress, I think I'm gonna get more sleep for efficient function during the day. Keep it up guys !!
  8. yeah I think I need to put the idea of the book i read in action. Today I got out of the room for swimming instead of watching movies all day in the room. I will try to decrease the amount of time I spend on social media. One step at a time !
  9. I'm have returned to this forum!! I have had minor-relapsed few times but I've decided to give it a shot !! The reason i relapsed is I can not find any substitude for gaming. I constant mindlessly browsing internet and watch youtube then I get bored!! Kaboom I relapsed. Now I have plan to 1.study online business for mentally engage activity 2.reading for relaxing(but I think I need something more cause sometimes I find it boring) 3.join meetup for social Enjoy your journey of quitting games !!!
  10. Hi Miharu. My new favorite hobby is playing guitar! I can feel kind of constant measurable growth and sense of achievement. I also exercise 3-4 times per week to release my excess energy. Nice to have you here !
  11. I had relapsed for 2 days, playing Clash Royale and spent 25 dollars. I think I have gambling issue also. I can not wait the delay in the game and that make me go mad and spent real money. I have emailed the creator to delete my account. I felt regret but I will learn something from this.
  12. Hi, I will get to the point now. I have ADHD and currently taking ritalin 20 mg (ADHD drug), prozac and valdoxan(for depression). Do you guys think that having ADHD people can become addicted easier than normal ? I have tendency to stress a lot from intense study and it seems that reading, exercise, playing guitar don't seem to satisfy my sense of temporary escape. I think ritalin ,which is a stimulant, make me feel euphoria and it's similar to playing video game and I think this cause me easier to be pulled back into gaming. Anyone facing same problem here and How can I do with this situation p.s. I have relapsed so far after my 2 months detox , I think consistent alone is not enough . I think I have to change my main habit (from The power of habit, still reading) and find new activity that can replace my gaming-coping style. Thank you for reading !
  13. Thank you, Mario. I will try to find any fun to read ! Stress and boredom trigger my urge, So I think I will have to deal with these issue. Thank you all
  14. Heyyy! I'm having a final exam period. I have to study hard and got a lot of stress. I have noticed the urge to install and play Warcraft 3 because I watch anime as a substitude for gaming. I have a problem finding a new relaxing hobby. It seems not as satisfying as playing games but I'll will try look up in 60+ hobby again.
  15. Long time no see ! I have been through quite a lot eg. stress, inner demon, friend pursuading me to play game with them. I have read one of Cam's article and he says "Gaming is fun but I have to move on" I used this phrase to overcome all of my urge to game. Once I admit that gaming is fun but I want to move on. It's really easier to overcome the urge than to resist and deny it !
  16. This is very inspirational, Thank you !! I have played dota for 1 game today and i felt like shit. We have to aim our life goal of what WE want to be and decide which action leads to that goal. For me, I want to achieve spiritual growth and gaming isn't gonna lead me there. So cheer up everyone, keep fighting together !
  17. Hi, Today I played dota with my friend for 1 round and felt pretty guilty. Can I think this as a field research ? Because I did this once and It doesn't make me get back to addicted to games. I feel pretty stress right now but I will fight no matter what.
  18. Hi all, I going to have test on tuesday. I'm kind of stress but don't have that much urge to play game. I'm thinking of joining volunteer to help disable kid to fulfill my activities. I read slight edge 10 pages everyday before go to bed, it's really helpful. That's for today Tan
  19. Having been here for a while due to heavy studying. Yesterday I got stress out and my friends invited me to play Dota for fun. I got pull in and felt regret but I did not continue playing today. I don't know that yesterday called a Relapse or not but I learn something that my deep down self feel bad about playing game and I hope this situation don't happen again. Thank you for reading. Keep fighting together !! -I think I will learn to play guitar for new relaxing hobby -read good books 10 page a day (From The Slight Edge) -But I'm still thinking of something to relax me of stress from reading tons of book !!
  20. Today is my 14th day of gaming free. I got really stress out of nowhere and it triggered my urge but then I relax myself, ate a bit of sweet stuff and now I'm good. I'm going to find other activities beside watching TV series because I had used only TV series for substitution and I got relapse. I need to fulfill my needs all-round in order to success in this process Tan
  21. Hi my name is Tan 21 year old, I'm studying medicine in Thailand and I'm a game addict. I have been gaming free since 1st of February 2016 !! I have gone through many relapse and now I on my way to 90 days detox goal. I have to study everyday due to the intensity of the exam. I have been using games as a way to escape my stress temporary but I know deep down in my heart that I want insight spiritual growth and gaming can not provide that goal to me ! Today is Saturday I have been clean for 13 days !!. I have an urge to play cause it is a holiday and I have a lot of free time and have to study also but that's okay. I'm gonna watch movie if I get bored, get some exercise and read a good book like Respawn and The slight edge. That's it for today. !!
  22. Hi My name is Tan. I have been struggling trying to quit playing video games for a year. I had relapse many times and now I'm on 90 day detox goal. I got chronic stress issue and ADHD. What I am trying to say that despite my stress stuff and want to change my many bad habits such as Gaming addiction(The main one), Porn addiction, sweet and snack addiction all at once in order to have a better life. Is it a good idea ? Or I should focus on the main one and let others bad habit continue and once I'm done with the first I can continue with others habit ? Any suggestion would be really appreciate, thank you : ) Tan
  23. Hi, My name is Tan. I'm 21 years old studying medicine in Thailand. All my life the first thing that I really enjoyed doing is playing Video games. I could play 10 hours a day without realizing the time. I was thinking that gaming is a problem when I got depressed and can't concentrate enough on studying. I went to psychiatrist and now I'm taking Prozac, Concerta(ADHD drug) and valproate sodium. Despite the drug I'm taking, I'm still depressed, having anxiety and difficult to concentrate. So I'm thinking about stop my gaming addiction. I have tried many times before and I got relapse more than 10 times. All the method I used, have not actually worked. I used to replace gaming with swimming and watching TV series, my longest game-free period is almost 3 months, but It was filled with stress and I finally relapsed once again. I think I lack the social part and don't have someone to guide me through my journey. I'm looking forward to talking to you guys soon ! Thanks for reading : ) P.S. Sorry for my bad English
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