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  1. @phpsmith Ahhhh she's so cuuuuuute! What a good dog! Thanks for showing me the pic! My dog that passed Butters used to put on the most pathetic look every time I started to take her picture, ha hahah. At least Ula will pose!
  2. Okay so I finally figured out how to ignore someone! lol I kept ignoring the signature but it seems better if I point at their avatar then ignore then chose what to ignore. That way I can save my preferences. Just in case someone else wants to ignore someone's signature.
  3. @Cam Adair Like your new pic @Colin Welcome back
  4. Day 22 12:02 PM I am thinking a lot about Ryzom. I triggered @hycniejsy. Not his fault. I just need to put his signature/him on ignore. I've been thinking about Ryzom anyway. I sit in the house all day because I can't seem to get moving. My legs have been swollen. I've put on weight really quickly since I stopped gaming. I looked up stages of recovery from starvation. I fit a lot of those. I used to get a burrito in the morning. Lots of times that's all I would eat all day. I lost weight down until I was 137 pounds. I am 5'6”. I am not usually fat but I have been carrying more weight that I should for years. The gaming though… I came down to a size eight in jeans from a twelve. My stomach looked fat. I just wonder about that. Anyway since eating more again about five times a day, not a lot of food, usually a can of soup or some cheese and crackers, maybe a piece of fruit; anyway since eating more I have gained weight. My ankles are swollen. My legs are swollen. From what I understand on the internet one of the stages of recovery from starvation is the body will not distribute the extra food right away. It will store it in one part of the body first. In my case the stomach. I am using the rest room numerous times a day. I can't seem to stay away from it. I am dehydrated. I am thirsty all the time. I am drinking all the time. I think my body is somehow retaining water which is why my ankes, feet, legs are swollen. I read in one article it said to be careful in early stages of recovery because organs have shrunk. Lungs, heart, stomach all shrink. The brain needs fat. So… the good news some of the symptoms are starting to pass. Clarity coming back, swelling going down in legs, etc, appetite levelling out, weight seems to be distributing better, flaky skin going away. I am getting dressed and going outside. The Meaning of Life
  5. @gankylosaurus Ha! Ty! I just found that too! God that was unbelievably annoying so glad I can ignore an individual signature.
  6. @hycniejsy I am seriously getting annoyed with this abusive form of posting.
  7. @hycniejsy Your spam posting is making me feel like not using the forums at all. I wish you would stop. @Cam Adair I wish the size of someone's signature could be limited so it didn't take up half a page everytime they post one line.
  8. @Tatu92 Funny this is kind of how I think of prayer. Meditation is listening to God. Prayer is asking for things. I finally came to understand gratitude better after I read Job in the Christian Bible. God asks all of them that had been debating why Job had all these things happen to him, "Where were you when I created the firmamint? etc" It made such a good point to me. God puts all these things on earth for us and instead of saying "Hey Thanks!" We say, "Give me more! Grant my every wish!"
  9. Oh wait.... This is Schwing's journal?
  10. @AlexTheGrape I wonder if you realize that you are a leader here.
  11. I would suggest focus on quitting gaming.
  12. On 7 days! Did you slip??? Doesn't sound like for very long...
  13. <<<<need more pictures of Ula!
  14. @hycniejsy We still have a challenge until January 4th! Don't you want to play a gameboy! Wants to win
  15. I like the dog. Oh and about helping someone who is addicted. A minister was talking to a group of us young people who had been through the 60s time of drug use. He said helping someone else was like standing on a chair and reaching down below your feet to pull them up on the chair with you. It's much easier for them to pull you off than for you to pull them up.
  16. Day 21 9:48 It's a long journey back to the real world. At first I can't visualize the real world. It's as though it's a place I have never seen. When I stop using Game Quitters forum for a bit images of Ryzom come dancing in my head. The references I have had that were automatic to me, are all gone. Does the grass need cutting? The plants need watering? Are there bugs I need to attend to? I have no idea. Long ago I stopped caring about the real world. Now I must come back.
  17. Day 20 I miss playing Ryzom. Ryzom comes to me in my thoughts to day. I wish I could just pop in and kill them one more time. Just quickly change my clothes and go to the mara camp then kill someone. But it wouldn't turn out like that. I would have to make my way to the portal to change my clothes, change my clothes, say hello to someone. Gees I can feel the pit of my stomach clinch at the thought of it. It wouldn't take much and I would be right back into it. Losing all my dignity and self respect in the process. Not only would I be ruining my streak at Game Quitters but also I would be admitting to every person in the game that they could crap on me any way they wanted and I would come back for more. Also, it would seem a pathetic bid for attention. Yes, I am getting just enough distance from Ryzom I can think of it without total hate in my heart. Just enough distance it starts to look attractive again. That is a dangerous time. Rather like going back to an old boyfriend after breaking up for a few weeks. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  18. You live in a scary city. Maybe it would help you to take a self-defense class?
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