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  1. Log: 11-06-21 Mood/feelings: Reflective Positive activities: Made arrangements for things to do and look forward to this year Aim next few days: Think about the last fortnight and move forward Days without gaming: 0/180 So, I did it. I managed to get to 90 days without playing a game. Phew! I feel I learnt alot about myself and saw all the postives. A few days later I decided that I wanted to see how the 90 days has changed my attitude/habit of gaming so I decided to dust off my controller and load up a couple of games on the xbox and whilst recovering from minor
  2. Log: 20-05-21 Mood/feelings: Upbeat Positive activities: Gardening, work Aim next few days: Get to that 90!! Days without gaming: 88/90 (morning at time of writing) Feel much better the last couple of days - had some positive news RE my infertility although still a way to go, saw my in-laws (who are brilliant - yes I know that's rare lol), passed a professional exam yesterday and have continued to stay off games so all in all, good stuff. Cautious about completing the 90 days as I don't want to think - '90 days done now I can dive back in'. I'm going to see how fa
  3. Log: 17-05-21 Mood/feelings: Bit on the anxious side Positive activities: Gardening Aim today: Just get through the day Days without gaming: 85/90 (morning at time of writing) Damn. Started the day and I have had my first major pang for a while. Typically for me, feeling so close to 90 days I almost feel like a reward! And what reward to I default to?! F*&King gaming!!! I've mentally talked myself out of it and have taken a big breath. Although, this obstacle is an opportunity to overcome and it has shown me why I am keen to go past the 90 days. And I don't wa
  4. I use a PC everyday and work in Finance - I'm also personally interested in the markets etc. As @Zeno says, consider a business PC or something with minimal graphics - that stopped me playing many games. Also, if you have Steam, Blizzard, Epic etc accounts, go through the deletion process. It takes 30 days to complete the deletion and when I did it, it felt very liberating and a sober reality check. And for Stadia, its taken discipline to stop but I genuinely haven't had any desire at all to login for quite a while. It may sound odd, but I did a bit of a digital clean up (cleared out
  5. Log: 11-05-21 Mood/feelings: Reflective, bit thick headed Positive activities: Cycling, walking Aim today: Get to 5pm and have been productive Days without gaming: 79/90 (midday at time of writing) 11 days to go Gaming is not the main problem. I believe that my gaming addiction is a result of my inability to be satisfied with life. I have overcomplicated and overthought for so long that I can't seem to process anything simply and my mind is a muddled mess. This 90 day detox/challenge has shown me what could be possible and I want to apply this to other areas of my
  6. Log: 06-05-21 Mood/feelings: Feel like crap, fatigued Positive activities: Not alot... Aim today: Work out a positive way forward Days without gaming: 74/90 (midday at time of writing) Made it through the previous week without gaming. Felt tough at points but did it. Feels good to make it this far and not much further to go. What is clear now though, is that there is some other shit to deal with. I have realised how much gaming was masking the real issues. I feel I have to take a step back, take a deep breath and rebuild my mind and body. Learn to focus and remove
  7. Log: 28-04-21 Mood/feelings: Tired mostly, bit moody Positive activities: Gardening and reading an actual book! Aim today: get to Friday without gaming Day: 66/90 (morning at time of writing) Over 2/3 of the way through - never thought I'd be writing that. So, my wife if going back into work - yesterday, today and tomorrow and this is the toughest test. I'm here at home alone, xBox and Stadia are available to me and I could game without anyone knowing. I'd also undo the previous 65 days, feel guilt, be back in that miserable place mentally and ultimately confirming to
  8. Log: 17-04-21 Mood/feelings: Little fatigued, brain clouded but overall - pretty ok Positive activities: lately worked on a workout plan and started it, got out into garden, got the golf clubs out again, more yoga and meditation Aim today: Enjoy the sun, sounds of the birds singing, flowers coming into bloom. Be in the moment Day: 55/90 (morning at time of writing) So 55 days in and still I've not picked up a controller or played on mobile or gone near video games at all. Phew. Definitely feels like its getting better each day, much less time is thought about games and
  9. Log: 07-04-21 Mood/feelings: Tired, a little 'wired' (mind racing a bit at times) Positive activities: Gardening, work development, training/meditation Aim today: Keep going 1 day at a time - Get to that 90 day magic mark Day: 45/90 (morning at time of writing) Well...today marks the halfway point and feels great to have managed this far. I sincerely hope there are others here that will get to this point and carry on. Jason - thanks for your reply - know what you mean. Unless we do these things for real, we'll never learn, enjoy, experience or grow. Tbh, I've rece
  10. Log: 30-03-21 Mood/feelings: Bit mixed but overall - upbeat Positive activities: Gardening, training & meditation Aim today: Make it to 45 days Day: 37/90 (morning at time of writing) Its been just over a week and overall, its been good. A few moments of thinking about returning to AC:Valhalla (Really loved the AC series), F1 2020 & FIFA21. But nothing too serious. Thoughts went out of head as quickly as they entered tbh. Also, my wife and I are seriously considering expanding our home to a smallholding for a go at self-sufficiency - as a much as we can. I then
  11. Log: 22-03-21 Mood/feelings: Positive Positive activities: Gardening - lots! Aim today: Make it to 45 days Day: 29/90 (midday at time of writing) Been a good few days. I seem to have broken the back of this and feel good that I'm nearly a third of the way through the initial detox. This is by far the best I've done with this. Lately, I've read a few more articles etc about gaming companies and gaming addiction and don't feel that 'pull' anymore to jump on a game for the sake of it. I guess I'm trying to reinforce my rationale into quitting these things. I ha
  12. Log: 16-03-21 Mood/feelings: Moody/thoughtful Positive activities: Run & Workout this AM Aim today: Just. Get. Through. Day: 23/90 (evening at time of writing) The last few days have been rough and I'm currently sat here at home whilst my wife has gone out to the shops. My mind keeps telling me to have a quick secret game session. No one would know, I wouldn't have to admit it on here - I could easily get away with it. But ultimately, I don't want to. And that is a significant as I don't want to have gotten this far and then through it all away. I turned on t
  13. Log: 12-03-21 Mood/feelings: Generally ok Positive activities: Meditation, 5k run Aim today: Carry on Day: 19/90 (morning at time of writing) Feel good to have got this far - just need to keep going. IVF stuff is rearing is head atm but each day I go without succumbing to games is a huge win.
  14. Log: 08-03-21 Mood/feelings: Tired & reflective Positive activities: Meditation Aim today: Focus on work Day: 15/90 (midday at time of writing) Journal entry: So, 15 days and not a game loaded up, played or watched. Things seem to be going well and I had a full weekend in the garden. Starting to walk more and overall the days seem to be flying by which is great with regard to 'the voice' lol Yes, I still have the odd thought about a quick hour but I then find something - anything - to do and shut it down. Luckily the weather has allowed me to get stuck into the gar
  15. Log: 03-03-21 Mood/feelings: Tired & reflective Positive activities: Meditation Aim today: Get through today without gaming Day: 10/90 (start of day at time of writing) Journal entry: Main though this morning: 'I've managed to get this far. Don't screw it up now'. Really struggled this morning to 'get going' and as my wife has had to go out for medical appointment and shopping, I'm on my own in the house for 3 to 4 hours for the first time in ages. My first thought this morning was...'could have a little game session. no one would know and you've done so well to ge