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  1. Day 12 ✔️ Sleep : going to bed before 0:00 -> it was 0:50. I could sleep in, but I won't be able to do it tomorrow Shower : take one -> not ok, but not a big deal Meals : take all of them -> ok Sport : 15min -> I took a long walk instead Spanish : 15min -> ok Task : doing 1 long or unusual task -> ok, 1 unusual task (I continued to tidy up) Internet : surfing 45min max -> I didn't measure it, but I was above that. I still think about playing video games, but I know that I will spend hours and hours on them, and I will feel li
  2. Day 11 ✔️ That was a productive day, that was nice 🙂 Sleep : going to bed before 0:00 -> not ok, it was ~1:00, but it's not so bad, since I could sleep in Shower : take one -> ok Meals : take all of them -> ok Sport : 15min -> ok (happy for that) Spanish : 15min -> ok Task : doing 1 long or unusual task -> ok, I said that was a productive day (I tidied up and cleaned) : 1 long+unusual, 1 long and 1 unusual Internet : surfing 45min max -> I didn't measure it, but it wasn't excessive
  3. Day 6-10 ✔️ Yeah, ten days ! But during these days, like a lot of people, I wasn't motivated, and so I wasn't really productive. I'll try to be more ambitious about the things I want to do : Sleep : going to bed before 0:00 Shower : take one Meals : take all of them Sport : 15min Spanish : 15min Task : doing 1 long or unusual task Internet : surfing 45min max
  4. Day 3 & 4 ✔️ Again these days, I've been tired during the evenings. I even took a nap of 1h30 on day 3, it wasn't on purpose. Need to sleep earlier :s Day 5 ✔️ (not finished yet, but I guess it will be fine) Not tired, since I could sleep in (it's Saturday), but I wasn't motivated. I spent a lot of my free time watching anime, at least it's not video games. I'd like to do more productive things, but it's not easy.
  5. Day 2 ✔️ This day, I felt more focused during work, maybe because of a slightly better sleep, or the lack or video games (or both). But this evening, I was really tired, maybe more than yesterday. I guess the excitation I get usually with video games prevents me to feel tired. I know I need to sleep more, but it's hard to go to bed early. Yesterday, I checked the news about a video game on the internet, but didn't find anything. I shouldn't do that, that's why I didn't do it today. See you
  6. Hi good luck ! I could be your accountability buddy if you want ^^ Don't give up, even for 5min. If you feel like you waste your time, try to not waste it by doing some basic tasks. It's not much, but it's better than nothing. And playing several hours in a game brings next to nothing IRL.
  7. Hi, I know the pandemic sucks, but we can do so many things on the internet. You said you want to explore, you can watch so many parts of the world on youtube for example : a country, a city, nature (mountains, beaches, forests, animals, etc.) You can search almost anything on the internet, on wikipedia for example. The only problem, is to know what to search ^^ You could make a list of what you want to explore or learn. When I'm bored, I listened to some music and I do some tasks, or just surfing a bit on the internet (not too long). You could try to listen to epic mu
  8. Stay strong ! I think you've made the right choice. It's not easy to say no, but you did it. This way, you reduce the risk to relapse. Other people think it is not a big deal to play video games, but it is for us, it's one of our weaknesses. Like cigarettes, alcohol, gambling are a weakness for some people. Try to find something else to do or share with him (funny videos, memes, etc.) With more than 200 days, continue like that, you're inspiring.
  9. Hi, good thing you want to stop these hobbies that are destructive for you (and us). Better late than never, good luck for the hard (but rewarding) journey ahead.
  10. Day 1 : ok I was really tired this evening, because of the lack of sleep, and not being excited with video games. I will go to sleep earlier than usual 👍 I also did some tasks this evening, because I didn't spend hours with video games, or surf on the internet. I was really bored a moment, so I listened to a dynamic music, that was better. See you
  11. Day 4 ✔️ I feel like it’s been 14 days, but no, only 4. Maybe because I have too much time on my hands now. Even if I haven’t slept enough, I felt good this day. Work wasn’t stressful, that was nice. When I came home, I focused on my chores, without internet, without music. And when I was done with a chore, I did another chore, etc. Only when I was done with almost everything, I relaxed. Usually I never do that, I do the bare minimum, and tell myself that I’ll do the rest during the weekend, and it never works ^^ Spanish : ok, work out : not yet, went to bed aroun
  12. Day 3 ✔️ Spanish : ok (only a few minutes), workout : nok, went to bed around : 3:30 (nok) A little moment of sadness in the evening. Since I wasn’t really productive during the weekend, I told myself : “What’s the difference between now and when I play ? If I play or not, I am not productive. So what’s the point of quitting video games ?” And I remember that it is basically my state of mind when I relapse : “no great difference than before, so let’s go back to gaming, at least I will be “productive” (“achievements”, rewards, etc.)” So for now it isn’t an urge to play, but
  13. Thank you for your feedback. In fact, I'm not interested by other games, but only by 1, for 5 years.
  14. Hi, as I said to someone else about urges : "Distract yourself from that. You can watch funny things on the internet (youtube, 9gag...), or do something else enjoyable. It's even better if you do something productive (any chore), you will feel good about yourself. But I know it's not easy to do something productive when we have urges." You can listen to music, or listen to music and doing a chore. Try to do it during 5 minutes (5-minute rule), and then relax or do something else if you don't want to continue after these 5 minutes. Try to relax, try to think about something else
  15. Distract yourself from that. You can watch funny things on the internet (youtube, 9gag...), or do something else enjoyable. It's even better if you do something productive (any chore), you will feel good about yourself. But I know it's not easy to do something productive when we have urges.
  16. So maybe listen to a different genre of music that doesn't remember you your addictions. I think that stopping too many things (games, junk food, soda, porn, music) may be too much to handle on the long term. And that you may relapse because of that. If you think you can handle it, good luck
  17. Why do you stop listening to music ? This can be wonderful for your morale
  18. Don't do that, almost anything but that.
  19. As I said, try to avoid any content related to videogames. If you are addicted to wow, writing some fiction about it isn't a good idea I think. You are fueling the desire to play this game. You can still write some fantasy fiction, but it should be really different that the wow universe. I was thinking about lord of the rings, but there are a lot of common elements (orcs, elves, dragons, etc.). It could be about Greek mythology for example.
  20. Hi, when I decided to go back to gaming, it was because I didn't want to miss new things in the game (guild wars 2 is an online game, with regular updates). And the fact that I spent so much time doing nothing really productive (a lot of surfing on the internet) : at least I could be "productive" in the game, by getting "achievements", rewards, etc. I would check the website of the game, and their forum, to see the new contents, the current topics. Now I don't check these sites, so I am not tempted. When I was gaming, it was during almost all the evening after work (and a part o
  21. Day 2 ✔️ As I said, I relaxed (music, surfing on the web, a bit of a tv show...) and did some chores. I haven't done a lot of chores, but it was better than nothing. I spent more time with my family. I practiced Spanish, but I didn't work out. I'll try to do this today. I went to bed pretty late (~2am), I could have done better. But since my primary objective for now is not playing games, it's ok for me. I wasn't even tempted at all 🙂 I also used excel to write all the tasks done yesterday, with green check marks. I write also about Spanish and work out, and put a
  22. I watch these shows on my computer (download or streaming). For the epic music, I listen currently the youtube channel "really slow motion" (ultra frost, maelstrom...). There are similar channels, like audiomachine, immediate music. I listen to relaxing music too, like Ludovico Einaudi (divenire, primavera). You should avoid any content that could trigger the desire to play again, it's too risky. I don't listen the music related to my game for example, because I will want to play again if I do ^^
  23. You're looking for the excitement you had in these games. You can find it elsewhere, for me I can find it in music (for example : epic music), or exciting tv shows (the boys, attack on titan, etc.). It won't be exactly the same, but at least there won't be all the negative impacts of the games. You can watch funny things too. I see you work out a lot, I guess you can have some nice sensations in your muscles. There are a lot of different things we can do in the real world, that give joy, excitement, good feelings.
  24. Yes, that's me ^^ Boredom is my main problem when I relapse. I have to keep me busy with other things. And the fact that I will miss some "rewards"/content in the game (daily, weekly, monthly...). Thank you, I relax and do some chores for now. It's satisfying to get rid of these chores ^^