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  1. I really feel like nearly all of us go through the same when starting a detox. Your post about wasting time reading news, even wikipedia. So relatable! And I read many people writing hear the same. At a certain point I was happy about staying sober with so many things. But at the end I was just sitting on the chair thinking about stuff - even that was a way for me procrastinate. All this is wasted if you dont follow your actual goal. I mean all those things, stop gaming, stop watching netflix etc. all those things are only happening because we want to have time for fulfilling our goals. But if we dont do that - than most of the hustle was/is pointless. Therefore rule Number 1 must be: Do what you are supposed to do! BUT dont think you can fall back into your addiction after you did your daily job. Because if you start gaming after doing xyz then tomorrow you might say ‚one game before I start is fine‘ and you all know how that ends. However Rule Number 1 is important, otherwise you will fall back into addiction. You need the dopamin rush of succeeding in what you are doing otherwise your cravings will be extremly high with the time. We must force ourselfs to be productive in some way for the whole day. At least for a few months until all this gets a habit AND makes fun. Meaningful things will always end up being more fun than wasting time on games etc. Stay strong bro
  2. I am reading journals on and off here since years. I really rarely hear that gaming in moderation worked for anybody. usually this only works if gaming was never really your big problem. You say overwatch and those offline games have not much power about you. The problem is right now they might not. Because you have all those more entertaining games. But once they vanish your body will try to get that dopamin in youtube netflix etc AND those games you allow yourself to play. You can try it of course. But I also dont see any benefits in gaming. You shouldnt cope with anything external, cope while solving the problems actively.
  3. I was sooo addicted to lol because I am also that competitive guy. Chased those pro goals. Luckily it took over me so fast that I knew I had to stop. So I never really got good in the game. Cant imagine how hard it is to stay away from it if you are actually a PRO eg being good in something which is so damn addictive. I literally didnt pla since 3 years or more, and I still want to restart now and then. couldnt you make a living with this game as grandmaster?
  4. I break nearly with all my good habits I built up in the last months, sadly. But not for a really long time, a few weeks only. I need to pick up again where I stopped to save the progress. From tomorrow on I want to: 1) Eat healthy again, Stick to my diet. I lost a lot of weight in the last months, although I wasnt really obese. I didnt gain anything back, but I am eating unhealthy again. Just less than before. Now I want to built up again so I need to push those calories up this time, but with healthy food and not trash. No excuses, never. That was the key last time. I never allowed myself anything. Thats why it worked really good. Food is not meant to be a replacement for a lack of fun or so. 2) Training everyday (probably 1-2 free days per week, I need to think about my training routine first) 3) Getting everything done which I have to do. There are a lot of small tasks which I postpone all the time. I want to built up a strong habit of getting things immidately done. Not procrastinating and postpone it for days/weeks. I have a lot of stuff open, nothing really time intense but still overwhelming although its really easy. However I want to finish everything which shows up in the future asap too. 4) No PC Usage in terms of useless browsing youtube netflix etc. stop this cancer for good.In the last days I wasted my time rewatching shows I dont even like lmao. I have a lot of work to do non-study things so this time I will not stay away from the internet in general but I must be productive. I guess I will also restart with playing my violine. I have time for that now. But Ill try first to establish those other things again. I am ready to restart that grind, building up strong habits.
  5. Yea I had that problem as well. Well actually it was more like @LostRiver eg eating while watching stuff. I stopped with that a few months ago. Real game changer for me. Before it was always studying alone in front my pc -> having a break in front of my pc -> eating in front of my pc -> repeat Now its a lot different. Eating in front of a movie etc. is a really bad habit it has a ton of negativ effects. Eating is way more fun in that way which leads you to eat even more usally unhealty stuff. my problem was never the weight, but I still gained a few kgs over the years. But I immediately lost them after I changed that habit(of course also changing the diet in general but you cant just eat a salad in front of your pc, together with the family its a lot of easier) But if I understood you correctly, your problem is more like eating something and afterwards watching stuff? Usually those things happen simultaneously but it probably doesnt matter I guess
  6. Thats a problem nearly everyone faces after quitting games. Its more like a internet addiction in general then. Netflix, social media, youtube whatever... all can replace the gaming addiction. Thats why you should stop thinking about what you should not do - this was tje first step. Now you should think what you should do eg following your goals. Fill up your day with work which you want to do. Built up a daily routine which you are happy about in theory - stay strong for a few weeks and those days will start to get fun. site blockers etc is huge thing which i totally recommend. But remember that anything will replace your addiction. Thats why its more important to focus on getting your work actually done. But dont think you can reward yourself with addictive stuff like gaming, browsing after doing your work. Because feeding the addiction will keep you away from doing your work at the next day.
  7. Ending a stressful job which was the only reason you stayed on track + getting sick those two things are BIG pressure on your journey of staying sober. Everyone can stay on track when they are occupied with easy jobs which you dont have to procrastinate. Thats why most of the gamers who have a non-study intense job eg working with their hands never have a problem with gaming. But students do have. More freedom, more procrastination So yea learn from that. You need to change tje environment for good or built up the strength to stay sober while staying in that environment.
  8. Hi So yea I failed that oral exam. I did nothing really after I wrote that other exam. I knew I couldnt make it - this time It was probably actually true. But still I should have worked anyways but I didnt. Felt extremly overwhelmed, stressed myself tremendously, totally without any sense. But yea I wrote that over and over again, I learnt a lot about myself in the past months. Maybe its a good time to sum somethings up 1) Never think you need to master a subject. Just get into it. Dont try to max out one subject and then go to next - no, just go over everything thats much more efficient + its less overwhelming meaning I will work harder and more often since its easier to do. 2) You can change everything u want. It just needs time to feel normal. Its kind a funny but I never imagined a day without my pc. It was not that I had to use it, eg going outside with friends was always a priority, but when I was at home I never had really alternatives. Or not eating in front of my pc. Those were things I couldnt really imagine not-doing them. But you can change all of that pretty easily 3) Change the damn environment. Unfortunately something you cant so always but if you can do it. Aolved nearly all of my problems, but real strength must come from yourself. I read a journal here from someone else, that guy said he thinks getting a girlfriend prevents him from relapaing. Which I totally agree with since it gives positiv energy and we all stay strong while feeling good. But that Guy was bad at dating, got disappointed a few times and instantly relapsed. -> you cant rely on that. Its a good boost but dont rely on it. Well This is the first time since years I actually got time. Normally I failed an exam and the next exam was just 2 months away so I had to reatart immidately.This time I made all exams just 1 missing. And the next date for it is in like 6months. I wont start studying until maybe 2-3 months left. Because its simply not necessary. Thats why I have some free time now where I want to built up strong habits. Basically lost keeping track of everything after I wrote that final exam and this oral one was left. Its late now so I will try to write here tomorrow again, clarify what I want to do and how.
  9. Hi, I wrote that exam now, and there is the chance that I made it apparently. But I have to wait for the final results. All the work I did before was once again enough although my routine was far away from perfect. It proves again that you just have to keep going, no need to be anything near perfect. Sadly I learnt that lesson soo late. This perfectionism always lead to doing 0 work. Well now I have to do an oral exam. Which is really the last step into finally being able to rejoin the university. I got a really, really tough examiner in the exact subject where I have my weaknesses... This isnt something I can change really quickly to be honest, I cant improve that subject so much in this short time. So this will most likely end bad. However - I want to study the next days steady to improve at least a bit. Thats the best I can do and especially I dont want to fall into bad habits again even if I fail that oral exam this time. Getting back to my routine of studying, doing my sports and stuff from now on again. Will start my counter tomorrow once again.
  10. Having a life, in which you are successful in following your goals, everyone can stay strong and not relapse. But you dont always have those external motivators to stay on track. You are right tho 1) Change the environment is one of the most important point. Because some people try to do it the hard way, like having the pc infront of their nose and instead of touching it, they want to read in a book all day - thats obviously way tougher than blocking every website and studying in the library. But remember that you have to stay strong too.
  11. best feeling ever! Gz!
  12. Its pretty normal how you feel... Not to game wasnt really a big problem for me, because I filled that time with netflix etc. because I am a type of that guy. Other people fill it with social media etc. but ALL of them are as problematic as gaming. So after I wanted to quit with internet in general it became very hard(like for u) because there is thia huge void in your life. Days feeling ‘wasted’ because you didnt game, it really needs time until you adjust to non gaming-days. So stay patient. I think you ahould take extremly care whether you want to continue staying in touch with your frienda via discord or w/e you are using. They are obvioualy triggering the gaming urge in you
  13. Nowadays I really am not committed to actually give my best. The exam is in like 2-3 weeks. Right now its more then questionable whether I make it. It means so much to me to make it, not because I just want to pass it, I want to pass it because then I am finally able to re-enter univeraity with classes and all that. This is the chance to finally get into a healthy environment again instead of sitting all day at home without any structure. It would make things so much easier. Thats the main reason Why I want to do it this time. I am not like relapsing in huge sense I am just not committed and I dont do promodoros etc. I still study but not enough. I thought a lot about that today once again. Thats why I want to commit fully towarda my goal of passing thia exam. I know its useless to say ‘from tomorrow on Ill do 20 hours of studying!’ Because this will actually lead to doing 0 hours. I learnt that now. I just want to get back to: - 10 Promodors per Day meaning 5 hours in total, starting asap after waking up - additionally to do doing old exams every day That is no problem because I did this with success for many weeks already. And this should be enoguh to pass the exam I think. I just want to promise and give my word to myself and everyone who is reading this that I will stick to this at least until the exam. I am really willing to do this so I can pass this exam once and for all.
  14. Currently studying math subjects which is really exhausting lmao But its nearly done, I hope i can be more focused then. The more exhausting things are the less focused & disciplined I am. Pretty natural I guess. Other than that the day was fine. Had some cravings because of the stress somehow sticked to the plan anyway. Today I once again didnt study with thw promodoro system. Tomorrow I want to change that. The other tasks I mentioned yesterday, I did them all. Felt really good to finally not to have to stress about that as well.
  15. Day was fine, finally again a structured day without mindless browsing etc I study and use my freetime to actually make breaks and not just watch a vid which exhausts even more. Tomorrow I need to do some non-study tasks, which are important. Writing a few mails, prepare some stuff for an appointment etc. These things are always there in the background which stress me a lot. Time to get them done so I can focus more on the really important things.