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Anime detox


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Day 0 

So it been awhile since I have been here, and thought about doing this later but the later you wait the worse it gets.

 First an update is over the last couple learns I joined some communities and learned unity, blender classes I took during the 2020 lockdowns. I’m apart

of Discord with few Christian communities, while yes I do not recommend this, I did learn a few things, that I’m not game developer all or coding or programming even though I understand it a little bit. I did enjoy set desgin in unity meaning what scene could like for movie set or something like that. 

So I need to stick to what I’m passionate about and that building YouTube with the animation software I have and orginal stories, I even tried out for a few voice acting a couple of times. 

I have experimented with off and on gaming while that’s not best idea I have managed to limit to 45min 1 per week and found games is not what I enjoy but interactive stories. 

So if you are gaming addicted you may have seen yourself drawn to anime or gameplay videos on YouTue, (while do like vr and would love to make own app one day), things I do not recommend on your fasting journey is anime and gaming even visual novels, yes I made the same mistake not thinking they were games so it not recommended.

I have even thought about quote educational games just so I can learn Japanese better since it does not have the best hiragana learning tools. But when I thought about this there was angel wars episode that said if your worthy of it you let go. 

So that why I have decided to take this fast because what I have discovered is anime is far worse addiction that I could have imagined and I do not even watch anime mostly rap battles and stuff online and even mlp show has anime tendencies as well anime adult sites to. 

And every time I think of returning it makes me lazy, unproductive etc. 

So the thing I can do is to fast these things which means starting right now I’m making so new rules to myself.


1.Christian content only anything I own but no cartoons or anime for the time being.

2.Me being Christian I will still read the Bible and have Christian music going 

3.Christian content only to kind isolated myself but not too much so I can do different things 

4.Learn this Christian trading card game I have.

5.This fast is going for 180 days rather than typical 90 days and the reason for it feels more extreme.

I would like to learn Spanish to at some point so if anyone has some pointers on that that be great. The reason is I go to real life church now and so people only speak Spanish there.

plus I will be going on vacation next week which I will totally disconnect from everything. 

My goals are to focus on thanksgiving this week and packing as well as scripts and recoding for my YouTube.

2.I have an app call nerd fitness journey which I really thought would have triggered my gaming addiction but the opposite has happened where you do see your progress, it does have story but more as back seat and you do different exercises. 

3.I do like geo chasing as good alternatives to video games and do have Duolingo as Spanish learning app.

I that about it. I have noticed this twice the moment I do not have anime everything moves forward and the moment I bring it back it feels like procrastinated or become so lazy and do anything that I want to and compare myself to others.

so now that it.


1.My Real life church 










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