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Some psychological tricks used to get us hooked

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Hi, I found an interesting link about some psychological tricks used to get us hooked (but the site could be triggering) https://www.gamedeveloper.com/design/behavioral-game-design

For example : having a lot of different activities possible, so if we're done with our principal mission, we can continue in the same game with other missions, and other missions, etc.

Making some rewards happening randomly will make us play more : what if I get the reward the next time ?

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Same with news as infotainment.

I'm at the point now where I shut down any conversation between me and my friends or family that has anything to do with the news, current events or documentaries.

Some people are so gullible, they have no capacity to think for their self and just accept anything they are told, only to turn around and regurgitate it to others as if it was of actual value.

Engaging them in conversation is exhausting to the point, it's just not worth it. Nothing of real substance or practical value. Just noise. When asking them to stop offends them, it offends them because they are addicted to gossip and I'm not willing to participate as their outlet.

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FOMO culture is one of the worst things I've with experienced with gaming myself. The notion that content is cycled out in set intervals, making you feel that you constantly miss out on something if you don't continue to play. And to make it worse the content often comes in the form of a seasonal pass or micro-transactions which drains your wallet at an alarming rate. You can call the game free-to-play all you want but in the end it's just another expression for maximizing profit.

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