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  1. Gotta restart, to count days again! Sport: 0 Days Studying at least 10 Promodoros: 0 Days No PC Usage until Daily Tasks are done: 0 Days Reporting here everyday how my plan for the day looks like: 0 Days
  2. I think there are multiple reasons for that. 1) Why do you game? Are you doing it because of fun or to escape RL? Not everyone needs to escape RL, because they don’t struggle with anything. Not because they are awesome, its most of the time because their goals are not really set high, maybe they dont even have goals. Just daily wake up go to work and then do whatever you want. If you dont need to escape anything, I see a lot less reasons that you get hooked compared to someone who is gaming. 2) Is that game competitive or just single player stuff? Do you want to reach a high rank? Those things let you get hooked quickly if you are that type of a guy. No need to have a reason to escape rl then, because gaming is your goal. I think there are many more reason, but I think the BIGGEST thing are your circumstances in RL. Do you have problems? Do you have a rough time? Are your goals overwhelming you? Those are IMO the major trigger that you get addicted by anything. Thats how the brain works -> hard task, na Dont want to do that -> easy task & dopamin, lets go for it
  3. Okay I understood now what your intention is. Good luck on your way 🙂
  4. For me it was the same. I also made none/very low amount of progress, because I didnt face the problems. Last year I actually started with that, and suddenly I made decent progress. For me the key was to change my environment. Finally I had no reason to play/procrastinate etc. I am pretty sure, if I make my exam and re-enter university, my problems will pretty much vanish due to the proper schedules then. Imagining I would play again, would ruin all that for 100% for me. I think we have the same points, mainly that quitting alone is useless, its about what you replace it with and whether the replacement targets your real problems. But we have different conclusions for that, if I got it right you simply think there is no reason to not-game. You could say then, if you now found ‚the solution‘ aka facing the real problems, why dont you face them while staying sober? Yes I know it feels like shit, but the potential downside stepping back into gaming is huge(basically getting hooked for years again). The only reason I see right now to get back to gaming is to feel good. And thats not the best reason as we all know.
  5. And about Cam&Anonymous Gamers. I dont care about any of them. I never watched Cam videos, nor I read his program. I also dont think a higher power made us addicts, we have free will.
  6. My main point why I quit games: Its a necessity to quit them. If I dont quit I have 0 chance to change anything. Quitting gives me the CHANCE to improve my life. It just makes it possible. But without qutting its not even possible IMO, since you will game all day once again… An heroin addict cant shoot heroin once a week and do good in his life. He will start to shot it every day.
  7. First of all: Dont think I know the ‚solution‘, my ‚advices‘ are not meant like teacher-student, I am just telling you my thoughts. I mean obviously you want people to react to your stuff, thats whats forum is for. Just giving my 2 cents, I dont want to make the impression that I want to teach you. I cant do that anyway. Like you said I am struggling myself. But you struggle too, doesnt change the fact your post contains a lot of truth anyway ;-)? Would that person be interested in shooting heroine behind a dumpster? Doubt. What about playing video games for 10h a day? Doubt. I think you are mixing things up. If everything is fine in your life, yea, you will not fall into addiction. Thats right. But your addiction already happened. Thats my point. And once that happens your life can be good, but once you play 1 game, it will fall a part once again. Thats the definition of an addict. If you are not one, then yea, you can game in moderation. But since we are both here.. o my point is that I have to discover what is ACTUALLY wrong, instead of mimicking “successful” people as Cam suggests. I can study for 10 hours a day for the rest of my life, I can go outside everyday on long walks, but if I still feel like shit, then what’s the fucking point? Yea I think the same! People need to address the real problems. My opinion: You cant face the real problems while gaming/being an addict. Thats the Main reason why you should quit. Quit, to have the actual chance to change your life/face the real problems. Well, If you can do that while you are gaming, then you are not an addict. And if thats the case for you, gz! My question: Why did you even start to quit games, if apparently you could have faced the problems back then while playing? I think you feel shit, because you sre not chasing the goals properly, didnt change the environment. And you might need to chase them for a longer time. You assume that the person is fucked up because he is a gaming addict. But what if he is a gaming addict because he is fucked up? You blame all the misery on gaming, but what if this misery led to gaming? Thats possible. Misery leads to addiction easily(like your example). But thats not the important question IMO. Since the addiction happened already. It definitely prevents you from improving your life. Do you get gratification after brushing your teeth? If you don’t, then brushing your teeth was not the right goal by definition. Sure, of course not huge boost, its equal to the amount you put in. Doing my sports isnt fun, but the results are. I didn’t say that I will binge game 24/7. But I will play when I want to. If thats the case. You dont have a problem with gaming. Then obviously you dont need to listen to any of my points. My opinion: you will not do anything to change your life as soon as you start gaming again. I think addicts are not able to moderate gaming. Thats why they are called addicts. Your point is: I game a bit so I feel better, after that I will fix my life to feel good while not gaming too. I think you will game 24/7 again because its hard to fix your life/you dont know how. What you are doing here is basically what so many people already tried but failed: gaming in moderation. I dont see hoe the state of your life will change to the better if you start to game now? You will suddenly face the problems if you are gaming? I guess your point is more like ‚Not-gaming doesnt help, nor does gaming makes my life worse, actually it brings me joy, so why not game‘? Dont get me wrong, if you getting upset because of my posts just don’t answer, I wont write again then. Dont want to give you bad vibes or anything, I really only answered because I thought it might help. Again, I am struggling myself a LOT. But restarting Lol would put me back in a place which is a LOT worser, thats why I gave you my opinion.
  8. No one said that every of your problems will miraculously vanish once you stop gaming. Its the same for me. I stopped League years ago and still didnt make any good progress in first YEARS. I think I totally have a different perspective on this, So I thought I might share it once again, in fact I wrote it plenty of times here already and many expierienced the same as well, so I am not saying anything new here Quitting the drug is a necessity but is not sufficient. You cant live a proper life as a gameaddict. Thats impossible, thats the definition of an addiction: not being able to stop things which have a negative impact on your life. So quitting is a must-do. But that doesnt mean it changes anything out of a sudden. For that you need to do more things. You cant assume quitting bad stuff will put you on the same level as people who always do productive shit. There is still a huge gap between those two people. The reason why people relapse is because its an addiction. Its the definition. And the biggest point is that they dont change the environment. No replacements, nothing. If Ou are looking for a ‚good job‘ from other people, you might start to do things which actually matter to you/others. Of course this will not happen tomorrow the road is long for that. To be good at things which actually matter is damn hard. You did well in this math exam - alright. But you ask the question: for what? Well yea thats the right question, if you just studied for no reason just because you want to ‚know math‘ well thats fcking pointless. I was one of the best in my class in every subject, but I was the only one who had a benefit from that, because they studied some stuff which you dont need good grades for(so basicslly pointless to study in school for good grades except for self educational ourpose), but I usef my good grades to study medicine(only possible with the best grades). If you dont get gratification once you hit your goals, those goals were not the right ones by definition. So you say you should address the real issue. Thats what everyone says here as well man. But you cant address the real issue if you binge game 24/7. Like I said, stop the addiction is the necessity. Not the total solution. Stop to game is hard, start to be awesome in real life so its fun, is way harder
  9. Studied for 3.5h today, happy about that. Usually I never study with music but today I had some beats running in the background, really low volume, helped me to keep me motivated a bit. Might try that again.
  10. Had a few good days now again two bad ones. The exam is in 30days. I can still do it. But there is not much time to start routines I am just thinking about one day at once thats all I want right now. For Tomorrow Ill set a goal for myself: Start at 6pm and finish before 2am. Might try mentioned routine above once again. At leaat for the 30 days I could make it. At least aomething man the next 30 days are ao unbelievable crucial for me…
  11. Mate I think you need a purpose in your life again. I remember the posts when you were occupied with work back ago. They were full of positive energy ‘no time to post here or to think about games I am so busy’ and stuff. You might try to get a job or something on a regular base so you can earn money and have a schedule once again. This will motivate you and keep you away from negative thoughts. Its really, really tough to stay on track if you dont have alternativea to gaming. As you said - no gaming only leads to nothing. I am kinda suprised you act like you understood this for the first time although this is so frequent here in thw journals of others. Everyone is experiencing this after stopping to game. Its one part of the change, its necessary but not sufficient. The next step is to chase your goals which are - well tough to follow in your case, since you do it all on your own. A schedule would help but that might be not possible since you cant go back to school again ad I remember. So you might do something instead ubtil you can stud again to get into university. Because apparently this route doesnt work. Just to put it in perspective: I quitted games etc for like 2-3 years and I made 0 progress in university anyway. I started to making progress after that time. So your 120 days of not gaming without achieving something else is nothing special. so dont be so harsh on yourself. Like I said quitting was definitely necessary.
  12. Made decent progress in the last days. Finally I start to believe I can do it after I worked through a lot of subjects. I think this motivation could last for a few days at least so I can continue to make okayish gains. Thats all I am looking for tbh, because I think it will be enough at the end. Just need to keep going Will go for 5 hours of studying again tomorrow.
  13. So literally blocked all devices now. Nothing left. If I dont make it now, I am gonna lock this shit somewhere(physically). Because I just dont start somehow. But I also just waste time with family and stuff, but I hope once these big triggers are gone it works better. Starting again with this, I simply cant just study properly without taking care of these other things. They influence each other and my undesired behaviors are really connected too, so if I fail on one spot I usually tend to forget everything and relapse fully. There are these moments where I get pushed out of my daily routine, and then I usually am totally not in mood to start my tasks. I need a routine for such situations as well - like resting an hour, drink a coffee, push myself a bit and then go back to the work even if feels bad. Thats the plan, once again. Day 0 Of Sticking To The Routine Studying: | Workout: | Eat Healthy: | No PC Usage until daily routine is completed:
  14. Oh yea, and I am going to reinstall my OS now. I wont use my backup, instead I will only use my browser for my tasks, so basically every page will be blocked except sites to study with/other work I need to do for RL.
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