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I keep messing up


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So these couple of months after I moved, I have been messing up constantly. I suck at managing my time and feels like all my goals are crumbling away like sandcastles at the beach. I have tried to control myself but my problem always comes up: I cannot control myself.

One of the main problems that occurred to me was opening a new tab when I am working on either homework or other important things. I open a tab and search up random thoughts and it wastes my time. Another problem is I keep waiting to do the harder tasks and people have told me to do the harder tasks first but I always fail. This is why I am messing up now and I need advice on how to improve myself.

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Do you like to think about your future? Because if your future is important to you, you should remind yourself why you do certain things and not others. Think 2nd and 3rd order consequences. Also why tempt yourself if you can't control it: Ban websites which are harmful to your health. Set up a schedule for your week and each day should include a little reserved time spot where you reflect on the planned day vs. how it turned out. If there are differences you should ponder on why it happened that way and how you can set up a day where you will be more successful adhering to your schedule. If temptation is the main reason really consider altering your environment until it is devoid of potential triggers and only rule back on those when you feel competent enough to endure them without relapse.

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On 12/6/2021 at 7:17 PM, hemonkey said:

I cannot control myself.

That's normal.  No one has complete control over their body and mind.  So much is happening beyond one's ability to notice, let alone truly comprehend.  We are all animals and we are all flawed.

I'm starting with this because it seems like you're being a bit hard on yourself.  You say you mess up constantly but that can't be true.  You say you suck at managing time and all your goals are crumbling away.  However, I'm sure that if you take the time to look at it closely you'll find that there's still something left of those sand castles if not simply enough sand around to start making new ones.

You sound pretty depressed or anxious mate.  I think you should consult a psychotherapist.  I'm sure they can help you understand why you seem to lose control so often and what you could do about it.  It sure has helped me a whole bunch and as much I still "lose control" often, I'm getting much better at getting back up and continuing from where I left off.  I hope that you can say the same about yourself one day.

Take care mate.  Show yourself some kindness and affection.  Peace out. ❤✌

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