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No useless videos for 90 days.


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Day 17 - Today I booked a flight to Madrid and back for a month ( I still have no Idea where I'm gonna stay, and how it is all going to happen ) so I was quite busy imaginating all that I have to do. And not for a second thought of games or videos.
Day 15 Sticking to food schedule - I am trying to go to sleep earlier and earlier, and so I combined lunch and dinner again. Not at all optimal, but it is what it is.
P.S. Tomorrow is Judgement Day (Yom Kippur) and I'm planning on fasting. So tomorrow and two days from now will both have meals that are stuffed together. Wish me luck =/

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Entry 05.10 (Yom Kippur, copied later since I was abstaining from technology and wrote it on paper)
Day 17: No gaming video or useles videos.
-Had no craving today. Was concentrated on preparing for Yom Kippur
-Came late to the shop (for food) because of yom kippur.
Day 15 sticking to food schedule
Combined 3 meals together because of Yom Kippur

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Day 18: No Gaming or useless videos
Had a bit of thoughts about it when doing my routine of cleaning up after dishes at 03:30 am as always...
Day 16: Sticking to food schedule
Ate in a messed up order again because the shop hasen't opebed yet(still within schedule just combining meals)


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23 hours ago, Lemynaded said:


Good going, keep it up!


Day 19: No Useless videos 
Had to go to shop today instead of tuesday and it messed up my day since i'm not used to it, therefor I only managed to work 1 hour on the project. That's the third day in a row, I should shame on myself... Even though it was Yom kippur and i was festing, I could still work more. At least on tuesday... Because on wednesday the fest ended at 19:00, and I've made a rule to myself to work up to 20:00 on the project... All this and cutting my workout in the middle, thinking of completing it in the eveniing, plus not finding the bill from the store to write down how much I spent made me anxious and I started thinking of our famous video game videos viewing... But, I managed to escape to cleaning the house instead. I guess it's sort of a win...

Day 17: Eating within schedule
Today I made a small change to the food schedule (for the next 5 days.


On 9/21/2022 at 3:08 AM, Yan said:

Day 4 - Having thought about whether I should really delete my Steam account, which I didn't touch for more than 5 years aswell as my Minecraft account which I also didn't touch about the same period of time..
Especially since my little brother just got a new gaming computer, and I've been thinking of handing it down to him.

(No going over food schedule day 2) - Today it has come to my attention that I'm terribly underweight. 
Height 174 cm Weight 51.9 kg.
I was already underweight, 54.5, the last time I measured, but this is a new record.

That doesn't mean I am to renag on this commitment.

I will just adjust the schedule and weight myself again in two weeks(Adding dates and avocado, about 500 calories together. Peanut butter was already there, I was just cutting down on it in the last few days because I overate it earlier.

Orange - 1 piece
Tomato - 1 piece
Cucumber - 1 piece
Tofu - 75 grams
Oatmeal(Dry before cooking) - 50 grams
Soy/oat/almond/alternative milk - 200 ml
Flux seeds - 12 grams
Brazil nuts - 12 grams
Almonds - 25 grams
Sunflower seeds - 25 grams
Bread - 3 pieces (About 90 grams, but may be more or less)
Salt - about 2 grams
Avocado - 100g
Dates - 2-3 units (about 40g)

Banana - 1 piece
Carrot - 2-3 pieces (about 200 grams)
Peas - 100 - 150 grams ( Up to 150 to end the can of 335g )
Cabbage - 35 g
Tofu - 75 g
Red Lentils(dry before cooking) - 70g
Nutritional Yeast - 6 g
Almonds - 25g
Sunflower seeds -25g
Bread - 3 pieces (about 90g)
Peanut Butter - 60g
Dates - 2-3 units (about 40g)

Apple - 1 piece
Cabbage - 35g
Spinach - 100g

Broccoli - 100g
Rice(dry before cooking) - 70g
Tahini - 50g
Salt - 2g
Dates - 2-3 units (about 40g)

I have now added:
Breakfast: 20 g almonds, 20g sunflower seeds
Lunch: 20g almond, 20g sunflower seeds, Olives up to 50g for a few dayys and Olive oil up to 50g for a few days.
Also I changed the orange for 5 days and took 5 apples instead since acid reflux caused me to have throat pain, and I didn't want to eat acidic fruits (Well apples are a bit less... That's also the reason why I took only a bit of olives to test if the irritation continues

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