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  1. Society has it wrong. We don't need to be stimulated 24/7. Turn off the TV, Internet, Cellphone. Shut out the world. Detox. BE ALONE WITH YOUR OWN THOUGHTS. People who have never been alone, will find it very scary. May even feel guilty. Over time, you'll never find as much freedom than what you have in your own bubble. Again, society has it wrong, it's ok not to get married, it's ok not to have kids, it's ok to work hard, pay your bills then go home and do nothing. YOU'VE EARNED IT. People ask me at work what did you do this weekend. I tell them "Exactly what I wanted to do", absolutely nothing. And I loved every minute.
  2. Married. That will do it right there. And I'm not just talking about video games. My best friend recently got married. Even though we never played video games together, it was for lack of better words, game over for him. I eventually stopped asking him to events, because it had to be approved by the wife. No thanks. Hanging out with the boys for me was just card games, darts, and watching sports, but for you it was multi-player video games. I see both, as the same. They are both social events. No different than if you and your fiends met at the park daily or weekly to play sports together. Or watched sports together. Or went to the movies... Or went to a bar... Or went out to eat. I never was into multi-player games, for me, video games were an escape from people. Single player, story rich. Now, I too am Moderating, and changing the types of games I play. Just for different reasons. Glad to hear about your success!
  3. OP is long gone by now, so my reply is for anyone else who may be in a similar situation. You can only fix you. Tenants have rights. Even if they are lazy or don't contribute to society. Not happy? Start the dialog. If they won't cooperate, plan your exit. Process the evection or start the divorce proceedings. You'll have your own place. They'll have their own place. Then keep inviting them to events, but you have to understand, it's entirely up to them to accept your invite. Simple as that.
  4. Convenience is one reason. Another is cost. Not just money, but time and energy. Investing into people is often just a huge waste. You give and give and they take and take. I worked hard to pay for the home I have. I have everything I want at home. Diversify. I have several hobbies that I can do at home. It's great.
  5. Same with news as infotainment. I'm at the point now where I shut down any conversation between me and my friends or family that has anything to do with the news, current events or documentaries. Some people are so gullible, they have no capacity to think for their self and just accept anything they are told, only to turn around and regurgitate it to others as if it was of actual value. Engaging them in conversation is exhausting to the point, it's just not worth it. Nothing of real substance or practical value. Just noise. When asking them to stop offends them, it offends them because they are addicted to gossip and I'm not willing to participate as their outlet.
  6. Am I even welcome here? To be clear, I quit playing violent video games. As I look around this site, it seems "gamers" "gamer" and "gaming" etc addicts associate with VIOLENT games. Going out on a limb here, I'm starting to think some people are addicted to simulated KILLING. Explains why the entire gaming market is saturated with violent genre vs non-violent. Just look at TV and Movies, saturated with violence. In my opinion, in my observation, there is more killing on TV than sex. I find that odd. I have no plans to quit playing non-violent games, as I go months without playing any game, video or non-video, simply because there are very few non-violent, non-sport, games available for adults. House is paid for. Car is paid for. Education is paid for. Over 25 years in my career. So this site is probably not for me since it's primary focus is toward addicts. With that said, I would love to know how many addicts are addicted to and only addicted to, non-violent video games vs how many addicts are addicted to both violent and non-violent video games. I have a theory.
  7. It's depressing having to wade through all the shit that's out there to find games that have nothing to do with killing.