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  1. We are all sick of it man, seriously! The game thing is just the first step, you are done with it, but it doesnt lead you to anything if you dont chase your desired goal. I had plenty of moments feeling completely disgusted of the internet, and the more time passed the more sure I am about the fact that I wasted a lot of years online and It might be better to try a few years completely without it(in terms of entertaining which is probably 90% of our time, even if we think we are ‘productive’). Socializing in the internet does not work, thats a wasted time. In all the years I kept 0 contact with any of the people I met ingame or anywhere out there. Just one remained until today, but thats extraordinary I guess, especially since most of the people who socialize online are people with internet problems like us, but in contrary to us they dont want ever to change/quit. So its hard to find any reasonable people out there to chat with sometimes. So yea its wasted. Do you have any kind of schedules you are following lately? Like any appointments on a daily basis? I think thats really important to start aocializing again, especially if you dont visit school/dont work. Its hard to meet people while everyone is having a standard life and you are not. It was the same for me until I changed some things and met new people. What happend with your plan of working out a long-time studying plan? I thought that was a great idea tbh!
  2. This is a forum for people which have problems with things like reddit or internet in general. Its a place for people which want to move on, not use even more stuff like reddit. No one said its anything special. Of course its monetized, but you dont have to pay to use the forum.
  3. Day 1 Of Sticking To The Routine Studying: Check!(3Hours) | Workout: Check! | Eat Healthy: Check! | No PC Usage until daily routine is completed: Check! Good day. Not much to improve, only need to extend the studying to 5 hours again. Other than that need just to continue. The I will make it.
  4. I am gonna make a new form as well, to count days. it always helped me. I am so close to my goal man, its unbelievable. after I failed that exam, I had to wait half of a year to do it again, now its just 1-2 months until I get another chance. Its so crucial to do it. It will be such a gamechanger. Day 0 Of Sticking To The Routine Studying: | Workout: | Eat Healthy: | No PC Usage until daily routine is completed:
  5. Didnt study for two days. I am failing to built the routine, the exam is near, only like 6-8 weeks left. I need to study consistent now, I know the amount is doable. I have one goal for tomorrow: To start as early as possible, even if I only study 1 hour. I feel like this has always a big influence, I always say ‚I am studIng later, still much time left today, I will be early 100% today‘, I am underestimating the fact that these thoughts never work out and at the end its again studying in the evening/night or not learning at all. So yea. One goal for tomorrow: Start the day with the usual routine, but then start the study session ASAP
  6. You are embracing this already with feeling great after finishing that stuff!
  7. Crazy story man! I think a lot of people here made similar experiences, so you are definitely right here. I relate to many points as well, I never had much pressure as a kid, but especially these inner conflicts keep gaming vs start studying was/is really common for me as well. I can tell you, after some time, you will not miss games, you will not really think like today as ‚how can I live without games its a part of me‘. I had the same thoughts about internet usage in general, but nowadays I dont care being online or not. It just vanished after months/years. So stay patient and strong until your system rebuilt it self healthy. Good luck
  8. Learnt 2.5 Hours yesterday, today started a bit earlier(still way too late) and studied for 3 hours. I have the usual - ‚will I make it‘ thoughts, and the usual ‚i need to study harder‘ etc. but usually these things lead me to feeling overwhelmed and once again not doing anything at all. So I am gonna keep going as it is, main target is to go for 5 hours again. Then when I want I can still exceed it on those specific days, I guess thats more helpful than planning ‚tomorrow I will go for 7 hours‘ and then actually doing 0 hours because I feel too overwhelmed from even starting. Other than that, I need to fix my diet, restart my workout routine.
  9. Keep going! Btw you can use the same thread instead of opening a new one for every post. So all your journal entrys are together in one place
  10. 4-5Years since I quit League. Never had any problem with any other game. A few months ago I started to play CoD again, I REALLY like it, but I can just stop whenever I want, I get bored of it after a few hours etc. But yea, I basically never game nowadays, because I simply dont want to, I would like to play Lol again, but I know I would get hooked immediately. Love to play together with friends IRL on consoles still! Of course those things are np for me, but for ppl who have a general problem with games, they should just dont touch anything. Dont think you can moderate. Its not possible, otherwise you would never have been addicted in first place. However I experienced that all the detox, doesnt matter what, cant help you to success. Its NECESSARY but but not SUFFICIENT. If you have problems with self control, you have to quit these things(games, internet, netflix) in total, because they prevent you from doing anything. But just because you quit, it doesnt mean you will use your time 100% productively from that point on. And I am still on the part of this, doing stuff I am actually supposed to do. I am looking forward to actually achieving this. Right now I think the environment is a big problem and you need to change it to truly change yourself. At least thats what I am thinking since last year, where somethings changed suddenly(partly luck, part decided for myself), and suddenly many problems solved itself. Earlier I always thought ‚you have to stay strong‘ ‚stay diciplined‘. Thats important yes. But sometimes its just better to not buy the sweets in first place instead of buying them and put them next to you and still trying to ‚stay strong‘ and hold on to the diet. I hope you get that metaphor lmao, I think its pretty accurate. What I wanna say with it: You must stay disciplined, but you can make it easier. Sometimes the environment doesnt allow you to stay away from games, because all your friends are gamers. You inevitably relapse due to this. So maybe you need to leave those friends -> and suddenly you stay sober for years. So the environment is a big, big thing IMO. I always tried to stay strong, 4-5 years, It never worked out until last year, where the environment changed a bit.
  11. Learnt 2.5 Hours today, didnt feel hard at all. Its just so hard to start. It seems an overwhelming task but once you start and make progress, you realize if you make this progress every day for weeks, then its more than possible. Tomorrow I just want to start earlier, even if its just 2 hours again.
  12. Yea its a pretty common follow-up problem after quitting games that you still lack of disciplin/routine to actually do what you are supposed to do eg paperwork. That kind of proves to me that the games were never the real problem, but a booster. That was a thubg I learnt after many detox/tries to do things your actually supposed to do right now, no postponing. Because that is the part I think is crucial but its also the hardest one. We can always postpone everything because the alternative feels better, even if its not games or internet related. For me I can just sit together with friends and its much more fun, therefore I dont do my actual work. -> its important to cut off all extrem good-feeling-alternatives like gaming, netflix etc. but that still will not make you chasing your goals. You cant block everything, but anything could lead to avoidance. This is why you have to cut the biggest triggers(like games) and then only focus on doing your tasks as the main object. You probably should not count game detox anymore(definitely NEVER restart tho, because its a crazy booster), rather count the days which you actually did what you were supposed to do(highest priority as the very first task of the day)
  13. Yesterday I checked some discord study groups, I did that a few months ago already but back then I had other ways to get myself studying. But I think that could help now. I like the idea of sharing the cam, but I feel a bit uncomfortable to be live for so many ppl I dont know, so I might only share screen. But I think this could really help. Will try it tomorrow for sure.
  14. Oh dude I blocked everything, but instead of studying I can just lie on my bed doing freaking nothing. I really start to think that I have 0 problems with anything, not games, not youtube, not internet, nothing. I mean I quitted everything but I still dont study. And I am pretty sure its because I feel overwhelmed. I dont miss anything of those mentioned things, I dont care if quitting those things doesnt help in terms of studying. Its good to quit those fake dopamin sources anyway. Spent a lot more time with family etc. But yea I need to address this studying problem. How can I fix it, how In one way I feel tremendously overwhelmed, in other way I feel much more confident than I was last year at this time(since Last year I actually made decent progress and succeeded in many exams). But last year I also had some strong motivation due to external influence, which I cant rely on right now. Really If anyone has experience or an idea how to actually start and stick to it, let me know.
  15. Hi, sounds reasonable, I think you made a good start to quit for good. Dont worry, many people will read this, although just a few will post, thats normal here, dont lose motivation to continue to post here :)! Other than that you might read the journals of other people, because there are sooo many things which all of us faced after quitting, things which lead us to relapse and so on, you might learn from that About the meetings @Max went to some, he wrote about that in his newest journal some days ago.