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About Me

  1. I joined this site on 2017. Did not stick Came back on and off, quitting never stick But now I really want to quit to grow in the job I like and have more friends plus live a more fulfilling life Hope I can give and find support to complete this journey To myself later on and whoever read this note: Good luck, keep hope alive and I love you, you deserve all the better things in life
  2. Hello everyone who is reading this. Remember quitting video games on November 1st, 2020 because my money were being wasted, my goals on my to-do list was not fully checked off, and using video games to escape reality too sadly. My Dad introduce me into video games since I was a toddler (I still remember that picture), but my Dad lack any reasons to find a job, all talk and no action to start his own business, and he lack his own money for a 50 something year old man. It's sad to be honest for myself. Looking back 19 and a half years ago I was a completely different person at the time. My life was becoming negative very quickly for me. I was out of shape 19 and a half years ago. And I lack any clear goals for myself. Hopefully who is reading this will get through your own struggles in life as a long term and find your own success.
  3. Hello all! Starting today, I’ll be logging my daily progress in this journal. Today marks my 2nd full day of being game-free. Over the past 2 days, I’ve dived headfirst into my new hobby of drawing, and it’s a whole new world. There’s so much to learn and it’s honestly pretty overwhelming, but I’m just taking it a day at a time as I attempt to figure out my next steps. I’ve taken a drawing course on Skillshare and I’m debating whether I want to invest in more courses or just plunge into the drawing itself. I’m also already looking into drawing tablets (admittedly it is a bit early for all that and I am low on funds, but I digress), with the iPad Air looking like a good fit. I’m looking forward to seeing that constant measurable growth over time the longer I stick with it (which I hope I will!). In other news, I’m getting back into my spiritual pursuits. Spirituality is something I’ve taken great interest in over the past few months, with Buddhism and Taoism being of particular interest to me. I’ve started reading the Upanishads, which are Hindu texts famous for their spiritual wisdom and guidance. I plan to go through these as well as the Bhagavad Gita and the Dhammapada over the next few weeks. I also decided to take a break from social media to focus on spiritual growth. All in all, I’m excited for what lies ahead and I’m proud of myself for being able to get into the swing of things so quickly. I’ll be back tomorrow with updates.
  4. I'm hooked on a video game. Everyday I get up and say I won't play it today or I'll just play for a short time - that hasn't worked. I also tell myself I'll start "quitting" tomorrow and of course I haven't. Hence, I'm here. I"ve put a password on my phone only my husband knows so I can't access google play to download the game. I also removed my android device from my laptop, so I can't install the game from there. I'm guessing these actions will support the other work I must do to stop. I've read the materials offered at this site, found them helpful and will use the information to guide me on my path. One thing I know about myself is that making myself publicly accountable has helped me in the past; I've had success quitting a smoking addiction (10 years now) by joining a group. Knowing that I had to show up and be accountable for my choices helped me think about my behavior in the moment. So here I am, and I'm grateful to be here, making the commitment to not play video games. I plan to check in everyday to share my choices and explain myself as needed. If anyone is out there that would be interested in buddying up (check in on me, I'll check in with you) to mutually offer support/encouragement, that would be fantastic. Otherwise I'm going to just imagine that's the case, that someone is seeing what I'm writing. 🙂 Finally, it's taken my a while to come here because I feel such shame about this addiction; it all seems so ridiculous, yet here I am. I was thinking about joining one of the meeting groups to find additional support and wondered if anyone found that helpful? And about the shame part, I'm too embarassed to tell anyone I know what's going on, my husband knows and is supportive of my quitting. Just wondering how other people handle these feelings. Thanks for listening. Peace out.
  5. MIssed 2 days posting, hmmm. So much for commitment to a daily journal. Not feeling too bad about this, well really not bad at all because I have attended a GAA meditation meeting daily at 8 am Pacific time. I find starting my morning off with the meditation and sharing sets me up for success the rest of the day. I am inspired by the people that show up, share their story, coping mechanisms, and sucesses. The meditation and reading calm/center me and give me an anchor to return to throughout the day. Today will be my 5th day without a video game as part of daily activities. It's not hard to find other things to do - walk, art projects, reading, connecting with friends. While these things happened when I was playing games - the game was always in the back of my mind. I'm finding that's diminished greatly and when it does show up I think back to the meditation or tell myself this is just a thought, I don't have to follow through, take a few deep breaths and immediately find something to do. While I'm feeling some success, thoughts of letting go of journaling every day occur to me. That seems premature and a set-up for failing. So through Feb, I'll continue journaling and reconsider the 28th. Particularly if I am meditating everyday. Glad to be here, it helps, and wish everyonne on this path success. Peace out.
  6. Day 1: I did write on my first day the other day. I ended up playing again. Today doesn't feel so great. I didn't plan out my day. I feel like it's a little difficult to do so with two kids, so my schedule is never going to be precise. I have tried to schedule my day out. But I've never got to doing anything on my list. Probably because I really didn't want to do it in the first place or I didn't push myself enough to do it. So right now, I'm feeling like crap, thinking about a lot of things. Money mainly. I'm a stay at home mom, I'm constantly failing my insurance state exam. Next week will be the 4th time I'm taking it. Besides doing that, I'm trying to figure out what sort of business I want to create and nothing comes to mind. I don't have experience in anything and I don't know what my skills are. So this is how my morning is going. It sucks but I don't want to give up.
  7. This is my story: I got addicted to video games during the Covid lockdown days. My family did not want me to step outside the house, due to which I started feeling very lonely. I also did not have a phone and was not allowed to use social media which made it even worse. This was when I started playing Roblox, a game that I already used to play and over time, I got addicted due to the ability to socialize and because of excessive use and play time, I got addicted. I'll tell you this, if covid hadn't come and I hadn't felt lonely, I would have just socialized with my friends like how I used to pre-covid, but due to the fact that I was unable to really talk with anyone for 2 whole years, I got desperate. The good news, however, is that I realized quite quickly that I have a video game addiction and immediately started taking steps to quit video games. So I haven't really experienced much loss. However, even a year of sadness and losses was hard enough for me. So the main thing that made me choose to make a difference in my life was the options that I had: Either I just keep playing video games and let my life suck OR I could quit video games and make an attempt at having a better life That was when I made my decision and ever since, I am never going back. I love GameQuitters and the initiative Cam Adair has taken and really appreciate the work you do for gamers around the world. So, Thank you everyone and feel free to give me some socializing tips.
  8. Hello! Today I'm grateful for: The weather My brain The car My teachers Food
  9. First of all, I would like to mention that English is not my main language. I apologize. Childhood At the age of 4 I started to play 'Super Smash Bros' always after school with my brother's 'Nintendo 64' (he's 9 years older than me). That's when the problem started. At the age of 6 (more or less) I started to play 'PS2'. I used to play videogames like 'Star Wars Battlefront 2', 'Rachet and Clank', etc. Youth At the age of 10 my parents bought to my brother and me a 'Xbox 360'. That's when it becomes a real problem. I stopped making exercise, I got fat and I rarely met with my friends in that stage of my life. My parents didn't get too worry about it because the only thing they kept in mind were school marks. So in those courses before Highschool I really got pretty good marks without making too much effort. At the age of 12 I started highschool and the problem continued. But League of Legends and Minecraft appeared in my life when my best friend and I watched my brother was playing those games. That's when we started to play them. We also convinced some classmates to play LOL with us. My marks started to getting worse. I started to play more to scape the reality because my family told me my mother got cancer when I was 11. At the age of 16 my mother died by cancer. She was the only person in that stage of my life who really cared of me. I continued playing as a way of scaping reality but without forgetting my responsabilities. Young Adult (A Levels - Preparation to University and University First Years) At the age of 18 due to an ensemble of bad circumstances (not due to the fact that gaming in that stage of my life) I didn't pass the last course of "Preparation to University" so I had to prepare it again. Since this point in my life I started to think I wasn't as good learning as I thought to be. That's when my addiction came really hard to scape those bad thoughts about myself. But after spending so much days that year gaming, I realized I have to do something with my life so I started to study Maths everyday to enter in Computer Science Degree. I got it. At 19 I started university, I got relaxed and I started to play again, I only passed 2 out of 5 subjects in the first semester. That made me play more to scape reality, and I was diagnosed with dysthymia. The course got finished and I only passed 3 subjects out of 10. Consequently, my father told me if I didn't pass all subjects next year, I would have to leave the university because he wouldn't pay for it anymore. Next year I got diagnosed with anxiety. Despite that, I could study without gaming too much because I wanted to continue studying the degree. I achieved to pass 6 out of 8 subjects. Afterwards, my father stopped to pay for my degree. So thanks to saved money I had, I decided to live in a shared flat near to the university to continue studying. What's more I got independence from my father because I didn't want to live in their home anymore. Nowadays At 21 I started university course again, I started motivated but due to the fact I continue gaming and the several responsabilities I had like cooking, cleaning, and other kind of housework, I hadn't enough time to study the degree, so I couldn't pass the subjects. It made me play more to scape the reality. In my case there were videogames which are so cognitive as 'RTS' or related to management like 'Starcraft 2', 'Rimworld', etc. The course ended up and the summer of 2022 began. I have started to eat healthier, doing some exercise, listening some psychological podcast and music. During 2021 I met my currently girlfriend, she helped me as none had done before and she is still doing it. She makes me realize about my situation related to gaming. That's when I noticed I had a problem with it. As a result of this, I spoke with my psychologist about it. He confirmed me that I had an addiction to videogamesm so I started to search about this condition on the internet and I discovered this reddit and other sites like 'Game Quitters'. My 90 days gaming detox started the day after that discussion with my girlfriend, the 12 of August. I would love not to scape the reality, just face it, enjoying the little things of life and keep gaming as another activity just to do with your friends after doing all my responsabilities like studying, physical exercise, housework and spending time with people I love.
  10. Hi guys, Thanks for clicking on this thread. I'm here from the Respawn Program and I'm fully prepared to shake my internet addiction off! It's gonna be difficult, but I'm excited to finally live a life I can be proud of. I had to move countries a few years back and that sadly resulted in me turning fully into a shut-in whenever I wasn't at work. I have no friends in this new country and have nothing to do. I'm about to change that and become my ideal self. Frettzo
  11. Log: 22-02-21 Mood/feelings: Frustrated, Determined Aim today: Re-start ReSpawn 90 day challenge Day: 1/90 Journal entry: So, the time has come to restart my Respawn 90 day challenge due to gaming returning to my daily life. I'm not gaming for hours and hours a day, but it takes up a lot of my mental capacity, can impact my work and I've noticed that I get moody when I've not had a game at all during the day. I have a tendency to also hide my gaming habits from my wife as I feel guilty for doing it when I shouldn't. Why now? Following a hard year of COVID & lockdowns here in the UK - perfect storm for gaming - gaming has crept up and up in my daily life. There are other things I want to do in life, and I am hoping that a 90 day detox will break that cycle and hopefully stop me gaming full stop. Thoughts on gaming and its industry: In a nutshell, I feel it's all bullsh*t, none of it matters at all and it just seems to make me feel nothing but negative emotions. I haven't enjoyed it for a long time and I actually feel 'right, I have 30 minutes, I should game'. I feel used and laughed at by the companies who create the content who simply want me to pay hard earned money for virtual nothingness and I think this is an industry that, like gambling, is/will be driven by addiction. And that is just wrong. Gaming used to give me a sense of positive achievement. When younger, my life was a mess and I struggled with relationships and my father constantly put me down. I had no self-confidence. Gaming was the escape/answer I was after. I want to see more being done in terms of gaming addiction being taken seriously and for these companies to develop an awareness and ethical approach to gaming in the future (I'd be surprised if this ever happened) and be held accountable over the content they produce eg lootboxes etc. Now I am older (34) and aware of all this, it scares me to think of the money I've thrown away on games in the past - let alone the time. Moving forward: I have recently found out that I am infertile and my wife and I will have to go through IVF with a sperm donor. This has made me rethink my life, and what I want. I have recently taken up yoga, golf, meditation and general workouts/fitness. I'm focused on a healthy diet and the little things in life that mean so much to me and I'm sure others too. I've learnt recently, that small steps, lead to giant gains. so, today is the first small step to breaking this 25+ year habit that I feel has crushed and dominated me. One day at a time.
  12. hi i’m vic. i really was never a gamer until like 2016, and i got really involved and obsessed with mobile games. i started playing really crappy ones at first, and then started playing stuff like dbd, outlast, roblox, etc. roblox is the one that i became borderline obsessed with. i started about almost 3 years ago, and my life literally went downhill because of that game. i just recently ‘’quit’’ but the withdrawal is really taking a toll on me. so that’s why i’m here. i really do need like mental help lol
  13. I'm Kombat749 [Gamer Tag]. First day. Aim: No relapse I had a doubt. Is this considered as an addiction? I started playing Assassin's Creed 1, was nervous while playing, hands and feet went cold. Worried. Uninstalled. Relapsed. To Assassin's Creed 2. Same story. Nightmares, cannot sleep. The reason I played AC was because I saw a friend playing it when I was 8. Today I am 14. Saw a few GMV music videos. Liked it. Ignored age warning, as I read reviews saying it was okay. I find AC to have a sort of class and loyalty, something which I always desired. My body has become autonomous. Every time, I get up from a chair, my hand flicks, as if to draw the hidden blade. If I sit still, scenes replay. When I sleep, scenes replay. It seems every bit of memory about AC is simply trying to find a way to enter the mainstream of my thoughts. Kindly let me know, if you have discovered any tricks to counter this. Thanks for the support.
  14. DAY # - 1 Time I woke up: 6:00am Time I went to sleep yesterday: 11:30pm Physical task: walking Mental task: writing Projects: none Miscellaneous accomplishments: ~ did my oceanography test ~ had the tutoring session of ASL ~ paid $44 to cover the vocal lesson and the shortage from last week Summary of Day It was boring I had nothing else left to do... What I am grateful for today: ~ sunshine ~ spring weather ~ happiness ~ contacting with my father over Messenger Over and out!
  15. Day #2/90 Hi all, would like to do my journal because I am trying to find something else to do.. It's very hard for me to fight the urges to go back gaming during the night because this is the usual time I started playing, which has been my habits for the past years. This is my second day, and honestly, I feel horrible. It has been super tough as I keep finding myself staring at my consoles repeatedly.. However, several changes I have done: I picked up a self-paced Chinese Language class, hoping to fill the "void" I subscribed to Tidal Music for their HD music quality so I can experience the audio better I tried to sleep early I tried to avoid mindless browsing Throughout the day, I keep reminding myself why I am doing this. All those lost opportunities, experiences, and people in my life. Hope I can do my best from today onwards to follow the program (90-day detox) and the modules. Also, wishing everyone here success to finish the program. I believe we can do it! Sincerely, Tim
  16. Day 1 Well, here we are. The place I knew I've been needing to get to for a long time now. It's time to quit. It's finally time to exorcise this demon that's been controlling me for the last 26 years. And honestly... even just finally making the decision feels good. I'm not naive (or at least I'd like to think so). This isn't going to be easy. It'll be hard. Damn hard, but committing to this change has actually, surprisingly, given me a bit of hope. I'm also terrified. Gaming has, in a very real sense, been my entire life ever since I was 5 years old. I'm 31 now, and it has become such a core part of my identity that it's like carving a piece out of myself. That may sound bad, but I've long since realized that piece is a cancerous tumor, a disease. Anyway, enough with the weird metaphors. I'm here to quit gaming, just like any of you who actually read this. This is my first day sober. My goal is to never play games again. They're just plain bad for me and have ruined my life. Because of them I never gained any social skills, which means I've never had a girlfriend, have no friends, and I am miserable as a result. Let me tell you, my friends, I am tired of being miserable. I've finally reached a point where I will do just about anything if it means I won't be miserable anymore. Thank God. I'm spending too much time introducing myself instead of writing this like a personal journal, aren't I? Well, from now on I'm gonna write this like nobody's reading it, but I think that sums up my feelings for the day. I'll be back for day 2!
  17. Hey guys gaming destroyed my life and im getting it back, starting today
  18. Hey guys!! Day 1 for me. Been on this path a couple of times now. Finally taking it seriously. I feel motivated knowing there are people like me who are struggling immensely with video games. I am in high school right now. There is so much work to do and I’m worried that it will come crashing down if I continue playing video games. My poison of choice was Apex Legends. I started relatively early around before the battle pass was a thing. I am no pro player but I would say I am over the average gamer. Am I playing over 16+ hours a day. No. However think about this: I get home from school at around 5:00 on a weekday. I have 4 tests to study for in 3 days, an assignment due tomorrow which I haven’t even started and an essay do in 2 days. My work is piling up. I’m also finally seeing the failures piling up. My most recent test I got was a 59%. I did not study. What was I doing instead?Video games. I’m starting to really worry about my life. I play about 4-5 hours a day. Relatively short but I think I’m in early stages or even middle stages of an addiction. Hoping this journaling thing will work. Sincerely Daniel Tree
  19. Hello GameQuitters forum. My name is Jaspar better known online as "JasparJam". I've been playing Overwatch almost every day since it launched back in May 2016, and have been playing on and off semi professionally for about 2 years, trying to make a mark on the Australian scene. I have been playing games since about 8 or 9 years old, and discovered a talent for fps games in my early teens. The reason I am here on this forum now (and have been procrastinating on making a post for a while) is because I'm confused about my future and know I am addicted to gaming. Overwatch has not been in a place that I enjoy much for a long time now. To many players myself included, it's felt like Blizzard have neglected the game state for far too long, something not needed to be discussed in detail here. Anyhow, the result of that is lost trust with the company that regulates the game and its Esports. The waning lack of enjoyment, money and uncertain future eventually made the pursuit too undesirable to continue, at least at this stage. However, what had happened was I was continuing to play in a sort of limbo state not knowing what to do next, and also being very addicted to the feelings that come from performing well in matches. I had to play more and perform increasingly well to feel something which lead to a numbness, and eventually uninstalling the game. That's still one of the hardest decisions I've made. It's been more than a month now since I've played Overwatch, and considered it might be best to do a full digital detox for at least 3 or 4 weeks. But I've been playing other games such as csgo as a coping mechanism. Wasting a lot of time on useless internet stuff and PMO too. I read into Dopamine fasting which looks interesting but very hard to do without being fully prepared. I'm currently 20 without a job although searching, and deferring uni atm. At home most of the time. To try and help move on from Overwatch I've been putting together a montage video which is taking a lot of time, but it's also created a bunch of urges to start playing the game again. I'm basically pretty lost right now, not knowing where to go from here. I've never been as good at something like this before in my life, finding something else seems impossible right now. Many things must fill the void as well, there can't be one solution I feel. Not sure if I should be taking a temporary digital detox/dopamine fast and coming back to Overwatch or a different title like the new COD or if I should be firmly moving away from those things and reassessing my life's trajectory moving forward. Thanks so much for actually reading this and all replies are appreciated.
  20. Hi all, Today is the day, after 20+ yrs of gaming most days for 6/8+ hours, that I call time on it. There are many emotions going through me right now. But the strongest one by far, is relief. Relief that this potentially huge step has finally been taken and I can start to recover. I have lost so much to video games as I know everyone here has. I've missed out on relationships with friends and relations, I feel like I've wasted my 20s and I have nothing to show for any of it. Nothing positive anyway. The turning point was finishing a game earlier this year, RDR2, and for all the emotion, money and time I had given to it - in the end I felt nothing. It was at this moment I realized I had a problem. I'm just tired of feeling like this, looking for the next 'fix'/distraction, the mood swings, the constant feeling of self-loathing and disappointment, knowing that I was trying so hard to get away from anything real or based in real life. This has been such a dark cloud hanging over me for so long, as I'm sure it has been for us all, but I know I will come through the other side. And so will you too. Take care all
  21. Hi fellow game quitters, After playing a large part of my childhood, I then quit video games in high school and throughout university cause I had some hard work ahead of me and some clear goals I wanted to achieve. But after I graduated and started my own businesses, I started playing, as a reward for making it this far and achieving my goals. But the more I played, the more I wanted to play, and the more I got better, the more time I would spend online learning tips and tricks and watching guides. All my free time (and sometimes even my work time when there was not much happening) , was engulfed by video games. The addict in me came back to the surface. I started playing less and less, and generally keeping track of how much I played (using the Habits app). 30 days ago I went cold turkey and I'm much better because of it. I just realised that games are made to keep me hooked in and I love playing them. So I'm just off gaming completely for at least 90 days and beyond. (I'm starting a new job next week so wish me luck) Has anyone here got addicted again even after long periods of staying off games?
  22. ...And hopefully the start of a more happier life. My name is Jens, i'm 20 years old, from The Netherlands and addicted to videogames (very surprising, i know ?). I haven't really thought about how I wanted to write my experience on this addiction, my problems and my life in general but i'm just going to start typing and i'll see where this thing goes. I just want to get it out here because I never spoke to anyone about it really. At this point in life I feel like i'm a complete loser. School is a disaster, I haven't finished any exams or made any progress since I started (roughly 4 years ago). I have no friends anymore, never had a relationship, no hobby's.. just no occupation besides games. I feel and look like shit and i'm a dissapointment to my parents, who always loved me and supported me all these years, financially and emotionally in the hope i'll figure myself out and find something I enjoy to pursue in to a career in the future. But no, I just don't. I've tried to quit these last few years, or atleast to better myself but I just keep coming back out of boredom, frustration or just giving up and i'm done with it. I hate it, everything about this life, i hate looking in the mirror or to see myself on photos or put myself in social situations because i hate who I have become.. this sad, lonely and pathetic person that has no qualities, ambition or or does anything interesting in life. I did enjoy games a long time ago when I was a kid, some where magical, challenging or just alot of fun. Those feelings, that nostalgia... it's like some high you try to pursue in the hope that you feel what you once felt playing games so many years ago. But that feeling is gone. Everytime i start up a game now and play there is this uncomfortable feeling, like a sign that your doing something wrong, and you know that feeling is you realising that youre wasting your time and you could be doing something productive but ofcourse you ignore it and keep playing.. and playing.. untill the day comes to and end and you did nothing productive and you feel like shit. Rinse and repeat. I know alot if people here ofcourse have problems regarding gaming and relationships and their mental and physical well being and I know i'm not in the worst situation. Im young, still have a life ahead of me and alot of opportunities. It's mainly the reason im quitting videogames, I don't want to feel like a loser in life anymore, I don't want to feel like im wasting my time anymore. I am going to sell my consoles, my PC, my monitor and my games, everything. So if I even have a strong craving there is no easy opportunity to just start up my ps4 or my PC again and relapse. Thanks for everyone reading this post ? This is day 1. I'll give an update in about a few weeks or after 1 month. For everyone struggling with this addiction aswell, good luck! I wish you the best.
  23. Hi my name is Mike and I am 19 years old. I joined Game Quitters because I want to quit videos games as well as become successful in life. I am happy to say I do not have a gaming addiction, I play games in moderation.I am inspired by Mr. Cam because he took a huge step and quit gaming for good. I hope to follow in his foot steps as well. I want to quit gaming and to pursue a career in international business. I want to travel the world, meet new people, and make some friends. This fall I will begin community college and start my journey to becoming an international businessman. Please feel free to add me on instagram and snapchat @kingmap117 . Mr. Cam if you saw this message please feel free to contact me as well. You are an inspiration to us all and I really appreciate the hard work and dedication to you helping those in need with their gaming addiction! Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you guys soon :)
  24. Hey all, I am Third Degree, and I am going to start updating a journal here to help in my path to stay away from video games. This isn't my first attempt at staying away from gaming. I've made a couple month long absences but always come back. Recently, since graduating college, I've been playing a lot of video games when not in work, resulting in frustration from my partner in not prioritizing her and the cleanliness of our apartment over video games. My video game life goes back to when I was five years old, and playing video games has been an avenue of rage, escape, competitive outlet, social experience, and meter of personal improvement for me ever since. It's always been something that I can easily pay attention to and spend hours doing. 18 hour binges over weeks has not been out of the question for me, so in my worst throws of binges, I become a zombie. The most frustrating part of my experience with video games is my inability to fully understand what video games mean to me, like broadly understanding both the positives and negatives of my life surrounding them. I try and understand this better to replicate the things I love about video games in things that I can moderate better. Currently, I'm very tempted to continue watching twitch streams of people playing the games I like while I stay away from playing them, but I know that won't help me at all. Today, my first day without video games this current streak, I watched the anime Attack On Titan and have started reading a sci-fi Hugo-award winning book called Hyperion. I also cleaned the kitchen and have spent a lot of time with my pets. So, it has been a decent first day. I want to explore physical hobbies, like boxing and weight lifting. I used to weight lift regularly but have been away from it for a very long time lol. Anyways, that's my first day update. Will check in soon and hopefully start making some friends!
  25. My son is 12. He has been playing Rust. He plays an hour and ten minutes twice a day every other day. He used to play other games but has become fixated on this game lately. I am gradually reducing his time. I realized after research this game has a toxic online community. It's been hard living in a hot place this summer no money to spend on doing things. Last night my son became very agitated when I would need to speak with him while playing the game. He has become disrespectful to me and doesn't want to do anything anymore except games. If I call him on the disrespect he gets more upset. He tells me to stop or it will make it worse (the volume. ) Someone in the home was not feeli G well and he was being loud in game (excitement.) I had him get off the game. He wanted to go back to it an hour later. I said no. I let him know what I found out about Rust and that I think it is unhealthy. I told him I don't want him playing it anymore. He asked me afterward if he could keep PubG and Unturned. I don't know how to proceed. I definitely want Rust gone. I don't want to crush it for him since he has friends from school that he plays with. I am going to tell him not to make any friends he doesn't already know. If any of them are behaving in a negative way, I don't want him playing with them. Here's my question. How do you transition off of specific games the child already has wants to play now instead of Rust? (Pubg Unturned Apex Legends) without taking everything he likes away or disturbing the entire household with an outburst? I feel these games are bad news. He likes creative survival etc. Any ideas help greatly appreciated. I think it has become a social feel good outlet and escape. Sincere thanks all