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  1. Day #17 I relapsed. I played last night for about 2 hours.... and I had fun. I was passed over during the recent promotion period, because of my inconsistent performance (ofc, due to gaming) for the past months. I am dejected and disappointed. There is no one else to blame, other than myself. I don't even want to recover.. Any advices guys? I will appreciate that very much..
  2. Hey! Thank you for visiting. I have checked your story as well and glad to see you are on Day 21. Keep pushing forward! It’s interesting to see that you are doing detox for a lot of things at the same time, I hope to start detox for my manga reading addiction too. Hope you have a good day today!
  3. Day #2/90 Hi all, would like to do my journal because I am trying to find something else to do.. It's very hard for me to fight the urges to go back gaming during the night because this is the usual time I started playing, which has been my habits for the past years. This is my second day, and honestly, I feel horrible. It has been super tough as I keep finding myself staring at my consoles repeatedly.. However, several changes I have done: I picked up a self-paced Chinese Language class, hoping to fill the "void" I subscribed to Tidal Music for their HD music quality so I can experience the audio better I tried to sleep early I tried to avoid mindless browsing Throughout the day, I keep reminding myself why I am doing this. All those lost opportunities, experiences, and people in my life. Hope I can do my best from today onwards to follow the program (90-day detox) and the modules. Also, wishing everyone here success to finish the program. I believe we can do it! Sincerely, Tim